Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 184



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    @cpanus and @playhardkf2017 I hope you each feel better soon. Sending healing thoughts and prayers.
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    @playhardkf2017 - take care of yourself, keep hydrated and I hope you have a speedy recovery, <3
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    R164 SW 208.4 EW 204.8 (-3.6)
    R165 SW 204.8 EW 205.4 (+0.6)
    R166 SW 205.4 EW 199 (-6.4)
    R167 SW 199 EW 196.4 (-2.6)
    R168 SW 196.4 EW 193.4 (-3)
    R169 SW 193.4 EW 192 (-1.4)
    R170 SW 192 EW 190 (-2)
    R171 SW 190 EW 189.2 (-0.8)
    R172 SW 189.2 EW 189.8 (+0.6)
    R173 SW 189.8 EW 187 (-2.8)
    R174 SW 187 EW 184.4 (-2.6)
    R175 SW 184.4 EW 180.2 (-4.2)
    R176 SW 180.2 EW 179.8 (-0.4)
    R177 SW 179.8 EW 181 (+1.2)
    R178 SW 181 EW 176.6 (-4.4)
    R179 SW 176.6 EW 173.2 (-3.4)
    R180 SW 173.2 EW 172.8 (-0.4)
    R181 SW 172.8 EW 168.4 (-4.4)
    R182 SW 168.4 EW 169 (+0.6)
    R183 SW 169 EW 167.6 (-1.4)

    R184 SW: 167.6
    R184 EW: 165.4
    4/17 / 167.6 / Third day in a row holding my normal BMI weight so that makes me feel happy. Working on getting a bit of a cushion now so that upward fluctuations are not putting me back in the overweight category. This is really just an "on paper" goal that makes me feel good, but I am looking forward to it. The sun is out, we've started the day with a large brunch, and we're hoping to get out to the mountains for a bit of adventure yet today.
    4/18 / 168.6 / Busy work from home day today but I squeezed in my Peloton ride as part of my lunch hour. My husband and I will walk our dog after supper instead now that we have daylight for longer. Turkey meatballs with broccoli and a cauliflower potato mash for supper tonight.
    4/19 / 167.6 / My magic number of this round :D We are getting a big snowstorm here in Alberta. Busy day in the office with a walk at lunch. Waiting for my turn on the Peloton tonight.
    4/20 / 167.6 / Long commute in this morning due to bad roads, but they were better by this evening. Got a walk in again at lunch. Chicken for dinner and then I'll ride the bike again. Days fly by with the commute taking up so much time.
    4/21 / 166.4 / Two cool things happened today. Firstly, I saw my doctor for my first physical since I lost 125 pounds. He was so congratulatory and it made me feel like a million bucks to know I'd done what he likely thought I would never do. Secondly, I took the opportunity to make two informal meetings I had with my staff walking meetings and it's equated to over 15,000 steps today and counting.
    4/22 / 165 / Day started with lots of snow so I spent my lunch break shoveling the walkway. I want to get in a Peloton ride after work but we also have dinner with friends and we're walking to their house so we'll see if I can fit it all in!
    4/23 / 167.2 / Fun night out with our friends last night. They made homemade pizzas, we had wine, and played games. Had a 60 minute Peloton ride this morning. Date night with my husband tonight.
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    @ashleycarole86 - you have come so far, congratulations, enjoy your date night, you deserve it :)
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    musicsax wrote: »
    @ashleycarole86 - you have come so far, congratulations, enjoy your date night, you deserve it :)

    Thank you... means so much