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    Hi, All! Nice to meet everyone. My name is Betsy, I live in Southern California, and just came back o MFP today. Found this challenge, and am happy to join in with you! Thank you to Mrs. H for setting this up!
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    Welcome Betsy, hope you really enjoy the group and glad to see someone willing to join us mid month. My understanding is that if you keep participating to the end of the May on the daily threads, you will be in the list of Champions. Later in the month they will post a link to sign up for the June group, and then you will also be in the running for the Winner´s Circle for June if you can limit it to three pass days for the full month.
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    readnlift wrote: »

    I gave it a shot. Thank you @TerriRichardson112 for your help. 🙂

    You need just needed to add square brackets, and no spaces inside the brackets to get the Color. Then /color inside square brackets to finish the color.