🌼May Daily Logging and Weigh-in Challenge🌼



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    Goals: Maintain Weight 178-182
    Log During Maintenance

    Oct. 2021 weight: 206.0
    Weight loss: 27.8

    May 1: 178.3
    May 2: 179.8 sushi, saki and chocolate but cals ok.
    May 3: 179.9
    May 4: 182.3
    May 5: 179.1
    May 6: 177.1 Wow 5 lbs. of retention!
    May 7: 176.8
    May 8: 179.0 Panda Express
    May 9: 178.0
    May 10: 179.1
    May 11: 178.8
    May 12: 177.5
    May 13: 176.8
    May 14: 177.6
    May 15: 177.5 Began RT and probiotic.
    May 16: 177.0
    May 17: 177.0
    May 18: 178.0
    May 19: 179.5
    May 20: 178.9 RT and salt retention. Cals. fine :-)
    May 21: 178.2
    May 22: 179.5 Salt, RT early weighing
    May 23: 178.0
    May 24: 178.9 Panda Ex. And RT yesterday, accounts for 2-2.5
    May 25: 178.7
    May 26: 178.6
    May 27: 178.3
    May 28: 176.9
    May 29: 177.4 Time to up my calories!
    May 30: 179.5
    May 31: 178.2

    So...I'm in maintenance. I ended the month .1 lbs below where I started. I'm at about the bottom of my four pound maintenance range. I was above that range only one day early in the month. So success right? YES! But...it didn't always feel that way. I'm learning to accept the realities of weight and dietary fluctuations. One of my June goals is to increase that acceptance.

    This link has an interesting, brief take on weight fluctuations:

    In sports we try to shift focus from results to process. That's a good thought here too.

    Hope to see you all in June!
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    Thanks Jill for keeping the monthly challenges going! :-)
    💐May Challenge💐

    I am ready for an Mahvelous May too!
    Mary 65 now from Pennsylvania. Goal weight 122 lbs. Was there in 2009/10 and kept it off for about 5 years and got lazy. I do low Carb 15+/- 3 Net Carbs/day(My body seems to hang on to Carbs/not burn them),1000-1200 calories daily, 2 meals on my days off(3) and 3 meals on my work days (4, long hours) and I only exercise on my days off due to the long work days.

    Heaviest weight: 255 lbs, twice :-(

    9/14/20-255 lbs. Started a new job without a micromanager.
    5/3/21-240.5 lbs Emergency Gallbladder surgery
    5/14/21-232.2 lbs. Started MFP, low carb and calorie restricted diet while recovering. Actively trying to lose now.
    6/1/21-228.8 lbs
    7/1/21-222.2 lbs
    8/1/21-212 lbs
    9/1/21-200 lbs
    10/1/21-191.4 lbs
    11/1/21-181.8 lbs
    12/1/21-176.2 lbs
    1/1/22-168 lbs
    2/1/22-157.4 lbs
    3/1/22-155 lbs
    4/1/22-156.4 lbs
    5/1/22-158.8 lbs :-( No way is this actual with all the Elliptical miles Friday, yesterday and stayed way under calories for what I was allotted. Hoping for a whoosh soon. Did Elliptical 300 minutes for 22.3 miles in first session and 54 minutes for 4.2 miles for 26.5 miles total today. Hopefully that gets me heading downward again. (Did long times on Friday 228 minutes and Saturday 240 minutes too.)
    Current weight: 154.4 lbs (Lowest recent weight was 147.6 lbs on 4/6-7)

    May weight lost so far: -4.4 lbs :-)

    Daily Goals:

    🌱Drink @ least 90 ounces of water
    🌱Plan meals and log in advance
    🌱Log honestly and consistently
    🌱Eat at or under my calorie goal

    May 01- 158.8 lbs. :-( Can't believe this with all the Elliptical miles Friday, yesterday and stayed way under calories for what I was allotted. Hoping for a whoosh soon. Did Elliptical 300 minutes for 22.3 miles in first session and 54 minutes for 4.2 miles for 26.5 miles total today. Hopefully that gets me heading downward again. (Did long times on Friday 228 minutes and Saturday 240 minutes too.)

    Realized I forgot to post yesterday, so posting a 2fer. Had a woosh. Probably, as I thought, water retention from my trip, plane ride and not eating my normal and only casual walking for exercise, due to being away. My previous low, about a month ago was 147.6 lbs, so hopefully I'll get back to that soon.
    May 02- 155.8 lbs
    May 03- 151.6 lbs
    May 04 -149.8 lbs, Fluid retention, whoosh away!!!! “May the 4th be with you” 😄
    May 05-149.4 lbs. I will take every tenth!!!
    May 06-148 lbs Today was a work day so usually not a exercise day. But I actually got out on time at 5 pm(rare for a nurse to get out on time!), ran a quick errand, and decided to get on my elliptical with my son's encouragement. Did 121 minutes for 9 miles. Felt great afterwards and soooo glad I got a extra workout in this week!
    May 07-148 lbs. 301 minutes on the Elliptical for 19 miles, this AM. Today was a tougher session. Not sure why. I sort of wanted to quit earlier but persevered. I didn't hurt but was not feeling as energized as I usually do. I averaged out to 15.8 minute miles. My usual is 13 minutes to just over that. I hope I'm not coming down with something. I can sure use the calorie deficit, since tomorrow is Mother's Day and I'm having brunch at one of my son's house. I figure I will need them!
    May 08- 148 lbs. I actually stayed within my calories/carbs today. My 2 son's and the mil son's made a brunch for all the mom's in the merged family. It was very nice. Did 337 minutes (2 sessions) on my elliptical for 25 miles. Normally I would have pushed it to 26.2 miles but I didn't realize I was that close and it was 9 pm. I had wash to fold afterwards and I work tomorrow too.
    May 09-148 lbs
    May 10-148 lbs Lost my internet connection while I was on the Elliptical this AM. I use it to distract me from my usually long times. So I only did 121 minutes for 9 miles. Till I got it back, my motivation was lost for the day. :-(
    May 11-148 lbs
    May 12-153.4 lbs Not doing great :-(
    May 13-157.2 lbs :-(
    May 14-159.6 lbs :-(
    May 15-159.6 lbs. :-( Well a short lived whoosh! I know its mainly water weight. Ate more Carbs than I normally do the last 2 dinners. Glad I didn't hit the 160's! Elliptical today 130 minutes for 10 miles.
    May 16-158.2 lbs Go for a annual check up tomorrow. Dr hasn't seen me since approximately 5/10/21, post op Gallbladder surgery. So it will be a surprise for him. Down over 80 lbs since then! Would have been 90 + lbs without my recent uptick. :-(
    May 17-158.2 lbs Dr was ecstatic at my weight loss. He thinks my Low carb/calorie restriction, exercise way of eating is good for me. He thinks I must be very carb sensitive. He said I should get some weight lifting and some core work in, which I knew I should have started too.
    I received some good and not so good news. Not so good news, I have shrunk. Instead of 5'4" I'm now 5'2"! :-( I was diagnosed about 10 years ago with Osteopenia by a Dexa scan. He is ordering another one. So that is kind of good news. People say to get one to check body fat percentage so now I'll get one but because of the height loss, so sort of bad. Also the loss in height lowers my calorie TDEE. Ugh!
    The Dr does agree with my assessment/goal, that I have about 30 lbs more to lose. Didn't exercise today, as my usual, due to Dr appointment, then some errands and home with just enough time to cut my grass before sunset! (A rider, so very little exercise).
    May 18-158.2 lbs
    May 19-157.4 lbs
    May 20-157.4 lbs
    May 21-157.4 lbs No real exercise today. Driving 3 hours to the "Thunder over Dover (Delaware)" Air show today. The Blue Angels & the Thunderbirds are performing for the first time together. It was great as I expected, as I've seen them both before, and just got back a bit ago. Long day in 90+ degree heat. Least there was a bit of a breeze at times. And lots of places to sit under aircraft wings, in their shade. I've seen them before. If you haven't and get the opportunity to see them or the Snowbirds of Canada, it is well worth a drive and amazing to see at least once in your life.
    May 22-156.2 lbs Got a bit of sunburn from yesterday, cheeks, nose, upper chest area front and back and a bit of light pink on my arms. Guess I should have applied my sunscreen a few more times. We are expecting thunderstorms this afternoon, so mowed my grass. I figure I can be on the Elliptical when it's raining. Did 180 minutes for 13.2 miles. Hadn't been on it since last Sunday, as Dr appointment Tuesday AM and errands all afternoon into early evening. I don't work tomorrow till 10, so if I get to bed soon I may do an hour or 2 before work.
    May 23-155.8 lbs
    May 24-155.8 lbs - Did my Elliptical for 190 minutes today for 13.05 miles. Getting itchy from the sunburn and it's starting to peel.
    May 25-155.8 lbs
    May 26-153.6 lbs I worked today, so not a usual exercise day. But we didn't have many patients to fill my 10 hour day so I got to leave 2 hours and 40 minutes early. I thought, "I'll put the time to good use and hop on my Elliptical for 2 1/2 hours." Well it can get a bit addicting. I have to finish a show/movie or get a certain number of minutes or a even total mileage. I ended up doing 185 minutes for 13.1 miles. It's hard to get minutes and miles all even at the same time!!!
    May 27-153.6 lbs Did 180 minutes on the Elliptical for 12.3 miles today. Might get another session in later today.
    May 28-153.6 lbs Granddaughter's 2nd birthday. Had a piece of a homemade Red Velvet cake with cream cheese icing her other grandma made after work today.
    May 29-155.6 lbs So a piece of cake and back up 2 lbs? :-(
    I didn't start out thinking I would do this. But when I got to about 15 miles on my Elliptical, I realized since I have to babysit @ 5:30-9 tonight, I wouldn't get a second session in today. And decided to try for something. I wish I knew how to up upload photos to the site, to show you. I DID 337 MINUTES ON THE ELLIPTICAL FOR 26.25 MILES. AND I FEEL FINE. GREAT ACTUALLY! As far as any plan this is most likely a one time thing. Just wanted to see if I could do it.

    May 30-155.6 lbs
    May 31-154.4 lbs :-) I can be a bit legalistic my final weight for May will be tomorrow AM.

    See you ALL next month!!!

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    Heaviest weight: 293
    January 1st: 190.6
    May 1st: 165.8
    Current weight: 169

    May weight lost so far: n/a
    Weight lost this year: 21.6

    Daily Focus:
    🌼 Weigh in each morning
    🌼 Eat at or under my calorie goal
    🌼 Log honestly and consistently
    🌼 Post each day under this challenge
    🌼 Work out intentionally at a minimum of 20 minutes per day
    🌼 Minimum 64 oz of water

    Stretch Goals:

    🌱10K steps daily
    🌱7.75 hours sleep or more

    May 01 - 165.8 (And we are off! Looking for this to be the month I entrench myself in the middle of my maintenance range and switch to that stage. Excited!)
    May 02 - 165.6 (Had a great day yesterday. Returned from the lake, picked up my resized rings, shopped for new work clothes that fit, had a nice supper with my husband and Mom and rode the Peloton for 90 minutes.)
    May 03 - 167 (Fun night riding the Peloton, walking my dog, and a bit of TV. Back in office today which makes me feel more crunched for time.)
    May 04 - 167.8 (Another busy work day but I got in a walk at lunch with my husband and had a Peloton ride after work. Making the new schedule work and still finding time to prioritize me.)
    May 05 - 169.4 (Shrimp dinner, a Peloton ride and some TV last night. Last day of in office work today for the week.. meeting my husband for lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. )
    May 06 - 170 (My husband has the flu or something like it so our weekend has started off on a quieter note. I have done the cooking the last two nights which isn't our usual routine. I took my dog for a nice walk tonight to enjoy some sun and I also retested on the Peloton during my lunch break and improved my FTP.)
    May 07 - 169 (Today I have a Zoom call with one of my groups on MFP. Also plan to take my first ride in my new zones which is always challenging.)
    May 08 - 167.6 (Taking my Mom out for a brunch today to celebrate her. The sun is out so I also hope to walk and bike. A bit of light house cleaning too! Enjoy the day all.)
    May 09 - 164.6 (Excess weight carried around during TOM has cleared as of this morning. I rode the Peloton last night and navigated the Mother's Day brunch very well. Today we woke up to snow but it's melted already. I will walk at lunch and then my evening activities will depend on my husband's plans.)
    May 10 - 164.4 (Wasn't firing on all cylinders today but I've ate on plan, drank my water, and gotten over 10,000 steps. I still want to ride the Peloton but we'll see if I time out before bed.)
    May 11 - 165.2 (I did get my Peloton ride in last night, and I had a much better day today. Off to enjoy a walk with my husband and my dog.)
    May 12 - 164.6 (Thursdays are a mini Friday of sorts because it's my last day of work in the office. I have a meetup with a friend at lunch I haven't seen since I started losing weight. So excited to catch up with her. My husband is still feeling better, so that's positive, and we have a virtual wine tasting event tonight that I'm looking forward to!)
    May 13 - 161.8 (Had a big wine night and drank way more than I intended to. Morning was a bit rough but I feel better now. Off to the lake now!)
    May 14 - 163.8 (Had time to sleep in today but still feel unrefreshed as I was up for the washroom multiple times last night. Good thing all I have to do today is laze around the lake :))
    May 15 - 164.6 (Epic day that started with a helicopter ride and ended with a 100 KM bike ride. I am exhausted but it was a great Sunday.)
    May 16 - 166 (Amazingly not sore even after that massive bike ride. Had to go into work downtown on my normal work from home day for a conference, but my husband who works at the same company was there too, so that was fun. Yummy chicken dish followed by a walk with my dog after supper.)
    May 17 - 167 (Finished up the two day work conference. It was a great time. Rode the Peloton for 60 minutes tonight. Didn't get out for an evening walk as my dog had already been walked with her sitter today and I ran out of time.)
    May 18 - 165.4 (After work today we took my husband's nephew from Ontario who was only out for a night to the mountains and back for a quick supper. Long day and I'll sleep well tonight!)
    May 19 - 165.6 (Last day of work in the office today. After work I plan to cook while my husband does yard work. I hope I'll have energy for the Peloton but I'll get my 10K steps as a backup just in case I don't.)
    May 20 - 163.2 (Well I did fit in a Peloton ride last night and managed a 30 minute PR. Feels great. Today I work and then we head out to the lake. There has been rain, light snow flakes, and sun this morning... good ol' Calgary weather!)
    May 21 - 162 (Chilly day around here but we did fit a nice walk and shop at our trailer already. Will head out once more after dinner in an attempt to ensure I hit my 10K steps. We had brunch out and to ensure I stay on track I pick a similar item there that I know I like so I don't have to suffer decision stress trying to calorie assess something else. Good strategy for me and I have a better time overall.)
    May 22 - 163.2 (Today is the day we put the boat in the water. With how busy of a summer we have we'll have about 9 weekends max to enjoy it, so we'll make sure to make every minute count.)
    May 23 - 162.8 (Holiday here in Canada so we are loving one more day to relax and enjoy a break. The sun is out and we are still at the lake. Have a great one!)
    May 24 - 164.8 (Busy day at work and then I came home and had to keep working to deal with an emergency issue. Luckily that cropped up during my Peloton ride which I was able to finish. Busy night after that so I'm getting to bed a bit later than I'd like.)
    May 25 - 164.6 (My husband forgot his lunch today so we're off to meet for a lunch out instead of the soup I had packed. Tonight after work I am walking to a friend's house for a beer. Hope to have time for the Peloton too, but we'll see. Sleep is in short supply on the days I commute to the office.)
    May 26 - 162.6 (Day was good and I am on a mini vacation starting tomorrow but I have found myself in a bit of a mental funk this evening due to changed plans and my inability to recover from that. I will snap out of it.)
    May 27 - 163 (Funky mood is gone. At the airport waiting to board our flight to Vancouver.)
    May 28 - DNW (Day one in Vancouver was great. Husband and I walked almost 30,000 steps. We also ate a ton of food. Not feeling the best in my stomach...almost impacted my ability to enjoy the concert we came for last night but I made it through. Looking forward to a fun second day!)
    May 29 - DNW (Back home late tonight and back on the scale tomorrow.)
    May 30 - 170.4 (Definitely feeling puffy after the plane! Plans to get back on the Peloton today.)
    May 31 - 169 (The water consumption has slowed after feeling as dehydrated as I did. Rode the Peloton yesterday and today. The month started and ended just outside my intended maintenance zone but I spent a lot of time in it too.)
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    May Daily Weight Challenge
    Goals reduce calories and increase activity.
    My weekly goal is to have a lower trend weight than the week before.
    Highest Weight 204 lbs. July 2020
    Lowest Weight 180 lbs. April 2022
    Last weekly trend weight 184.9 lbs
    Thank you members for your support.
    May Weight Loss ⬆️ 1lb

    May 01 184 lbs
    May 04 184 lbs. Wednesday is my normal weigh in. I am thankful for no weight gain. I found April real distressing with the hills and valleys of my weight. My weekly trend weight went from 184.9 to 183.8. So that goal was accomplished. Now to focus on weight reduction.
    “May the 4th be with you” 😄

    May 10 183 lbs ⬇️
    May 11 183 lbs OK 1lb less in 11 days. My weekly trend weight from last Wednesday went from 183.8 to 183.4. So it is downward trend. Half a month have lots of discipline to do.

    May 18 183.5 lbs ⬇️ Wednesday my usual weigh in down half a pound since May 1st. My trending weight went up from 183.4 lbs to 184.3 lbs.

    May 25 184.5 lbs. Ok not good. Creeping up. No excuse calorie intake is high. My trending weight is 184.2 lbs and is slightly lower from last week of 184.3 lbs.

    May 26 182 lbs ⬇️⬇️ My loss is due to water retention but it certainly makes me feel good.
    May 27 183 lbs ⬆️
    May 28 182 lbs ⬇️
    May 29 182 lbs
    May 30 183 lbs ⬆️
    May 31 185 lbs ⬆️⬆️
    It looked promising I would be down 2 pounds but I fell off my diet by drinking too much Coors Light. Hopefully I have that out of my system.