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    Phrase of the year: OWN IT!

    Thursday was the students' last day of school, and my last day of professional development is Tuesday. I plan to join the Summer Challenge once I come up with some goals. I also now need to create a routine for summer break so I don't sit around all day every day - I want to deep clean my house (if I can find the motivation to get started.)
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    Hi MS...You have a returning member joining your team again ...Please welcome back @krea4 :)
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    @trooworld That's so awesome, I'm very happy for you!

    @TeresaW1020 So happy to hear that about Joe's CT scan, how awesome! I'm sorry to hear about the bowel obstruction, I pray the medication helps with it and he won't need surgery.

    @bgame4 Can't wait to hear your summer goals! When I started decluttering I really had to look only at say one box or one shelf at a time or I'd get overwhelmed, it's not so bad when you do it in little chunks like that and it's easier to get started that way as well. The kitchen was one of the best to have done with all the food organized and everything cleaned which helps with saving money and using things that normally get shoved to the back. I'm on some decluttering groups on Facebook, it's fun to see how different people do it. I can get you the names of the groups if you're interested, another one of my MFP friends is in one too.

    @krea4 Welcome back my friend!

    Hi everyone! Did my Summer challenge of drinking my tumeric/anti-inflammatory teas, stretches, and earth energy meditation (still having trouble concentrating but I'm trying for a few minutes each day). I did my workout but skipped the exercises since I did them all yesterday then went to the food bank farm and we got a lot harvested, ready for boxes, and planted a bunch of tomatoes. I got to take home an awesome huge fennel, I'll be adding that to salads all week then roasting the bulb. I took a couple naps today after the food bank farm and spent some time in the yard. Tomorrow I'm either doing stuff at home or going to a lavender festival, all depends if I'm up for the drive. Have a great Sunday gang, keep hitting those goals!
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