May 2022 Monthly Running Challenge



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    I was all set to run this morning, but it was dark and raining and I just couldn’t make myself go out so I headed to the basement and did a weight workout – that’s better than going back to bed right? It’s supposed to rain all day today. @7lenny7 you would be very happy with our weather!

    Great mileage @Scott6255!

    Glad you are feeling better and back in the groove @yirara.

    Like you @polskagirl01, I would not want a medal if I didn’t earn it. I mean, why?

    @kgirlhart – I’ve never seen a century plant before. Interesting and pretty. Glad you got to see Sunny on your long run. You are doing so good with your streak.

    @katharmonic – you have found your consistency again. I hope you have a wonderful vacation also! I had to google accelerometer – interesting.

    I’m not sure if the lady slippers are still endangered @quilteryoyo. One of the ladies that I usually hike with is really good in knowing the names of all the bushes and flowers. I try to learn a little from her each time but my retention from year to year is not always that great!
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    @martaindale great race!
    I can't remember whether I posted that I signed up for a 35k mountain race in October, 3 weeks after a 21k one. Oops! So, I'm aiming to train as if it is my first marathon and get as much elevation in as possible. Sounds good on paper. Trouble is, I'm not confident about hitting the technical goat tracks on the mountains near here alone (famously a local very experienced hiker disappered up there about 15 years ago), and the guys from the club don't want to babysit my because they're all fast and I'm slow. Had a lightbulb moment this afternoon and posted in the chat of a larger trail running and hiking group from the city to ask if anyone wants to do long slow runs in the mountains this summer. Two guys have messaged me, one of whom is very enthusiastic but has warned me that he has eyesight problems and is diabetic. Not sure what I'm getting myself into here 😂
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    @eleanorhawkins That's two big races in a month, but I'm sure you can pull it off. I'm glad you may have found someone to run with this summer. Do they know what happened to the hiker..... do they think animals or kidnapping or murder or just falling and never being found?
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    @Scott6255 yes, 5 weeks to train for an HM seems aggressive, but I'm not starting from scratch. I've averaged 38 miles/week for the last 5 weeks and 30 miles/week over the last 10 weeks, which includes two zero mileage weeks. I think the volume is there, I just need to incorporate speedwork. I love hummingbirds...I could watch them for hours. Excellent long run!

    @kgirlhart yay for new shoes! Glad they're working out for you.

    @polskagirl01 socks & gloves, lol...I'd definitely not pick those up! The only time I picked up any clothing was when I found two really nice jackets. They had been there a couple of days so I figured the owner wasn't going to come back to look for them. I washed them and wore them for a while but after realizing I had no need for them, I donated them. The most interesting things I've found are a glass pot pipe, a bag of pot (not at the same time as the pipe), a lady's wallet (returned to the local police department) but the craziest was a big pink...we're all adults here right?....a very large pink adult toy. Needless to day I did not touch it, but I did chuckle for a couple miles after that. On a more serious note, bless you for helping those Ukrainian families!

    @martaindale it bogles my mind how someone could take a finishers medal for something the didn't finish. Or how they were even available. Perhaps the race director just wanted to make them happy so they'd come back next year. When I DNF'd the Sandlot Marathon I told one of the RD's, whom I know, that I was really disappointed for not getting the finisher's award (a small wooden bat with the race logo) because it was so cool and so unique. He said he'd give me one if I wanted it but there's no way I could take it. I'll have to earn it next year.

    @Teresa502 I'm jealous of your Ireland trip. That's a place I'd love to go someday. I hope you do get some beautiful runs in during your travels. Gorgeous pix of the hike. Definitely worth being a hot sweaty mess for that. And yes that weather does appeal to me. I don't know why I love inclement whether like I do, but I do. Perhaps because early in my running "life" I was running at night and was caught out in the middle of real nasty thunderstorm, with lightning strikes all around me and 4 miles to go. It was such an adrenaline rush getting back! Good job with the weight workout, definitely better than going back to bed, and probably just as beneficial as running.

    @eleanorhawkins running the goat trails it a safety issue or a getting lost issue? If the concern is getting lost you do repeats as far as your confidence allows then each time go a little further as get more comfortable with your knowledge of the trails.
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    @teresa502 Laurel Falls is beautiful! Have a great time in Ireland. Can't wait to see some pics.

    @katharmonic Enjoy your family time!

    @kgirlhart Super cool plant! I wouldn't go so far as to say the weather was good for the race, but I'll post on that in a bit.

    @polskagirl01 I didn't understand taking the medal either. I mean, I guess they could do it later? But you're already there. You're already wet. Just run the race!
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    @quilteryoyo nope, they have absolutely no idea. Never found any traces, and he knew the trails like the back of his hand. They have memorials and stuff in his honour every year. Tbh I can't help but wonder if he actually ran away from something, moved away somewhere and never came back. No way of knowing.

    @7lenny7 it's more of a safety thing, I think. The trails, while tough and treacherous, are quite easy to see, but there are a lot of loose rocks to trip and roll ankles on, some steep drops beside the trails, wildlife... and yes, at the end of the day I'm small and female and vulnerable alone in the middle of nowhere. I'm confident enough now on nearby trails I know well, but there's a lot of unknown up there. There are a couple of wider tracks that they keep clear for emergencies (the whole mountain burned about 20 years ago and they learned the hard way), the runs I do alone will be on those to start with, at least I'll get the elevation in that way.
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    May Goal: 100 Miles

    5/1: 12.03 miles
    5/2: 2.02 miles
    5/3: 5.05 miles
    5/4: 5.51 miles
    5/5: 5.16 miles
    5/6: 1.51 miles
    5/7: 1.06 miles
    5/8: 8.06 miles
    5/9: 2.03 miles
    5/10: 5.15 miles
    5/11: 6.02 miles
    5/12: 5:51 miles
    5/13: 2.05 miles
    5/14: 1.20 miles
    5/15: 10.12 miles
    5/16: 2.05 miles
    5/17: 5.60 miles
    5/18: 5.32 miles
    5/19: 5.51 miles
    5/20: 2.21 miles
    5/21: 2.06 miles
    5/22: 10.01 miles
    5/23: 5.10 miles

    110.34/100 miles completed for May

    It was cool again this morning and they are predicting thunderstorms all day tomorrow so I ran 5 miles today and I will just plan on a mile tomorrow to keep the streak. I am hoping we don't get storms. I am actually supposed to have an insurance adjuster at my house tomorrow to look at the roof after the baseball sized hail we got last time. And I am still waiting to get my car and my husband's truck looked at too. Today's run was uneventful, but it was nice to be able to have a cool run. I know we won't have many more cool mornings.


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    @7lenny7 You're killing it! Almost 130 miles so far this month!
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    @Teresa502 - Where in Ireland are u coming to. I’m on north west coast.
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    @eleanorhawkins That's odd about the hiker. I don't blame you for being cautious on those trails. Can you sync your watch to someone so that they know where you are at all times? I'm pretty sure my new Garmin lets me do that, though I haven't tried and not sure how it is done. If you could, at least they could tell where you were if you weren't back when you should be and could come find you.

    @kgirlhart I hope you don't get the storms either and hope you get your insurance claims resolved soon. We finally had an all day rain yesterday, one of those nice gently ones. We really needed it.

    @7lenny Beautiful place to run. That was a lot of running, even if it was slow due to being distracted. I would love to go birding again. I haven't really since my husband passed away, but we really enjoyed it. The only one of those birds I haven't seen/heard of is the Yellow-throated Vireos. Interestingly enough, the only Tennessee Warbler I have seen was one that stunned itself running into my window. I was in the middle of the Great Backyard Bird Count and they needed verification because they aren't really native to TN. They just pass through.

    Gotta go. I'll finish catching up when I get a chance. Have a great day everyone.
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    Mari33a wrote: »
    @Teresa502 - Where in Ireland are u coming to. I’m on north west coast.

    I didn't realize you were in Ireland. We fly into Dublin arriving on Friday morning, catch a train on Saturday to Cork, Cobh and then transfer to Killarney; Sunday -tour Ring of Kerry; Monday - Limerick and Cliffs of Moher; Tuesday - Connemara then to Galway; Wednesday - Aran Islands; Thursday - take the train to Belfast City; Friday - The Giant's Causeway, Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge on our way back to Dublin; Saturday - day tour from Dublin to Wicklow Mountains; Sunday - Dublin; Monday - travel back to US. Are you near Killarney or Galway or Limerick? I will send you a friend request so that we can message each other!
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    @Teresa502 your Ireland trip sounds like it is going to be amazing! I bet you will get lots of great pictures. Very cool that you could possibly meet up with @Mari33a!
    @polskagirl01 hope you hip is feeling better.
    @martaindale great race and report! I know that bugs you about missing your PR by 1 second, but like you said in better weather conditions you will crush it!
    @7lenny7 outstanding running mileage this month! You are doing great!

    6.2 tough miles this morning. When I went to bed the forecast called for 100% chance of rain in the morning, so I resigned myself to running on the treadmill. But I woke up to dry streets and no real threat of rain so decided to run outside. I guess my brain was still in treadmill mode because the pace was super slow, even by my new standards. Everything felt tight and heavy. Just one of those days.

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    05/05 3.38 miles
    06/05 3.20 miles
    08/05 3.32 miles
    11/05 3.32 miles
    12/05 3.32 miles
    14/05 3.20 miles
    19/05 3.20 miles
    20/05 3.23 miles
    24/05 3.27 miles

    29.44/30 miles Almost there!


    @Teresa502 - I cant believe you are able to pack so much in! You will have fantastic time and have all the main tourist attractions covered. Unfortunately I don't think it will be possible to meet up as Belfast is the nearest to me but still a 3 hour drive away and Galway is 5 hours away, my sister lives/works there and loves it. I live right on the northwest coast with nearest town is Dunfanaghy, Co Donegal.

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    Ran 5 miles with a friend before work this morning. Temp was a nice 60F.

    @martaindale – Well done on your race! I can’t believe you missed your PR by one little ole second! I always get caught up in the crowd and race fever and go too fast on my first mile. Running in the hill country has paid off for you.

    @7lenny7 – Great weekend mileage and that’s a lot of different birds!

    @kgirlhart – I hope you can get your hail damage repaired soon and that today’s storms are mild.

    @eleanorhawkins – I agree with you about the vanishing runner – maybe he just decided to start a new life in another place.

    Hope your hip heals soon @polskagirl01.

    @Scott6255 – Yep, there will be days like that when the run just feels slow and hard but you stuck with it and it will make you stronger for it!

    We really did need that rain yesterday @quilteryoyo. Hope you have a good day today!
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    Mari33a wrote: »
    @Teresa502 - I cant believe you are able to pack so much in! You will have fantastic time and have all the main tourist attractions covered. Unfortunately I don't think it will be possible to meet up as Belfast is the nearest to me but still a 3 hour drive away and Galway is 5 hours away, my sister lives/works there and loves it. I live right on the northwest coast with nearest town is Dunfanaghy, Co Donegal.
    Bummer! Last time I went to Ireland we rented a car and drove ourselves around. This time, however, we're moving around with a tour group so options on where we are going are limited. Next time!
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    @Teresa502 I'm jealous! A hiking holiday in Ireland is on my bucket list.
    @quilteryoyo oh yes, I usually set the tracking thing up when I'm exploring anywhere unfamiliar. Another feature my new watch has that I haven't tried yet but is nice to have in case of getting lost is a backtrack function that will guide you back the way you came. I need to test that out sometime, but I tend to do circular routes most of the time.