No carbs/sugar triggering depression?



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    Hey everyone so the reason I wanted to go lower carb and no sugar is because I have PCOS and IR so I thought I was doing a good thing!

    It definitely worsened my mood so now I’m eating a little more carbs (250g), smaller more frequent meals throughout the day and focusing on balancing blood sugars instead. I think I have some sort of hypoglycaemia too.

    I’m still trying to keep added sugars low but not complex carbs. Still scared about what happened though!

    And yeah I do suffer from anxiety and depression but this was a severe depressive episode.

    I’m so sorry to hear you’ve not been feeling well. No matter why we feel a certain way it can really be not a fun experience.

    If you have certain dietary/medical concerns I suggest seeking the help of a registered dietitian. They can help in many ways, including looking at the underlying reasons for what may be causing your depression and if the help of a psychologist would be beneficial (yay therapy!). I understand that RD’s can be expensive though so I recommend giving the below RD’s a follow on Instagram:
    - Soheefit
    - Abbeyskitchen (she has PCOS too)
    - Langernutrition
    - Streetsmart.rd

    Happy exploring!
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    That is your experience, and I respect that. Tracking food/nutrition and moods, however, may not be enough for some. Processing those recordings with an experienced mental health professional might be helpful.

    This!! A forum is not a replacement for mental health expert advice. I say that lovingly. ❤️