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  • boilerdawg2009
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    I’m Darren, 35, 5’11”. Trying to take control of my life and finally not have a protruding belly!

    Heaviest weight: 226
    Current weight:178.6

    2022 goals:

    ⚫️Get to maintenance by the end of the year
    ⚫️Workout at the gym 3-4 times per week

    Daily Goals:

    🌼Get in my daily pushups, squats, crunches, and lunges
    🌼Log honestly and consistently
    🌼Drink/log 80+oz water
    🌼Not to get frustrated if the scale goes up

    June 1-178.6
    June 2-178.7
    June 3-178.0
    June 4-179.5
    June 5-178.1
    June 6-179.6
    June 7-178.6
    June 8-180.2(went a little overboard with what I ate last night. I'll expect a drop tomorrow)
    June 9-180.1(drop didn't happen like I expected. I'll keep pushing though!)
    June 10-179.5
    June 11-179.1
    June 12-179.3
    June 13-179.5
    June 14-180
    June 15-179.9
    June 16-178.9
    June 17-179.5
    June 18-178.9
    June 19-178.7
    June 20-179.6
    June 21-178.8
    June 22-182.0(Went to a baseball game last night so I was expecting an increase. Holding a lot of water)
    June 23-180.0
    June 24-179.1
    June 25-178.5
    June 26-178.6
    June 27-177.5
    June 28-177.4
    June 29-178.6
    June 30-177.8
  • joans1976
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    edited June 2022

    * Heaviest weight: 250
    * January 1st: 230
    * June 1st: 239
    * Current weight: 230
    * June weight lost so far: -9
    * Weight lost this year: -20
    * Daily Focus:
    * 🌼 Weigh in each morning
    * 🌼 Eat at or under my calorie goal
    * 🌼 Log honestly and consistently
    * 🌼Post each morning under this challenge
    * Stretch Goals:
    * 🌱Walk for 30 minutes 3x a week
    * June 1 239
    * June 2 239.5
    * June 3 236
    * June 4 238.5 (having a hard time with seeing these fluctuations) *30 minute walk!
    * June 5 237.5 (8 mile kayak trip planned today)
    * June 6 240! Not good! (I kayaked for 4.5 hours yesterday. At the end, I went through some big rapids, flipped my kayak and couldn’t get my head above water the current was so strong and my kayak was on top of me. The bottom of the river is covered in big rocks, so my body took quite a beating. I’m very sore today but just glad to be alive)
    * June 7 240 (still really sore from the kayak flip, hoping this is inflammation)
    * June 8 239 (unsure if this is accurate, I worked a 24 hour shift at work and had to use that scale after not sleeping all night. Usually I wake up, bathroom, then scale)
    * June 9 237
    * June 10 235.5 (yay!)
    * June 11 232.5 (!) I thought this couldn’t be true but I weighed myself 3 times *30 minute walk
    * June 12 234.5 *30 minute walk
    * June 13 232.5
    * June 14 232.5
    * June 15 232.5
    * June 16 232.5- I am surprisingly good with this plateau
    * June 17 232.5 weekends here-gotta get moving
    * June 18 232 I swam for an hour yesterday but STILL didn’t get my steps in! Grrrrr
    * June 19 234 uh oh
    * June 20 231.5 (Got all my steps in yesterday!)
    * June 21 230.5 (!)
    * June 22 231.5
    * June 23 231
    * June 24 230.5
    * June 25 230.5
    * June 26 230
    * June 27 230
    * June 28 230-not feeling okay with this plateau, frustrated 😡
    * June 29 230 😑
    * June 30 230 grrrrrr

    Overall weight lost for June 9 pounds. I need to be happier with this number. I know this is a marathon not a sprint, I know this. I’m just frustrated by this plateau I’ve hit.
    This challenge has been super rewarding for me and seeing everyone’s posts has been inspiring! See you next month!
  • dave0628
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    Heaviest weight: 220
    June 1st: 220

    Heaviest weight: 220
    June 1st: 220
    Current weight: 211

    Daily Focus:
    Weigh in everyday in June
    Stay under calorie goal 6 out of 7 days per week
    Exercise 4 days a week

    June 5 220. Joining this thread for some extra accountability. I've gotten back into a good exercise groove, but now for the hard part - getting control of my eating. First time on a scale in years!
    June 6 219 lbs
    June 7 216 lbs - Scale number didn't look right, but I'll take it! Probably some water weight.
    June 8 216 lbs - Had a good day of eating and getting exercise
    June 9 216 lbs - Ate well and got some exercise in despite an all day corporate event
    June 10 216 lbs
    June 11 215 lbs felt brain fog, ate over calories on purpose. No exercise
    June 12 215 lbs ate a bit over calories, lifted weights
    June 13 215 lbs - Really bad day of eating. On the positive side, I got back on the scale and back in this app today!
    June 14 215 lbs - Hit calorie goals and exercised
    June 15 214 lbs - Good day of eating. Mostly eating the same things at the same time. Strength training workout did not go well. Felt very fatigued and cut things short.
    June 16 did not weigh or track
    June 17 did not weigh or track
    June 18 214 lbs going on vacation not sure if there will be a scale and judging and logging food will be a challenge.
    June 19 213 lbs Ate well, strength training at gym. Leaving for vacation!
    June 20 DNW. Ate well, a little over calories, no exercise
    June 21 DNW. Ate well, lots of steps and kayaking.margaritas pushed me over calories. Challenging when everyone else in the house views vacation as a chance to gorge themselves for a week.
    June 22 DNW Ate under calories and got a lot of steps in
    June 23 DNW Ate at calories, lots of walking. Proud of how well I have navigated the eating out and drinking.
    June 24 DNW Tracked Calories and hit goal
    June 25 DNW Tracked calories, walked for an hour and kayaked for an hour
    June 26 DNW TRacked calories, walked for an hour
    June 27 211 lbs. Back from vacation. Tracked calories, went over. No exercise.
    June 28 210 lbs. Lost another lb, probably water weight / dehydration. My calories are set to 1.5 lbs per week, not expecting scale to move that fast. Strength trained with my son at gym yesterday. Family is taking me out to Top Golf for a birthday dinner / outing today. My plan is to track, but not limit calories.
    June 29 212 lbs - Tracked, went way way over calories but thats ok. Unfortunately I pulled a muscle in my back at the gym yesterday, so exercise is going to be pretty limited for a couple of days. Will focus on my eating.
    June 30 211 lbs - Tracked and hit calorie goal. No exercise. Starting from yesterday my hunger level has really kicked in. It seems like my body finally caught on to what I'm up to!
  • carenwilson1983
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    Hi, I'm Caren 38, 5 feet tall
    Heaviest weight : 173 lbs
    Current weight. : 173 lbs
    June's Goal : 165 lbs
    Overall Goal. : 140 lbs

    I need to get to 140 lbs by the end of the year because I will not try to get back to 120 lbs.

    1- Drink way more water
    2- Go less on fruits
    3-weight in the mornings
    4- 30 minutes stationary biking daily
    5-more protein, less carb (weakness-Bread)

    Did this before and lost 25 lbs in 2 months and I know I can do it again.

    June 3- 173 lbs
    June 4- 173 lbs
    June 5- 171.4 lbs
    June 6- 170.4 lbs
    June 7- 169.4 lbs
    June 8-169.4 lbs
    June 9- 170.lbs
    June 10-.168.8 lbs
    Week 1. lost 4.2 lbs

    June 11- 168.8 lbs
    June 12-168 lbs
    June 13-168 lbs
    June 14-167.2 lbs
    June 15-167.2 lbs
    June 16-166 lbs
    June 17-166 lbs
    Week 2. lost. 2.8 lbs

    June 18-166 lbs
    June 19-165.5 lbs
    June 20-164.2 lbs
    June 21-164.2 lbs
    June 22-164.2 lbs
    June 23-164.2 lbs
    June 24-.164 lbs
    Week 3. lost. 1.8 lbs

    June 25-164.2 lbs
    June 26-164.6 lbs
    June 27-165.8 lbs
    June 28- 165.8 lbs
    June 29-165.8 lbs
    June 30-.165 lbs

    Week 4 lost. + 0.8 lbs
    Overall weight lost 8 lbs (Goal Achieved)
  • deepwoodslady
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    My name is Donna. I am 5’ 5” tall, 62 years old and from the Midwest USA. In 2016 I weighed 253 lbs. I am on a journey of health and to get back to the real me.
    Every healthy habit brings me closer to scratching each of these off to NEVER see them again!
    250’s; 240’s; 230’s; 220's; 210's; 200's; 190's; 180’s; 170's; 160's; 150’s

    Starting Weight (from May 31st): 203.4
    Goal: 198.4 (Five lb Loss)
    Actual Weight at Challenge End:

    **************************************ONE DAY, ONE STEP, ONE DECISION AT A TIME************************************

    06/01…...203.4…..(Trend Weight 203.6)…..

    06/02.…..204.4…..(Trend Weight 203.6)…..

    06/03.…..204.8…..(Trend Weight 203.8}…..

    06/04.…..204.4…..(Trend Weight 203.8)…..

    06/05.…..204.6…..(Trend Weight 203.6)…..

    06/06.…..205.2…..(Trend Weight 204.0)…..

    06/07.…..205.0…..(Trend Weight 204.1)…..

    06/08.…..204.4…..(Trend Weight 204.1)…..

    06/09.…..205.5…..(Trend Weight 204.3)…..

    06/10.…..204.8…..(Trend Weight 204.3)…..

    06/11.…..205.6…..(Trend Weight 204.5)…..

    06/12.…..206.0…..(Trend Weight 204.6)…..

    06/13.…..205.6…..(Trend Weight 204.7)…..

    06/14.…..206.2…..(Trend Weight 204.8)…..

    06/15……206.8…..(Trend Weight 205.1)…..

    06/16……204.2…..(Trend Weight 205.0)…..

    06/17.…..203.2…..(Trend Weight 204.8)…..

    06/18.…..205.2…..(Trend Weight 204.8)…..

    06/19.…..203.0…..(Trend Weight 204.7)…..

    06/20.…..204.0…..(Trend Weight 204.6)…..
    06/21.…..202.2…..(Trend Weight 204.4)…..

    06/22.…..205.2…..(Trend Weight 204.5)…..
    06/23.…..203.0…..(Trend Weight 204.3)…..

    06/24.…..203.2…..(Trend Weight 204.2)…..

    06/25.…..203.8…..(Trend Weight 204.2)……
    06/26.…..202.8…..(Trend Weight 204.0)……

    06/27.…..198.4…..(Trend Weight 203.5)……

    06/28.…..198.8…..(Trend Weight 203.0)…… I had yesterday’s weight off by 0.2 so I have corrected it. I’ll take what I see today on the scale gladly after so much travel sitting, hospital sitting, theater sitting and Golden Corral. Ultrasound was completed and I have a monitor on now (that added a few ounces to my scale too?). Feeling really motivated right now seeing the 100’s instead of 200’s, even after travel. I have my oldest grandson’s birthday deal with me later today. I am taking him to the salon for a facial and acne treatment (pimple extraction). I want to see how his skin reacts. Would be such a nice thing before school pix etc. I am back to travel/hospital tomorrow for the nuclear stress test and monitor removal. I am working hard to stay focused and not let the situations limit my progress. I’m not gonna lie, I’m very stressed out about the stress test. I hope I don’t have a heart attack in the middle of it. When I say I can’t breathe, I’m being serious here. But I do want some answers. By the way, I loved, loved, loved the Elvis movie. Even my 25 year old son really liked it and he’s not exactly an Elvis fan. It was as much about Col. Tom Parker as it was Elvis. A very interesting story and all the actors were wonderful including Tom Hanks. Rotten Tomatoes gave it high scores and it tied for number one at the box office this past opening weekend with Top Gun Maverick. Glad I went.

    06/29.…..201.0…..(Trend Weight 202.8)…… I’m not too surprised to see the jump up even though it is always disappointing. Celebrated DGS 16th birthday yesterday and ended up about 246 calories over. I feel some of this is also from the outing the day before catching up to me. I mean, I was careful but it WAS Golden Corral. Today is travel back to the hospital. Nervous about the testing and missing my coffee already. Afterward, Shopping and restaurant lunch with my friend who is going with me later. I will keep my eye on the ball and watch what I order.

    06/30.…..DNW…..(Trend Weight DNV)…… After 3 days of travel sitting, a 4 hour (mostly sitting) testing window and restaurants, I did not want to see the temporary rise again, so I will weigh tomorrow and take the punches then. Hopefully it will not be too inflated by then. Heart monitor is off. Now I wait for a call from the doctor for immediate results, then an appt on July 12 for a treatment plan. I will use tomorrow’s weight as my June end weight and my July start weight.

  • jm216
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    You’ve made it through another month!!
    So proud of you all.

    July has just been posted. https://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/discussion/10868252/️-july-daily-weigh-in-and-logging-challenge-🥗#latest

    See you there!!

  • swimmom_1
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    Mary 65 now from Pennsylvania. Goal weight 122 lbs. Was there in 2009/10 and kept it off for about 5 years and got lazy. I do low Carb 15+/- 3 Net Carbs/day(My body seems to hang on to Carbs/not burn them),1000-1200 calories daily, 2 meals on my days off(3) and 3 meals on my work days (4, long hours) and I only exercise on my days off due to the long work days.

    Heaviest weight: 255 lbs, twice :-(

    9/14/20-255 lbs. Started a new job without a micromanager.
    5/3/21-240.5 lbs Emergency Gallbladder surgery
    5/14/21-232.2 lbs. Started MFP, low carb and calorie restricted diet while recovering. Actively trying to lose now.
    6/1/21-228.8 lbs
    7/1/21-222.2 lbs
    8/1/21-212 lbs
    9/1/21-200 lbs
    10/1/21-191.4 lbs
    11/1/21-181.8 lbs
    12/1/21-176.2 lbs
    1/1/22-168 lbs
    2/1/22-157.4 lbs
    3/1/22-155 lbs
    4/1/22-156.4 lbs
    5/1/22-158.8 lbs :-(
    6/1/22-152.2 lbs :-)
    Current weight: 154.4 lbs (Lowest recent weight was 147.6 lbs on 4/6 & 4/7)

    June weight lost so far: +2.2 lbs. :-( but getting better!

    Daily Goals:

    🌱Drink @ least 90 ounces of water
    🌱Plan meals and log in advance
    🌱Log honestly and consistently
    🌱Eat at or under my calorie goal

    June 1-152.2 lbs- 6.6 lbs for May but not my most recent low.
    June 2-153 lbs Logged in 385 days straight! Everyday since I started 5/14/21. Wearing size 6 Bermuda shorts to my hair appointment today. I've been able to put them on for about 2 months but wouldn't wear them out of the house before because of my overhanging flabby belly.
    June 3-153 lbs
    June 4-154.4 lbs Too many carbs yesterday. 2 sessions on the elliptical total 224 minutes for 20 miles, mowed the lawn for 2:03, a rider.
    June 5-158 lbs Too many carbs last 2 days and sure it's water retention with them too. (Why do carbs have to be so tasty and addictive?) Did my Elliptical today, 167 minutes for 13.11 miles. My plan was to do another session later today but now my motivation is gone. Probably why I am better at long first sessions. I did add "girl" pushups, planks and just hanging from my son's pull up bar. To increase my strength. Not that I'm weak. (I'm a nurse and I pull even big guys up in beds for a living!) But I can always get stronger. Build up my muscle mass to burn more calories and fill out the flabby loose skin!
    June 6-160.2 lbs A number I was hoping I would NEVER SEE AGAIN. :-(
    June 7-161 :-( My own fault. Too many carbs. Did 188 minutes on my elliptical for 14.25 miles today and pushups/plank.
    June 8-161 lbs
    June 9-161 lbs
    June 10-160 lbs Nice surprise because it wasn't because of me. Did 180 minutes on the Elliptical today for 14 miles.
    I started feeling ill Monday pm. Cough, fever; 102.4, stuffed up. Took a Covid test Tuesday pm and it was negative. Fever down now running around 100. Today after the elliptical my nose hasn't stopped running. Took another Covid test in case other one was too early but this one also negative, Thank God. I had my vaccines and 1 booster. So I was hoping it wouldn't be that, but others with the vaccines have still gotten it. Just a REALLY ROTTEN late Spring cold now with sinus pressure and eyes keep watering. :-(
    June 11-161 lbs Did Elliptical, 210 minutes for 16.3 miles. Feeling better than the last 3 days, hoping to feel even better tomorrow!
    June 12-161 lbs. Did Elliptical 211 minutes for 16.2 miles. Feeling even better today. Mild symptoms now and back to work tomorrow.
    Been MIA. I had to go to work everyday this past week, so first I have time to post. I did login though each day. No off days, so no exercise till today.
    June 13-164 lbs
    June 14-162.2 lbs
    June 15-163.2 lbs
    June 16-163 lbs
    June 17-162 lbs
    June 18-160.2 lbs Elliptical 242 minutes for 16.26 miles. My cold/runny nose/cough is still hanging on. I can't wait to feel normal again! Now to catch up on everyone's posts.
    June 19-158.2 lbs :-) Elliptical 241 minutes for 18 miles. Wish my cough would get over with!
    June 20-159.4 lbs :-( Not sure why. I stayed within my guidelines but ate some extra because of the exercise. Oh well. Just need to stay the course and see.
    June 21-157 lbs. Least it's heading back down again!!! My usual elliptical but today I felt good at 18 miles so I continued to 26.25 miles once again. This time my pace was slower so it took me 372 minutes. When I did it before, May 29,2022, it was 337 minutes. About a 14+ minutes/mile compared to sub 13 minutes/mile the earlier time.
    June 22-155.4 lbs :-)
    June 23-154.4 lbs :-) Coughing is much less, less post nasal drip and thinner secretions. Finally feeling better from this cold!
    June 24-154.4 lbs :-) Elliptical 200 minutes for 12.53 miles and ran some errands.
    June 25-154.4 lbs :-( Was hoping for a bit of a drop. At least it didn't go up. :-)
    June 26-154.4 lbs :-( Again was hoping I would drop a bit. 190 minutes on my Elliptical for 12.56 miles and 120 minutes on the riding lawn mower today.
    June 27-156 lbs :-( Not happy but I'm SO SENSITIVE to carbs. Stayed way, way under my allotted calories with my exercise yesterday. But I had half of a sweet potato with leftover prime rib I made a couple days ago. If I wouldn't have had it I'm thinking it wouldn't have gone up! :-(
    June 28-154.6 lbs. Up, down, up, down. Did Elliptical, 215 minutes for 16.3 miles. The amazing thing is I used the arm poles the whole time. I've never done that before as my arms would get tired. I had a total of 4 different ways I would place my hands. On the handle bars and 2 different ways on the mileage/timer console. My mileage was about 13.2 minutes/mile. A bit faster pace!

    June 29-155.4 lbs :-(
    June 30-157.4 lbs :-( Going to be off work now for 5 days. No plans. Just going to enjoy a stretch of days off!

  • ashleycarole86
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    Heaviest weight: 293
    January 1st: 190.6
    June 1st: 166.2
    Current weight: 163.2

    June weight lost so far: 3
    Weight lost this year: 27.4

    Daily Focus:
    🌼 Weigh in each morning
    🌼 Eat at or under my calorie goal
    🌼 Log honestly and consistently
    🌼 Post every day under this challenge
    🌼 Intentional exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes per day

    June 1 - 166.2 (Slowly making my way back down to my maintenance range after my travel bloat. Happy to be starting here in a very similar spot to where I started May.)
    June 2 - 165 (Busy day yesterday with work and a trip to the eye doctor, but I did squeeze 60 minutes of walking in on my lunch break and when we got home.)
    June 3 - 162.8 (In a self sabotaging head space so I'm off to bed early.)
    June 4 - 160.6 (After a night of sleep, I feel a lot better. Aiming to get 10,000 steps today and hopefully doing most of it before it pours rain.)
    June 5 - 162.2 (Woke up to the sound of rain on the trailer. Coming down pretty hard. We need the rain for sure. My mom is in Afib and hasn't been able to come out with medication so when I get home her doc has asked that we go to the hospital, so I'm feeling anxious about that.)
    June 6 - 160.4 (Worked from home, rode the Peloton at lunch, and then had a sleep apnea follow up appointment after work. Going to request a new sleep study to see if my weight loss has eliminated it.)
    June 7 - 162.2 (Ate good meals and got over 15,000 steps today. Out of the office for corporate events the rest of the week so work was busy today getting everything prepared for that.)
    June 8 - 162.2 (Today I am golfing with work for a customer event. First round of the year.)
    June 9 - 160.8
    June 10 - DNW
    June 11 - 163.2 (Back at the lack for the weekend after a whirlwind two day business trip. I drank too much on the golf course the one day, but overall my choices were okay. One week till we leave for Vegas.)
    June 12 - 163.4 (Super rainy day here at the lake. I haven't gotten more than 1,000 steps yet and it's already mid afternoon. I will make up my exercise later today but for now I'm just relaxing.)
    June 13 - 162.2 (Rough day at work but I had a couples massage tonight and I'm feeling more zen.)
    June 14 - 160.8 (I was tossing and turning before my alarm so I got up early and hopped on the Peloton. Love starting my day with exercise. It's super rainy here - will be doing my walking indoors at lunch.)
    June 15 - 159.8 (Had a big day of exercise yesterday as I rode the Peloton a second time. Riding a bit ahead in my program since I'm away from my bike next week in Vegas.)
    June 16 - 158.6 (Donated blood yesterday so I took it easy on the exercise front. Still got my 10,000 steps. Leaving for Vegas in two days so I'm still eating at a small deficit to create a bit of buffer for what I assume will be a small weight gain while I'm there.)
    June 17 - 159 (Work is wrapped up and I got a few more outfits for Vegas. Still need to pack!)
    June 18 - 160.8 (Vegas baby! Just about to take off. Looking forward to our getaway.)
    June 19 - DNW (First 24 hours in Vegas has been great. I was able to use the hotel gym this morning for a Peloton workout. Getting tons of steps too.)
    June 20 - DNW (The steps keep on coming. We had a large supper yesterday but until then my food was reasonable. Saw The Blue Man Group after doing some outlet mall shopping.)
    June 21 - DNW (Started the day with a treadmill and strength workout, had some good BBQ, a trip to Fremont, and then dinner and the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil show. Really enjoying my vacation.)
    June 22 - DNW (Treadmill and exercise bike to start yesterday, followed by our friends celebrating their 25th anniversary with a Vegas vow renewal. We left them after drinks and hubby and I went to Hell's Kitchen for a delicious and very indulgent meal.)
    June 23 - DNW (We are officially home and I'll be back on the scale tomorrow. I can feel the puffiness of water retention from the plane, and all the indulgence. The number tomorrow is going to be a big one, but I'll see where I'm at by month end to really gauge how the trip impacted me.)
    June 24 - 175.4 (Back from holiday with a ton of water retention. Time to flush it out and get back to routine. We are still off work today so it's been a lazy start but I'll hit the Peloton before we go to the trailer.)
    June 25 - 173 (Good day yesterday. Did 20 minutes of upper body strength, a Peloton walk, and a nearly 60 minute walk with my husband and dog. We ate well and watched a movie at night at the trailer.)
    June 26 - 167.8 (Here is my body dealing with the crazy excess as I expected it would. I am definitely on track eating at my deficit and helping things along. It's good to know I am in control. Getting my exercise and making smart food choices - no excuses!)
    June 27 - 165.2 (Weather is beautiful. Got a short walk in before my workday started. First day back and we are having IT issues so it's been sort of frustrating. Dinner plans with friends got cancelled due to illness on their part so I will have a more relaxed evening now.)
    June 28 - 163.6 (Busy work day, a walk at lunch, and a 90 minute couples massage after work.)
    June 29 - 162 (Work stress is high and it impacted my movement today. Will not compensate for the stress by eating more.)
    June 30 - 163.2 (Much better day emotionally. I had a nice lunch out with a friend. 60 minute Peloton ride after work. Off to the trailer tonight as we are off tomorrow for Canada Day).

    Great work everyone!

    3 pounds down and a monthly average weight right in the middle of my maintenance range. Feels great!
  • CoachDanielle3
    CoachDanielle3 Posts: 26 Member
    Heaviest weight: 189
    January 1st: 170.8
    June 1st: 171.8
    Current weight: 170.8

    June weight lost so far:
    Weight lost this year:

    Daily Focus:
    🌼 Weigh in each morning
    🌼 Eat at or under my calorie goal
    🌼 Log honestly and consistently
    🌼Post each morning under this challenge

    Stretch Goals:

    🌱Start my day with a affirmations and meditation
    🌱Plan meals in advance and log daily
    🌱Get 30 minutes of exercise a day
    🌱Drink and log a gallon of water

    June 1
    June 2
    June 3
    June 4
    June 5
    June 6
    June 7
    June 8 173.4 Great day at work. Ate well and logged everything!
    June 9 169.8 😍
    June 10 167.8 🙌 ate MacNCheese at dinner
    June 11 167.6 went out w/ hubs
    June 12 167.4 👏
    June 13 167.2 👍
    June 14 167.6
    June 15 168.4
    June 16 167.4 👍 bbq lunch with coworkers
    June 17 171.4 😳 are on plan all day
    June 18 169.4 👌headed to beach
    June 19 167.2 🙌 Day 2 at beach
    June 20 171.6 mostly on planSF frappe & pb
    June 21 170.8
    June 22 167.6 🙌
    June 23 167.8
    June 24 169
    June 25 DNW
    June 26 169.8 NOLA
    June 27 171.6
    June 28 171.8
    June 29 171.4
    June 30 170.8
    July 1 166.8

    We can do anything together!
  • Rinoga
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    Excited to join another one of Jill’s challenges! 🏖 Gonna focus on getting back into my routine and hope to see 147 this month.

    Heaviest weight: 165
    January 1st: 159
    June 1st: 149
    Current weight: 145

    June weight lost so far: 4
    Weight lost this year: 14

    🌼 45 min. run on weekdays
    🌼 Strength train two days a week
    🌼 Drink 8 glasses of water
    🌼 Log weight
    🌼 Exercise on weekends (classes/ weights/ long runs/ walks)
    🌼 Take rest days as needed

    June 1 - 149 (went out/ walked 50 m)
    June 2 - 149 (home cooked/ ran 45 m)
    June 3 - 149 (home cooked/ ran 45 m)
    June 4 - 149 (went out)
    June 5 - 149 (went out)
    June 6 - 146 (home cooked)
    June 7 - 145 (went out/ ran 45 m)
    June 8 - 146 (home cooked/ strength 30m)
    June 9 - 147 (home cooked/ ran 45 m)
    June 10 - 147 (home cooked)
    June 11 - 146 (went out/ strength 30m)
    June 12 - 146 (home cooked)
    June 13 - 146 (home cooked/ int. ran 1hr)
    June 14 - 146 (home cooked/ strength 30m)
    June 15 - 147 (home cooked/ strength 30m)
    June 16 - 147 (went out/ strength 30m)
    June 17 - 148 (home cooked)
    June 18 - 147 (went out/ ran 45m)
    June 19 - 148 (went out)
    June 20 - 148 (home cooked)
    June 21 - 146 (home cooked/ Zumba 1 hr)
    June 22 - 145 (home cooked/ strength 30m)
    June 23 - 145 (went out)
    June 24 - 146 (home cooked)
    June 25 - 145 (home cooked/ strength 30 m)
    June 26 - 144 (went out/ ran 45m)
    June 27 - 146 (home cooked)
    June 28 - 145 (home cooked/ Zumba 1hr)
    June 29 - 145 (home cooked/ ran 45m)
    June 30 - 145 (went out/ strength 30m)

    This month was a good one! Happy I got lower than my goal!