Women 200lb+, Let's Make June Joyous!!!



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    Glad to be back and Thank you @RavenStCloud for this thread. Great support here!
    Mary from Pennsylvania 65 NOW! 5'4", Heaviest weight 255 lbs twice. :-(

    UGW-122 lbs. I was there in 2009/10 and kept it off for 5 years then got lazy.

    My goal is to continue with what seems to work for me. 1000-1200 calories, low carb 15 Net +/- 3(My body seems to not do well with carbs. It doesn't know how to burn them and hangs onto them way too much!), minimum 70 + oz of water, 2 meals/day on my days off(3) and 3 meals on my work days(which are long), exercise on my 3 days off. My weigh in day is Sunday.

    9/14/20 SW-255 lbs
    5/3/21-240.5 lbs Emergency Gallbladder surgery
    5/14/21-232.2 lbs started MFP and Low Carb/1000-1200 calorie while recovering
    6/1/21-228.8 lbs
    7/1/21-222.2 lbs
    8/1/21-212.0 lbs
    9/1/21-200.0 lbs
    10/1/21-191.4 lbs
    11/1/21-181.8 lbs
    12/1/21-176.2 lbs
    12/26/21-165.6 lbs
    1/1/22-168 lbs
    2/1/22-157.4 lbs
    3/1/22-155 lbs. Down 100.2 lbs so far!
    4/1/22-156.4 lbs
    5/1/22-158.8 lbs
    6/1/22-152.2 lbs

    6/5/22-158 lbs :-( Not doing great. Been eating too many carbs (Problem is they are so tasty! And trigger me to eat more.) and then probably retaining water with them too.

    Missed last week's post. Been busy but still logging daily.
    6/12/22-161 lbs :-(
    6/19/22-158.2 lbs :-)
    6/26/22-154.4 lbs :-) Did 190 minutes today on my Elliptical (Did a Marathon on Tuesday this week, 26.25 miles straight through-372 minutes, second time at least) and 120 minutes on the riding lawn mower. I've been the same weight for 4 days now. I was hoping for a smidge of a drop. :-(
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    @JAC581 - I'm so sorry Emgality hasn't done anything for you. For me, it's been a wonder drug. Hoping you find something that helps!

    @CupcakeCrusoe - hope your friend joins you! And that the first day back isn't *too* painful.

    @lmgoff232 - You're looking fabulous!

    @goal06082021 - You're so close - fingers crossed you make it to the June goal! And that baked oatmeal sounds delicious. I've saved that recipe for the future.

    @sargemarcori - Just keep on keeping on. The weight will eventually drop if you're doing everything as you should. I am an advisor to a local sorority chapter of 100+ amazing young women, and I feel you on everything right now.

    @KeriA - good luck with the ongoing job search. You may already have come across this site, but askamanager.org is my favorite blog for job search, interviewing, and resume advice. It's also a place that shows how dysfunctional some workplaces can be, and how to get the heck out.
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    So I weighed in after my workout today (I leave my brain at the door when I walk in so it didn't cross my mind to weigh myself before exercising but oh well) and it showed either 125,5kg or 126kg but the lines all kinda blur together and I wasn't wearing my glasses but it was clearly very close to the 125kg and that matters because a few days ago it was up to like 128 again iirc. I didn't wear a coat but I also hadn't really wiped off any sweat so I think the water I drank during training definitely would've made up for any sweat that evaporated. And it got me wondering why I was so unbothered by it. I'm not a super level-headed person but maybe seeing the fluctuations took the stress away? Or could I have been too tired to care?

    Then it hit me. When I was losing weight the only other time in my life, I would see a new low, then for a few weeks my weight would be 1-4kg higher than that new low, madly fluctuating every day, then I'd see another new low, then more mad fluctuation, etc. And I wasn't exercising as much as I am now, though I was waitressing so my day job was very active. And my tape measure results have the same pattern. There's so much fluctuation there too. I can't believe I forgot about this and only remembered now.

    Anyway, 126 or whatever it was is a difference of 2 pounds but considering I ate in a surplus for 13 consecutive days during my diet break, had salty mcdonald's yesterday, haven't caught up on sleep and have been struggling with my back, this is surprisingly low and I think there's a new low waiting to show itself on the scale soon. I intend to measure myself later but I am too tired to move right now and I still need to cook and have dinner so maybe I'll do that later/tomorrow. Typically there's a bit of a pump from exercising anyway so measuring shortly after is an even worse idea than weighing in right after exercise.

    The workout itself was quite intense but I'm very proud of my ring rows. It's the alternative to doing a pull up when you're too scared to use the resistance bands to help you perform a pull up on the rack, which I very much am because there is no stability there and I am not great at balance. I'm quite flexible everywhere except my wrists and ankles so I might end up in weird contortionist positions if I try the bands. I'll do ring rows until my arms grow strong enough and my weight gets low enough that I can do an unassisted pull up.
    But anyway, the coach was like "if you can do 5 ring rows in 10 seconds, it's too easy and you should take a step forward". The more you get under the rings, the harder it is to pull yourself up. I usually just eyeball it and get into a somewhat diagonal position that's maybe 40-45 degrees from vertical (measured where my head is, an estimate) but one step forward was 20 or 30cm and I was way more horizontal than ever but still only about 60-70 degrees I'd guess. It was MUCH harder and I really felt my arms but I'm so proud of that. It's been so long since I did any arm work because I've been so focused on my back but it felt great and challenging and I am so happy.

    Yesterday's weightlifting competition was so cool to watch. There were some super skinny and tiny women with very nice arms doing 70kg snatches and 90+kg clean and jerks like it was nothing. They are stronger than most of the men at our gym 😂 but I hope no one feels bad about that. I was in awe and had a blast cheering everyone on. I thought I'd just clap for all of them and cheer for our gym's participants but I was yelling for almost everyone there and super stressed for everyone and just hoping they'd all succeed at all of their attempts. It was such a feeling of community, it was awesome. I don't think I ever cared for any kind of competition but being there with all these people and knowing how heavy it all is and what effort they had put in and also kinda the knowledge that in a few years I could probably get near that level (the perk of getting very obese - my highest known bmi was 45 - is all the extra muscle we grow to support our very large bodies and extra muscle helps with lifting heavy, though can hinder range of motion) if I kept at it probably all combined to get me so invested. When I swam competitively and when I did taekwondo I knew I never would be able to do what others at a regional level did so it was kinda whatever but this seems doable so I care more. With swimming the problem is that I would need to lose weight to get that much faster and that shouldn't be a prerequisite to get good at a sport imo and with taekwondo I lack the strategic thinking required for effective sparring ánd I'm scared of hurting people so my personality combined with my trauma is terrible for getting good at taekwondo, though I can kick really well and high, just not when aiming at a person.

    @cosmiccurves happy birthday!

    @goal06082021 :( wishing you and your husband a quick recovery

    @_manny_702 happy almost birthday!

    @finngirl61 hugs to you, that's rough
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    @swimmom_1 I know with cardio there's some amount of adaptation your body does when it comes to intensity/distance, do you think that's at play here?

    Ugh? Didn't even think about that. Possibly.
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    I weigh in on Mondays.

    Started 2/5/22
    SW: 288.8
    CW: 264.2 (-24.6)
    GW for June: 259

    5/30: 264.2
    6/6: 261.2 (-3.0)
    6/13: 260.6 (-0.6)
    6/20: 258.0 (-2.6)
    6/27: 256.2 (-1.8)
    June total loss= 8lbs 😮

    Goals for June:

    🍎 Keep eating 4-5 fruits and veggie servings per day, at least 5 days a week
    🧘🏼‍♀️ Work up to 8 minutes at a time doing Leslie Sansone workouts by the end of the month
    👦 Survive the first month of summer break and taking care of my nephews (my health has gone downhill a lot since last summer)
    🏊‍♀️ Start water exercise once the complex pool opens
    👩‍⚕️ Set up the appointments I need to have with my primary doctor
    ⬇️ Lose 5-6 pounds and enter the 250s (I’ll be happy with any loss)

    Past week update:
    I have eaten at least 4 servings of fruits and veggies each day this past week except Saturday. No exercise due to pain sickness and fatigue. Pool still isn’t open and we just got a letter that it’s delayed 🙄 I still don’t think I’d be able to go with this coughing and stuff anyway but they are always late opening it. My first of two in person appointments to do during my nephews’ summer break is tomorrow morning 😬 totally dreading it. I haven’t set the second one up yet but hopefully I’ll do that by Thursday 😂
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    Omg your cat 😍🥺
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    Don't really have much to comment on, I keep forgetting to weigh myself but I am craving vegetables now and love how making better food choices makes me feel.

    @finngirl61 I'm so sorry for your loss and knee pain is no joke. Be kind to yourself, you will reach your goal. I have a dear friend who lost her husband to cancer and grief counseling really helped her. There are even online grief support groups. My widowed friend says that for her, it's harder as time goes by because she feels like everyone has moved on but she still thinks about all the missed celebration and vacations and stuff like that. I hope you can find peace soon.