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  • ashleycarole86
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    Username ashleycarole86
    Thursday weigh-in (early due to travel)

    Goal Zone Maintenance Range 160-165
    CW 165.8
    (Week 1 outside of range)

    Reminder I won't be able to weigh in again until the first Thursday in August (need one excused week)
  • jugar
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    @ashleycarole86 have a great trip!
  • PlaneMonkey
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    @ashleycarole86 and @bowens1973 good luck with Pearson!! As much as I love that airport (worked there for 3 years) I do not envy you passing through it during all the staffing turmoil. Best of luck making it out the other side with all of your luggage and without standing in a line for more than an hour. You likely have a direct flight and there's no severe weather in the forecast to cause delays and diversions so at least that removes one potential hiccup.
    I'll be heading to the Kawartha's on Saturday so I will send you a nearby high-five when I get there.

    My weekend pot luck was tasty and I'm back on plan today for a perfect day to reset. I kayaked a bit around the little lake (read: large pond) but a great nsv I had was I jumped in the water to cool off and managed to tread water while carrying on a conversation, in my second language, for over 15 minutes. That would have never happened before joining MFP and this group.

    I have a family reunion this coming weekend so I will try to find balance between the unlimited free food at the resort and the exercise and games planned. Fingers crossed I get to try water skiing for the first time!

    @jan110144 glad to hear the injection went well. I'm sure your horse is looking forward to more quality time together!

    @Terytha aren't books just the best?!? Hope your hubby feels better soon and you don't succumb to it.
  • YinxFed
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    Am I too late to post my step and exercise stats for last week. Even though they are pretty uninspiring! I won't be offended if you don't use them, but here they are:

    Sunday - 8778 / 60 mins Cardio Aerobics (GrowithJo)
    Monday - 2964
    Tuesday - 6536
    Wednesday - 6394
    Thursday - 7115
    Friday - 7049
    Saturday - 5850

  • PlaneMonkey
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    Yinka that wedding looked like it was a lot of fun!

    My perfect day is within reach. I'm doing my best to stay away from the snacks. Maybe a post-dinner walk will encourage me to accept that I have already consumed everything I will be consuming today besides water.
  • PlaneMonkey
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    @ashleycarole86 make sure you stay hydrated tomorrow! Wonderland has some great water rides as well to stay cool. The temperatures and humidity are going to be something, for sure! Enjoy, I'm so jealous, but what a great feeling that you know you can go on any ride you choose. I hope it's the best day!
  • jan110144
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    A day without any pain and mo pain meds ... what a gift!! Now, hoping the effects of this injection lasts for a good while.

    @ashleycarole86 re steps challenge. I track my steps via my Fitbit. Very helpful to make sure I hit my minimum exercise goal (10,000 steps). On the days I ride, the "steps" are a bit wonky. Fitbit ignores the time just walking on the horse, but counts trotting and cantering time as running. So the number of additional "steps" can be considerable in a full working session. My question is how/if I would be able to participate in the steps challenge. From my fitbit, I can separate out the time logged trotting and cantering)
  • micki48
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    @YinxFed The wedding looked wonderful. I love your beautiful smile.

    @ashleycarole86 and @bowens1973 Have a great vacation. Don’t forget to share some photos if you can.

    I logged everything and drank my water, but didn’t make my step goal. Juliet spiked a fever and it was super hot out, so I never left the house. The next two days are supposed to be really, really hot. I’ll have to March around my house or dig out my bouncy ball. I was kind of snacky today. Not sure what is up.

    Did see a report on my biopsy from the other day. Everything looks good so nothing to worry about there. Hopefully that’s it.


    Oh thank goodness! I was posting last night (see above) and my phone died. But alas, it’s somehow still here this am.

    It’s another hot one here. Juliet still has a fever. About 100°. So we can’t go anywhere. My Fitbit is charging because it was “critical” battery strength. So I won’t get all my steps recorded on there.

    @jan110144 So glad to hear that you are feeling better after your injections. Riding again. How wonderful!!

    Stay hydrated 💦 and have a great day.
  • jugar
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    There's a Wednesday flying by!

    I got home about noon today. I left Maine at 6:30 am and I am so glad I stayed the night to leave early rather than leaving Tuesday afternoon. My dad fell in the bathroom at 3 am and my step-mother and I were able to get him back up and back to bed. No harm done - just some nasty bruises on the elbow. He just can't get up from the floor once he's down there, and the bathroom is very narrow so turning over onto hands and knees is impossible. If I had not been there, it would have been the fire department! It is amazing that he has fallen a few times but never broken anything or had any other bad damage, but it is only a matter of time, I am sure. 94 is no picnic!

    In any case, it is good to be home I got here early enough to do a lot of berry and vegetable picking, watering, and making sure that all my vegetal wonders are doing well. The tall guy has been madly working at re-building a corner of our house that has suffered ant and dry rot damage, so things are progressing. The heat has hit here too - but nothing compared to many other places. I hope everyone is doing OK! @micki48 it is good to stay inside and take care of the little fevered one. Don't worry about the steps, but try to get on the mat for some Pilates if you can! I did some when I got home to counteract car hours, and it sure felt good.

    Keep up the great work everyone! Even if you have a small red number, that is just a reminder to keep moving things in the right direction from today on.

    Weigh-ins due through Thursday:


    Tally ho! especially for you @jan110144 ! I just picture you on your gorgeous horse having a great time. I can't wait to have my new horse here in a few months!
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