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    Welcome Loraine @LoraineGB ! Your story is dramatic for sure - and I for one look forward to hearing the next chapters. Hopefully they will involve having a great time with the team and keep the weight moving in the right direction and staying there :smiley:

    Moving to another country can certainly have a huge effect on diet and all - I lived in The Netherlands while I finished my graduate studies, and I packed on quite a few pounds while there. Then I moved to Canada and finally got it all under control 30 years later :wink: Don't wait as long as I did, OK? I'd also just LOVE to year you say y'all with a British accent. That has got to be fabulous!
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    Welcome @christhiann and @LoraineGB, I hope you get a lot of benefit from the group!

    Looking gorgeous @YinxFed, the new glasses really suit you

    I went for a run this morning, the first time in 3 months. It went better than I expected, and my calves/lungs didn't stop play. There was a little walking but I managed a solid 10 minutes of running in there too. Now to keep it up... I'm still going to do some lung function analysis and go to my GP if needs be.

    I made it down to the allotment yesterday and had a good chat with somebody I'd seen but not spoken to before. I didn't get any strimming done (it was drizzling and it's not my strimmer to risk in the rain!) but got the strawberry runners potted up. I'd been to buy compost on the way and picked up two pepper plants and some spring onions, so those are now in the ground where the garlic was.

    Work today, then allotment followed by more recipe transcribing and I'm aiming to clear the work surfaces in the utility and kitchen today as well. I've had a cereal bar for breakfast as I was pushed for time between running and therapy, but will probably have my Fridge Raiders (chicken bites which need using up!) and a yoghurt as well. Lunch is intended to be a banana sandwich, and dinner will be probably a breaded chicken fillet with salad.
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    Welcome @LoraineGB nice to meet you!
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    'ello! @ashleycarole86

    I know it is late in the game but if it will help the team.... :smiley:

    July 26 - 17,986
    July 27 - 10,120
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    thank you for all the warm welcomes!

    @PlaneMonkey a new hot tub sounds amazing!! All the hard work you’re putting in now will definitely be worth it in the end. 😄

    @Kali225 good luck with hosting your friends! It can really make it harder to focus on goals when you’re trying to balance them with social things.

    Tomorrow I’m having a girl’s night and we are doing a challenge where one of us picks a place to get drinks, appetizer, main meal, and dessert. So I won’t be able to check the menu beforehand. Hoping to really focus on portion control, but in the past i’ve gotten stuck on an “oh well” mindset of just eating whatever because i’m out with others.
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    Sounds fun! Which part of the meal are you in charge of picking?
    I too like to pre-select my meals so I hear you there. Hope your portion control strategy works well!
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    CarolAnnM2 wrote: »
    Welcome @LoraineGB nice to meet you!

    You too! :)
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    Thanks all!

    @DD265 You are so lucky to have an allotment, we had one as kids and I can remember having the best time with my dad there.  We would plant all sorts of veggies but rhubarb was my favourite because my mum would always make a crumble for Sunday dinner!  As for a pic on a bank card?  I have a credit card with my pups on there, one is no longer with us but it's my all time favourite pic of them both.

    @jugar I would love to live in The Nederlands and may well end up in mainland Europe at some point.  My husband is Southern so you will hear me use 'y'all, darn it, guarandamntee it' and many more but you're right, it sounds a lot different in a London accent!

    @PlaneMonkey I could use your skills, we bought a mid reno cottage and are in way over our heads.  As for the hot tub, we had one in Vegas and called it the Boardroom.  We would take a cooler outside with us and put all our plans together and solve the world problems in one afternoon/evening lol.

    @kali225 I didn't even realise about the stove, my husband clocked it.  And they didn't want to pay for a new one,  but did in the end (as it was the right thing to do). Although I wear nothing but flip flops and sneakers, I love shoes and can't wait to see the hot pink heels!

    @christhiann  I too like to look at the menu before hand but I am sure they'll be so much chatter and catch up, you'll have plenty of time to peruse before you have to order.

    @ashleycarole86  I'm not much of a stepper due to having zero walking index where I live but I will try to stay as active as I can.  Do we report daily or weekly?

    @YinxFed Love your glasses, you look fabulous in them

    I am seriously excited to start this journey, can you tell?!?!  :D
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    Thanks for all the new member energy! It is great to see you all jumping in and keeping things lively.

    Some quick info for those of you who are new - if you want to know any team member's name (if they have given it to us!) and where they live (ditto), I keep that on our team spreadsheet. If you want to check it out, the link is always on the main F2F page right under the month's schedule. Or you can just get it right here right now -

    You never have to enter anything in there, don't worry! @ashleycarole86 and I take care of all that. But the information is fun - you can see your own and everyone else's progress, and peruse the stats. When you open it, the teams are all on separate tabs at the bottom of the page. Just go to WaistAways and there we are. Scroll all the way to the right to see the name and place info. The "Weeks in the Green" chart keeps track of how many weeks you lose, even if it is just a tiny bit. We call that green just because the numbers appear in green for a loss, red for a gain, and black for no change. We love green!

    I love all the hot tub talk, and I think it is fantastic that you called yours The Boardroom, @LoraineGB - perfect! We had a huge building project when our daughter was a baby. We were living in a 2 room cabin with no indoor toilet (but running hot and cold water, at least!) and decided that it might be a good idea to build a new house on our land. Something considerably bigger! We are in the woods, so we chose a spot and cut down quite a few trees to clear enough room for the new house. Those trees were milled into lumber and my OH used that wood to build a sauna right next to the pond -- he knew it was going to be a lot of work to build the new house, so the sauna went first so that he and his 2 long-suffering pals could bake out the aches and pains every day, and then cool off in the pond. That sauna is still up and running 29 years later - many world problems have been solved in there too :smiley:

    I hope everyone is ready for a lovely weekend - Friday here we come! Here are the weigh-ins to come:

    Tally ho!
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    Hi WA's ...Another new member joining your team ...Please welcome @KayLRZ :)
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    Welcome @KayLRZ ! It is looking like we are going to have a great August - tell us a bit about yourself, your goals and ask any questions you might have. I hope this team helps you out and that you are about to have an excellent month :smiley:
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    @LoraineGB @MsMcClane and any other newcomers interested in joining the optional add on step challenge that I run:

    All I need is a daily step pledge and each Sunday you can post your daily exercise stats for the Sun-Sat of the week before. Please include your steps and any minutes of other intentional exercise which will be converted to steps. The accountability of reporting in can be really helpful and I do some different friendly competition type stats to show how everyone is doing.

    So, while it's called a "step challenge" - you'll get credit for any intentional exercise you do.

    Also, if you're like me and prefer to post daily or near daily - feel free! I'll take stats whenever I get them!

    And again, don't worry about doing any of the exercise minute to step conversions as I have a handy dandy chart to help me with that. Basically I just need a step count plus minutes of any other intentional exercise that's not counted in those steps (i.e. weight lifting, biking, yoga) and I'll handle it from there. If you do things like running then time + speed will help me add a supplement.

    I think that covers it but I can help clarify anything you need help with along the way. @MsMcClane I've got you down for Jul 26 and 27 - if you happen to have recorded for the 24th and 25th too, I'll take those to get a full week from you.

    On that note, my exercise for 7/27:
    12095 steps
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