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  • ashleycarole86
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    LoraineGB wrote: »
    I am seriously excited to start this journey, can you tell?!?!  :D

    <3 this so much!
    This team has been completely life changing for me.. it's great to see everyone old and new mixing it up and getting excited. Happy to be along for your ride!

  • CarolAnnM2
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    Welcome @KayLRZ pleasure to meet you!
  • ashleycarole86
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    Congrats @YinxFed !! How exciting. You're gonna be so great in that position!
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    Hi WA's...You have a returning member joining your team ...Please welcome back @dillyg08 :)
  • KellyBgetsfit
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    CW 155.2

    I am really swollen and I am not sure why. I had to take my wedding ring off on Tues and I feel it in my eyes. I have been busy this week setting up my classroom. Today, I am busy cutting and laminating.
  • micki48
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    @jugar Liselyn, I’m going to need an excused this week. Scale is not in the room where I am isolated. Food has been whatever people get me and I have been putting stuff in my mouth nonstop to try and temper this awful taste in my mouth from the medicine. On top of that my steps are scarce. I am sure hoping my rapid test on Sunday says negative. My daughter, SIL and granddaughter all have negative PCR tests and they are staying in a small apt that was available on my daughters campus. We are fortunate that it was offered. That means I can leave my room and sit out in the yard and eat. I am thankful my symptoms are not bad, but this is still no fun. Praying I have no rebound and everyone stays negative. I miss hugging my sweet Juliet. Heck, I miss hugging everyone.

    @PlaneMonkey WOW!!! Your projects are amazing. What a beautiful property and you’re not kidding about that cliff. Good luck with the hot tub work. Loved mine. I think that cement mixer is pretty cool and cute as well.

    @KellyBgetsfit Sorry you are so swollen. That is no fun. How has your salt and processed food intake been? Any new meds? They often can cause swelling. Hope you feel normal soon.

    @yinxfed Congratulations on your new position! Im sure you’ll be wonderful. You know we want to see those new shoes too!

    @jugar Hugs coming your way. Money concerns are never enjoyable. I hear you about those things needing money put in them. My OH right now is contemplating giving up our second car because he does not want to sink $1k into it. It’s a 2004 car.

    Welcome to all our new team members. We’re so glad you joined us. This group is so supportive.
  • DD265
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    Fingers crossed for a positive test on Sunday @micki48

    @planemonkey looking forward to seeing the finished project!

    Welcome to the team all our new members

    I worked a full day today, so it felt like a long one, but I finished what I wanted to get done. Meal planning and supermarket shop are done, though I need to go to the butchers in the morning. Got down to the allotment and did another battery's worth of strimming; it makes such a difference to how the plot looks. Now I'm watching Netflix and doing some admin/transcribing a few recipes before bed.

    Plan for tomorrow is butchers, batch cooking and allotment; hopefully a productive but chilled out weekend.
  • MsMcClane
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    Hello :smile:

    My steps for following days;
    July 24 - 9,848
    July 25 - 9,603

    July 28 - 13,672

    Thank you @ashleycarole86
  • jugar
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    @mick48 excused no problem - it sounds like you are really doing the quarantine right up to 100%, and that is tough for sure. Hoping you'll have your negative test and that you can get outside to enjoy the (cool early morning) air and start to eat what you want to eat! Don't worry, this too shall pass. Hugs aplenty!

    Welcome @dillyg08 ! I know you were with a different team before, but you are certainly welcome here with us :heart: Come on in and introduce yourself, and start to get to know everyone.

    @KellyBgetsfit I hope you get to the root of your water retention problem - it can come from so many different sources. You know, though, that walking, moving, drinking plain water, having less salt, and all the regular things will help no matter what. Keep running after the root reasons, and let us know how you're doing, OK?
  • jugar
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    Time for the Saturday people to line up and be counted:

    And there are a few people still needing to update for this week:

    July is coming to a close - how did that happen? We have done well as a team this month - coming in first among all the teams a couple of times, and keeping a good spirit. Well done!
  • ashleycarole86
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    @PlaneMonkey Loved all the pics - wow. Beautiful property and you are clearly very talented DIY'ers... Brad and I are the complete opposite.. totally useless at that stuff (and we both admit it). Always in awe of talented people such as yourselves

    @micki48 Glad you're able to stay isolated and keep to yourself. Isolation does suck and it's surprising how quickly it feels lonely. Stick in there and hopefully the worst of it will be over soon.

    Today was my least active day by far on this trip.. lots of time in the car and then visiting with Brad's mom so I barely moved at all. We fly home Sunday so there isn't much time left.. just focusing on enjoying the final moments of this trip. My food consumption has been far too high for days now so unless I have a really quick rebound I suspect I'll be back on the regular team for most of August. Not the outcome I wanted but we shall see what comes of it when I weigh in next week.

    Enjoy the weekend all!
  • conleywoods
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    @PlaneMonkey Oh wow! You have done such a nice job with your place. Absolutely beautiful 😍 If anyone deserves a hot tub it's you.

    @jugar Spending a bunch of money on old house stuff is not fun 🙃 This past year brought a lot of that our way. Definitely feel your pain.

    @YinxFed Love the glasses and congrats on the new job and the solo walk!

    @ashleycarole86 Sounds like you are having a great time on your trip. I'm sure you will have things back on track soon.

    @Kali225 I can't wait to see what shoe's you picked! Have you ever heard of the shoe company Irregular Choice? I don't own a pair but they have so many outrageously fun shoes. Some day I want a pair of Christmas themed shoes from them to wear to work.
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    The August Team Chat is open! Finish up today's weigh-ins here, and go to the new month to introduce yourself, tell everyone about your goals and commitments for August:

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