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    Hence your username. Makes sense. I'm wondering to about your times. First thought was anesthesiologist appt maybe 10:40, as it doesn't take long. But a call wouldn't make sense. Hmmm. Well they do them last minute, on the fly all the time, so I would plan to go too. But calling the cardiologist office, that told you, you needed the cardiac cath/stent placement should have a 24 hour answering service. Tell them the confusion and that you want a call back from the Dr. on call. They should be able to get the accurate times and let you know.

    @swimmom_1 Boy is this frustrating! So I tried calling the cardiology office over and over and it kept saying the number was not in service. So I called the Urgent Care located across the street and they tried the number and was getting the same message UGH! So I called down to Midland to the cardiology surgical department and was on hold (dead line?) for so long I finally hung up. I called for the surgical nurse again and switchboard couldn't get through either so they were going to track her down and give her my phone number, DOB, name and told me to expect a call back with confirmation of surgery, and I never got a call back. UGH again! So I agree with your message and I am just going to show up and they can deal with that scheduled telephone appt. The main reason I was thrown off is because the original phone appointment didn't come in on Friday, then seeing it had been changed to Monday (but after the surgery) made it seem like procedure and important. Like they wouldn't do the surgery until that step was completed. But I agree that they can get the anesth to me in pre-op. Thanks for the help, I really do appreciate it!
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    Log During Maintenance
    Maintain Weight 175-179
    Accept Fluctuations

    October 2021 Weight: 206
    Loss to Date: 26.8

    July 1: 179.1
    July 2: 178.2
    July 3: 178.0
    July 4: 177.2
    July 5: 177.5
    July 6: 177.0
    July 7: 176.5
    July 8: 178.2
    July 9: 179.8
    July 10: 179.0
    July 11: 178.1
    July 12: 178.0
    July 13: 178.8
    July 14: 178.7
    July 15: 178.6
    July 16: 181.0
    July 17: 182.0 Top of my maintenance range. Back to a cut.
    July 18: 179.8
    July 19: 178.0
    July 20: 178.2
    July 21: 175.2
    July 22: 178.5
    July 23: 178.2
    July 24: 178.0
    July 25: 176.0
    July 26: 176.7 Resistance training yesterday
    July 27: 178.9
    July 28: 181.2
    July 29: 177.8
    July 30: 177.1
    July 31: 179.2
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    My name is Donna. I am 5’ 5” tall, 62 years old and from the Midwest USA. In 2016 I weighed 253 lbs. I am on a journey of health and to get back to the real me.
    Every healthy habit brings me closer to scratching each of these off to NEVER see them again!
    250’s; 240’s; 230’s; 220's; 210's; 200's; 190's; 180’s; 170's; 160's; 150’s

    Starting Weight (from July 1st): 202.8
    Goal: 197.8 (Five lb Loss)
    Actual Ending Weight: 201.6

    **************************************ONE DAY, ONE STEP, ONE DECISION AT A TIME************************************

    Weight in blue makes me blue because it’s a gain. Weight in fuchsia pink makes me feel cheery because it’s a loss. Weight in black means no change.

    07/01-202.8-(Trend Weight 203.0)-
    07/02-202.6-(Trend Weight 203.2)-
    07/03-204.6-(Trend Weight 203.4)-
    07/04-203.6-(Trend Weight 203.4)-
    07/05-205.0-(Trend Weight 203.6)-
    07/06-203.2-(Trend Weight 203.6)-
    07/07-202.0-(Trend Weight 203.4)-
    07/08-201.8-(Trend Weight 203.2)-
    07/09-199.6-(Trend Weight 202.9)-
    07/10-198.4-(Trend Weight 202.5)-
    07/11-195.6-(Trend Weight 201.8)-
    07/12-196.6-(Trend Weight 201.3)-
    07/13-197.0-(Trend Weight 200.8)-
    07/14-197.4-(Trend Weight 200.5)-
    07/15-198.2-(Trend Weight 200.3)-
    07/16-198.8-(Trend Weight 200.1)-
    07/17-DNW-(Trend Weight DNW)-
    07/18-200.8-(Trend Weight 200.2)-
    07/19-200.6-(Trend Weight 200.3)-
    07/20-199.8-(Trend Weight 200.2)-
    07/21-199.0-(Trend Weight 200.1)-
    07/22-198.8-(Trend Weight 200.0)-
    07/23-198.8-(Trend Weight 199.9)-
    07/24-199.6-(Trend Weight 199.8)-
    07/25-203.2-(Trend Weight 200.2)-
    07/26-202.8-(Trend Weight 200.4)-
    07/27-202.6-(Trend Weight 200.4)-
    07/28-204.4-(Trend Weight 201.0)-
    07/29-202.8-(Trend Weight 200.2)-

    07/30-202.6-(Trend Weight 201.4)- Trying to stay calm and understand my medical reports and appt schedule on my online portal. One report says arrive 9:00 am Monday and surgery is at 11:00 am. Another report says I have a phone call appt with anesthest (can’t spell it) at 1:40 on Monday (2 ½ hrs after surgery) so I’m confused. The telephone appointment never came thru Friday so is surgery a different day and phone call appt Mon (that never came Friday) correct?. Of course, it’s the weekend now so I can’t reach anyone directly. It’s about a 3 hour drive and I would have to leave Monday before any of the offices are open to call. I have no idea what to do but I will call cardiology office and leave weekend message and hope they get it in time. Stress anyone? Also, so much going on here on the homefront not related but ultra-high stress. No, let me make that ULTRA ULTRA high stress. Trying to stay calm in all the storms but I am Type A afterall.

    07/31-201.6-(Trend Weight 201.4)- Down 1.2 for the month so I’m happy to see that but I really miss Onederland and hope to see her again soon! I’ll be spending the day setting up my first of the month bills, cleaning up the house a bit and packing. I hate things hanging over my head so I’m glad this is happening quickly. I will try to keep up with the posts and will keep you updated as I can. Thanks so much to you all for the many many well wishes, prayers, good vibes, wonderful thoughts and many helpful tips. You folks are the best friend a girl could ever have!
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    Heaviest weight: 293 (1/28/21)
    Current weight (Jul 1): 163.4

    Daily Focus:
    🌼 stay in maintenance range (160-165)

    July 1 - 163.4 (Happy Canada Day! Work gave us a four day weekend. My husband and I came up to the lake last night. Sun is shining!)
    July 2 - 162 (We got a 60 minute walk in yesterday in the heat and had a few drinks to celebrate Canada Day. Night was cut short as we had a huge thunderstorm and the Internet was so bad inside because everyone was in their trailers so we went to bed early and had a great restorative sleep.)
    July 3 - 165.2 (Up early and back home as we have a 75th birthday brunch to attend. Later today we also have dinner out with friends.)
    July 4 - 164 (Happy 4th of July to all the Americans! Our work gave us a four day weekend for Canada Day so I was still off today. I did two Peloton rides and a 5 mile walk and food stop with my husband and dog... so much fun but I am wiped. Need to do some housework now.)
    July 5 - 164 (Busy work day but I got away at lunch for a walk with my husband. After supper and some TV we went out for another walk with our dog. Lots of steps again today.)
    July 6 - 164.6 (Didn't sleep as long as I wanted. Started with a good filling breakfast. Will get my 10K steps today and hopefully ride the Peloton too.)
    July 7 - 164.4 (Had my long ride on the Peloton last night. Today I hope to get back on the bike but I also need to finish getting my house ready for my company tomorrow.)
    July 8 - 163.4 (Started my day with the Stampede Parade and a breakfast. The sun is shining and our city has come alive. I worked this afternoon and tonight we are laying low because my husband is in a 160 KM Gran Fondo bike race tomorrow that we're up early for.)
    July 9 - 163 (Up early as my husband is in a Gran Fondo bike race today. I am hanging out in beautiful Longview, Alberta waiting for him. Will try to walk and get some steps while I wait.)
    July 10 - 161.2 (Today I want to do two Peloton rides, get a walk in, and then we go out for supper in downtown Calgary with friends.)
    July 11 - 160.8 (Amazing dinner out last night at the top rated new restaurant in Canada according to a recently issued list. I had gotten a lot of of exercise and planned for it so the scale was kind to me this morning. This afternoon I have a party at a corporate tent for Stampede and then we go to the grounds for a concert. Will be a late night and my exercise will all be getting my steps.)
    July 12 - 161.8 (Busy day to navigate yesterday. Worked from the office, went to a tent party for Stampede at 3, and then we went to the grounds for a concert. Didn't get home and in bed until midnight. Had one food choice I made for a cost savings reason than my waistline - you live you learn.)
    July 13 - 161.2 (Kept indulgences to a minimum at my work party yesterday so I was in good shape to come home and ride the Peloton.)
    July 14 - 160.8 (A work lunch, corporate tent, Peloton ride, and long walk with my husband were all highlights of the day.)
    July 15 - 162.8
    July 16 - 166.4 (Didn't get time to check in yesterday.. it was midnight before I got home and I was exhausted. Had my final workday corporate event and then we met up with a friend at the Stampede grounds for two concerts. Another day of over 20,000 steps.)
    July 17 - DNW (I always bring my scale to the lake but I forgot. Yesterday we went for a nice long walk around our park and met my 10,000 step goal.)
    July 18 - 163.8 (Saw Elvis after work tonight. We are off to Ontario tomorrow to visit Brad's family and have a summer break there.)
    July 19 - 165.8 (At the airport for a flight to Toronto today. We are gone until the 31st so unless there's a random scale around, this will be my last weigh-in for the month. I'll still be checking in!)
    July 20 - DNW (Full day at Canada's Wonderland today. I love rides! Love that I can fit in everything no problem now.)
    July 21 - DNW (Sick again and it's changed our vacation plans a bit. My husband found us a nice comfortable suite style hotel for me to recover at.)
    July 22 - DNW (Feeling pretty good. Had a very restorative sleep. We ordered Skip The Dishes in last night and I definitely overdid it. Got swept up in the moment.)
    July 23 - DNW (Gotten in some good naps and rest. Also went for a couple long walks and did over 20,000 steps.)
    July 24 - DNW (Didn't quite hit 20,000 steps.. but close. Lots of indulgent food but some good choices too. I feel satisfied with how the day went.)
    July 25 - DNW (Another night of healing restorative sleep so I'm ready to tackle the day. We have quite a bit of fun planned again for today.)
    July 26 - DNW
    July 27 - DNW (Today we check out of the hotel we spent the last 6 nights at and move locations. It's going to be a hot day out. Will aim for my minimum of 10,000 steps again today.)
    July 28 - DNW (Still getting lots of steps as we're actively exploring but I'm eating a lot of rich restaurant meals too. Piled it on with a snack tonight I didn't need. This is a longer vacation and I'm making some sloppy choices. Having fun and enjoying myself but also taking note of things I could improve in the future.)
    July 29 - DNW
    July 30 - DNW (We have had two nice visits the last couple of days with Brad's mom. Today we are off to a 3 hour scenic boat cruise.)
    July 31 - DNW (Last day off the scale as I fly home this evening. Will be back at it for August!)
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    My name is Christie, I'm an Aussie mum-of-one, working full time as an accountant and loving my life!

    Starting weight: 138.3kg (304.9lbs)
    July Goal weight: 129.5kg (285.5lbs)
    Ultimate Goal weight: 64kg (141lbs)

    Daily Focus:
    🌼 Reduce portion sizes
    🌼 Close Apple Watch rings

    Exercise Goals:
    🌱 20+ minutes per day
    🌱 Start some slow, weighted workouts
    🌱 Daily walking
    🌱 Start morning workouts

    July 1 132.4kg (291.9lbs) | No exercise
    July 2 132.0kg (291.0lbs) | 11 mins walking
    July 3 131.1kg (289.0lbs) | 70 mins yoga
    July 4 DNW | No exercise
    July 5 DNW | No exercise
    July 6 DNW | 10 mins walking
    July 7 131.5kg (289.9lbs) | 15 mins Darebee workout + 5 mins walking
    July 8 131.5kg (289.9lbs) | 20 mins Darebee workouts
    July 9 131.7kg (290.3lbs) | No exercise
    July 10 131.2kg (289.2lbs) | No exercise
    July 11 131.5kg (289.9lbs) | 30 mins Beat Saber + 5 mins walking
    July 12 131.5kg (289.7lbs) | 25 mins Darebee workout + 20 mins yoga
    July 13 131.9kg (290.8lbs) (had Chinese for dinner last night so this gain is from water retention; stayed within my calories despite the takeaway so happy with that) | 15 mins walking + 10 mins dumbbells
    July 14 132.9kg (293.0lbs) (later weigh in as I stayed home from work today, weigh in was after having coffee so I don't think it's a true weight - also had leftover Chinese for dinner so likely still retaining water)
    July 15 131.3kg (289.5lbs)
    July 16 130.8kg (288.4lbs)
    July 17 131.3kg (289.5lbs)
    July 18 131.7kg (290.3lbs) - catching up on posting after a few days offline, but I still weighed every day.
    July 19 131.1kg (289.0lbs) | No exercise yesterday - was too exhausted. Post-covid chronic fatigue is really getting to me. Ate a little over calorie goal but still had a deficit so I'm happy enough with that. Happy to see the sodium water-retention coming off too. Must keep reminding myself that I CAN do this! Though I don't expect to hit my July goal weight lol.
    July 20 130.7kg (288.1lbs) | Only did a little walking yesterday, but had a great deficit. Glad to see the water retention still dropping too! Had an impromptu visit from a friend & her family in the evening, I ended up cooking tacos for us all and the kids had the BEST time playing together!
    July 21 130.8kg (288.4lbs) | Did 20 mins of walking yesterday, but definitely overate (someone brought doughnuts to work :dizzy: ). Still had a deficit though, which is good. Main win being that even though I overate, I still tracked everything! Still feeling exhausted, I really struggled to get out of bed this morning!

    July 22 131.6kg (290.1lbs) | Did some dancing & walking yesterday. We had a morning tea at work and I wayyyyyy overate. Then had pizza & beers for dinner. Finished well over calories for the day (naturally!). HOWEVER - I do take some small NSVs from yesterday. While I binged, I also tracked. While I ate pizza, I didn't eat a whole one like I used to (or even half a pizza). These are seemingly small wins, but they're some positives that I can take away from an otherwise negative day and that's actually a huge indicator for me that I'm making progress and not giving food the power over me that it used to have. Progress, not perfection! Also, while I had a calorie surplus yesterday, it was only ~500 calories which I KNOW cannot cause such a sharp rise on the scale. That's water retention from the sodium-filled pizza.

    July 23 131.1kg (289.0lbs)
    July 24 131.0kg (288.8lbs)
    July 25 131.2kg (289.2lbs)
    July 26 131.7kg (290.3lbs)
    July 27 132.0kg (291.0lbs)
    July 28 131.6kg (290.1lbs)
    July 29 132.3kg (291.7lbs)
    July 30 132.5kg (292.1lbs)
    July 31 131.9kg (290.8lbs) - I went a little AWOL in the last week, sorry. I was working from home and that throws my routine completely out. I was barely on MFP all week, which I think really shows on the scale! Tomorrow is a new day, new month, new opportunity.
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    Here is the link for the August challenge, its nothing fancy like Jill posts and I hope I did it right! I am not very tech inclined, sorry!
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    Mary 65 from Pennsylvania. Goal weight 122 lbs. Was there in 2009/10 and kept it off for about 5 years and got lazy. I do low Carb 15+/- 3 Net Carbs/day(My body seems to hang on to Carbs/not burn them),1000-1200 calories daily, 2 meals on my days off(3) and 3 meals on my work days (4, long hours) and I only exercise on my days off due to the long work days.
    Heaviest weight: 255 lbs, twice :-(

    9/14/20-255 lbs. Started a new job without a micromanager.
    5/3/21-240.5 lbs Emergency Gallbladder surgery
    5/14/21-232.2 lbs. Started MFP, low carb and calorie restricted diet while recovering. Actively trying to lose now.
    6/1/21-228.8 lbs
    7/1/21-222.2 lbs
    8/1/21-212 lbs
    9/1/21-200 lbs
    10/1/21-191.4 lbs
    11/1/21-181.8 lbs
    12/1/21-176.2 lbs
    1/1/22-168 lbs
    2/1/22-157.4 lbs
    3/1/22-155 lbs
    4/1/22-156.4 lbs
    5/1/22-158.8 lbs :-(
    6/1/22-152.2 lbs :-)
    7/1/22-157.4 lbs :-(

    Current weight: 167 lbs (Lowest recent weight was 147.6 lbs on 4/6 & 4/7)
    July weight loss so far: + 3.6 lbs :-( The positive number is heading downward! :-)

    Daily Goals:

    🌱Drink @ least 90 ounces of water
    🌱Plan meals and log in advance
    🌱Log honestly and consistently
    🌱Eat at or under my calorie goal
    🌼 Weigh in each morning
    🌼 Post each day under this challenge
    🌼 Do some weight lifting.
    July 1-157.4 lbs- My weight has been a SEESAW since 2/1/22. Up, down, up, down. Had a low in April of 147.6 lbs and have been fluctuating in about 13 lb range from that. Very Disheartening.
    July 2-160.4 lbs :-( I did eat too many carbs yesterday but was way below my allotted calories with my exercise and not enough extra calories to gain 3 lbs! Has to be water weight. Did 232 minutes on my Elliptical for 15.21 miles this AM. Then did 5 sets of 20 reps of 90+ lbs on the leg press. Also did some Lat pull downs and bicep work on the double cable system and some bicep curls and tri-cep kickbacks with dumbbells. It's about time I use some of this equipment available in my basement again!
    July 3-160.4 lbs :-( Did 186 minutes on the elliptical for 13.25 miles. Did 5 sets of 20 on the leg press, 90 lbs and did 10 lb bicep curls and tri kick backs.
    July 4…158.8 lbs Happy 4th of July! 🎆🎇 At least it's moving in the right direction. I did 190 minutes on the Elliptical for 13.76 miles this AM. Also did Leg presses, 5 sets of 20 @ 100+ lbs today. (Don't know how much the incline sled weighs. It's also a angled shoulder/squat press too) Used the double cable pulley system for Lat pull downs 2 sets of 10 with 50 lbs. And double bicep curls, 2 sets of 10 with 50 lbs, then 2 sets of 10 bicep dumbbell curls with 10 lbs and same number of sets with Tri-cep kickbacks with the same dumbbell. Need to add to my repertoire. Need to cut the grass today. Off tomorrow yet. Nice break from work. And getting extra workouts in.
    July 5-158.8 lbs I did 190 minutes on the Elliptical for 13.6 miles this AM. Also did Leg presses, 5 sets of 20 @ 100+ lbs today. (Don't know how much the incline sled weighs. It's also a angled shoulder/squat press too) Used the double cable pulley system for Lat pull downs 2 sets of 20 with 50 lbs. And double bicep curls, 2 sets of 20 with 50 lbs, then 2 sets of 20 bicep dumbbell curls with 10 lbs and same number of sets with Tri-cep kickbacks with the same dumbbell. Nice 5 day break from work. And got extra workouts in. Back to work tomorrow. Then off Friday and Sunday.
    Been MIA for awhile from the threads but continue to log in daily & exercise 3x/week on my off days, as I had been. I have been indulging too much in carbs as you will notice in my weights. :-(
    July 6-158.8 lbs
    July 7-161 lbs
    July 8-159.6 lbs
    July 9-160.8 lbs
    July 10-163 lbs
    July 11-166 lbs
    July 12-162 lbs
    July 13-164.8 lbs
    July 14-162.8 lbs
    July 15-166 lbs
    July 16-166 lbs
    July 17-165 lbs
    July 18-166.2 lbs
    July 19-165 lbs
    July 20-166.4 lbs
    July 21-168.8 lbs
    July 22-168.8 lbs
    July 23-171.6 lbs
    July 24-167 lbs :-( 221 minutes on the Elliptical for 17.62 miles. After I finished the last hour of a movie I was watching a few days ago, I watched a scifi action movie and it seemed to help make me pick up my pace from my usual. :-) 12.5 minute/miles. Also increased some of my weight lifting. Leg press angled sled 5 sets of 20 @ 100#, Cable system Lat pull downs 3 sets of 20 @ 60#, Cable system standing row 2 sets of 20 @ 60#, dumbbell curls 2 sets of 20 @ 10# and tricep kickbacks 2 sets of 20 @ 10#.
    July 25-165.5 lbs
    July 26-164 lbs Guess mainly water weight, the way it's coming off! :-)
    July 27-162.6 lbs Continuing to drop the water weight!
    July 28-161 lbs The number keeps dropping the last few days, which is wonderful. And for me, it's a great motivator to stay on track. Did 183 minutes on my Elliptical for 12.53 miles this AM. I'm off work for 6 days. Hoping to get myself back on track and get a downward trend again. My lowest weight recently, was way back in April, 147.6 lbs.
    July 29-161 lbs 191 minutes on my Elliptical for 14 miles this AM. Then leg press 100# 5 sets of 20, Lat pull downs on a cable system 60# 3 sets of 20, then a cable row 60# 2 sets of 20, biceps with dumbbells 10# 2 sets of 20 and tricep kickbacks 10# 2 sets of 20. And giving blood tonight.
    July 30-163 lbs :-( Had popcorn last night. I'm sure its sodium from the white cheddar flavoring I sprinkled on it. As I was well below my calorie allotment with all my exercise. Finished the last 2 episodes of a series, I've been watching (The Terminal List on Amazon Prime). Then started to watch a movie to finish out my planned time. But I got interested and "bit the bullet" and watched till the end. Amounting to 270 minutes on the Elliptical for 18.54 miles.

    July 31- 164 lbs 240 minutes on the Elliptical for 15.9 miles. Leg press increased from 100 to 150 #; 5 sets of 20, Lat pull downs increased from 60 to 70 #; 3 sets of 20, standing cable row increased to 70 #; 2 sets of 20, bicep curls with the cable system 10 #; 2 sets of 20, tricep kickbacks 10 #; 2 sets of 20, then used the double grip ripe for overhead pull downs 30 #; 2 sets of 20.

    You’ve got this! See everyone in August! Gosh the summer flying by!
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    OMG! I would have been very frustrated too. And probably let them know Monday there was a lot of miscommunication going on. And the phone numbers and no call back from the on call surgical nurse! Wishing you the best. Prayers lifted up for you for an easy go of it all. <3
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    Hi Everyone, my name is Amy and I am from England. I hope I am still OK to join as just found this challenge :)
    I weigh in KGS though not lbs if that is OK? I am 36 years old and have had 2 kidney transplants and take lot of medication including steroids which has seen my weight go up by 12kgs since August last year when I had my second transplant. I have been trying to shift some of my gain since Jan and the weight loss is very slow. I am getting stricter with myself and actively using mfp again to keep track.
    Hope everyone has a good month and meets their goals.

    Heaviest weight: 88.5kgs
    Current weight: 87.9kgs (As of 1st July)
    31st July Goal:85kgs
    Ultimate Goal: 60kgs

    Daily Focus:
    🌼 Weigh in each morning
    🌼 Eat at or under my calorie goal
    🌼 Log honestly and consistently
    🌼Post each morning under this challenge

    Stretch Goals:

    🌱Complete the June Lucy Wyndham-Read Belly Fat Challenge (I'm a month late but I don't mind)
    🌱Exercise Min 45 mis a day
    🌱Hit Min 10,000 steps a day
    🌱Stop Grazing from the Cupboard!

    July 1 87.9kgs - 11706 steps 58mins exercise
    July 2 87.9kgs - 10395 steps 64mins exercise
    July 3 87.9kgs - 14935 steps 75mins exercise
    July 4…Happy 4th of July! 🎆🎇 87.7kgs - 12248 steps 62mins exercise
    July 5 87.6kgs - 10893 steps 70mins exercise
    July 6 87.6kgs - 10887 steps 45 mins exercise
    July 7 87.0kgs - Big smiley face this morning. Off to Legoland today so steps will definitely be achieved!
    - 15462 steps no specific exercise but lots of walking around
    July 8 87.4kgs - 4836 steps :( not a good day. I didn't get up early to workout as was too tired from yesterdays day at Legoland. I went out for dinner with friends pretty much straight after work and didn't get home til gone 11 so tomorrow is a new day.
    July 9 87.9kgs - Can tell I had a heavy meal last night! 9147 steps 46mins exercise. I did my workout in the morning as was going to a friends BBQ afternoon/evening. Got back really late so was just short on steps
    July 10 87.6kgs 5226 steps another rubbish day, not impressed with myself
    July 11 87.9kgs 10954 steps. 61mins of exercise back on it today. We are having a heatwave here in the UK and it's hot and muggy. Exercised early in the morning and late at night
    July 12 87.2kgs 10616 steps 61 mins of exercise
    July 13 86.9kgs 11901 steps 68mins of exercise
    July 14 86.9kgs 14994 steps 52 mins of exercise
    July 15 86.6kgs 10453 steps 65 mins of exercise
    July 16 87.1kgs 10288 steps 52 mins of exercise
    July 17 87.3kgs 8618 steps
    July 18 86.8kgs 3588 steps
    July 19 86.8kgs 5062 steps
    July 20 86.9kgs 15111 steps 65 mins of exercise
    July 21 86.3kgs 17392 steps 84 mins of exercise
    July 22 86.4kgs 12408 steps 53 mins of exercise
    July 23 86.6kgs 10693 steps 48 mins of exercise
    July 24 86.4kgs 10222 steps 77 mins of exercise
    July 25 86kgs 10981 steps 41 mins of exercise
    July 26 86kgs 10865 steps 88 mins of exercise
    July 27 86.1kgs 10111 steps 61 mins of exercise
    July 28 85.7kgs 14175 steps 60 mins of exercise
    July 29 85.7kgs 4259 steps
    July 30 86.8kgs 17879 steps
    July 31 86.3kgs 25113 steps I did a charity walk around London today hence the huge amount of steps