Just Give Me One Month - July 2022



  • jennigerding19
    jennigerding19 Posts: 215 Member
    MFP SW-234 (1/2017)
    Lowest weight 156 (4/2019)
    Restart mfp 211 (1/2021) ugh!
    I do weigh ins once or twice a week.

    October sw 190
    Nov sw 187
    Dec sw 187
    Jan sw 183
    Feb, mar, apr sw 186
    May sw 187
    June sw 187.5
    July sw 186
    July gw 186 have a vacay planned in the middle of July and my bday at the end of the month so hoping just to stay here
    Ugw 120

    July 1 186 had a migraine tuesday and took ibuprofen which always makes me retain
    July 8 187 headaches all week and lots of ibuprofen. Glad it’s only that. Did get in my 13k steps a day most of the week so I’m happy about that. Need to add back in working out.
    July 11 186 well that’s one good thing coming out of being sick lol
    July 17 187 yeah! Thought that number would be higher because of vacay but guess it helped I was sick most of it :(
    July 22 187 eh
    July 28 188 😒 I have been running every day and added a Zumba class on Tuesday. No idea what’s up.
    July 29 187 yeah! Going into my birthday weekend I’m hoping to not blow my calories too much out of the water
  • Rosemarie2972
    Rosemarie2972 Posts: 299 Member
    SW 183
    Aug 2 183
    Too much sugar