Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 192



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    @wakegrrl happy birthday Kathy! 🥳

    ❤️ @deepwoodslady you are too kind Donna. I’m still achey but no fever and finally holding stuff down today so hopefully this was just a little hug.

    I hope the both of you are on the upswing to recovering as well.
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    Happy Birthday. Don't forget to celebrate yourself with others as soon as you can!

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    I’ll probably be gaining all this week and want to join next round. When does the next round start?
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    joans1976 wrote: »
    BlissfulK wrote: »
    I’ll probably be gaining all this week and want to join next round. When does the next round start?
    @BlissfulK I think you should try to hang in there, I’ve only lost 1/2 a pound this round and I have a 100 pounds to lose! That being said, the link to the next round is a page back, posted by quiltingjane. I’m sorry my stupid phone won’t let me copy and paste and I’m not by a computer.

    @joans1976, Thanks! No worries!! I’ll search for it :) Yes it will be fun to join now, but I have to prepare for a trip out of town. I also been eating a lot more food last week and this week than I will be the following weeks. I’ve been having my body adapt to a new way of eating and I’ve gained like 8 lbs since starting. I’m bringing the scale with me to start the next challenge :)
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    Way to go @UTMom81! 👏 you have a song for me?
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    wakegrrl wrote: »
    Hi, I’m Kathy.
    57, F, 5’8”
    18th round! Rebooting my lifestyle after several false starts. I need accountability to make sure it gets done.

    Return to MFP SW (Dec 2021): 267
    HSW: 267
    RSW: 229.0
    UGW for now: 195, then reevaluate

    Goal for this round: less than I started with
    2022 goals: move more (okay, move some), eat mindfully

    7/6 229.0 A bit out of control this weekend. I broke my cardinal rule and didn’t log everything I ate and drank for three days. Especially drank. Lots of get-togethers with friends that took me out of my comfort zone. Now to get back on track, effective immediately.
    7/7 227.8 Glad to see the scale start moving back down. Had a good day yesterday and hoping for a great day today even though I’m not feeling so hot physically. Meals are planned and logged; lots of leftovers from the weekend but we’ll eat them in a sensible way.
    7/8 226.2 Good news – I’ve now dropped all the bloat I picked up over the holiday weekend. Bad news – I’ve also just tested positive for COVID. Going to keep drinking water and eating sensibly when I feel like eating.
    7/9 224.4
    7/10 225.8
    7/11 223.4 The COVID struggle is real here. My husband tested positive on Saturday but we’re doing okay. Fortunately our son is over it so he can pick up food and groceries, etc. This new variant is no joke. I can tell I’m getting better, though, because I’m hungry again. 😊 Why is it that when I’m sick, all I want is unhealthy food?
    7/12 224.0 Well, today’s my birthday. This round of COVID has hit me hard and I still feel awful, which stinks. My son made pancakes this morning and they’re the first thing that’s felt settled in my stomach since Friday. So maybe carbs are the answer, at least for today.

    Previous rounds:
    Round 175 EW: 257.0, -2.8
    Round 176 EW: 254.4, -2.2
    Round 177 EW 252.2, -3.4
    Round 178 EW 249.4, -2.8
    Round 179 EW 247.6, -1.8
    Round 180 EW 245.8, -1.8
    Round 181 EW 243.8, -2.0
    Round 182 EW 243.6, -0.8
    Round 183 EW 240.0, -2.2
    Round 184 EW 237.6, -2.4
    Round 185 EW 236.6, -1.0
    Round 186 EW 234.4, -2.0
    Round 187 EW 232.4, -2.0
    Round 188 EW 230.8, -1.6
    Round 189 EW 230.6, -0.2
    Round 190 EW 228.0, -2.6
    Round 191 EW 229.0, +1.0

    Not good to be having Covid on your birthday, hope you still manage to have a nice day. Take care of yourself x.