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  • MotylekOkruchy
    MotylekOkruchy Posts: 194 Member

    Sunday: 10975
    Monday: 10370
    Tuesday: 8033
    Wednesday: 9788
    Thursday: 10966
    Friday: 14468
    Saturday: 16404
    TOTAL: 81,004

    Two days below 10K again :( but this week the average is 11,500! :)
    This weeks challenge motivated me, even though I do not take part in it. I decided I have to get to that 10K of steps a day - every day. I did some yardwork on Friday evening, and then Saturday morning. You can tell by the numbers, right?
  • SarahJoyManea
    SarahJoyManea Posts: 34 Member

    SW - 201 lbs
    PW - 190.2
    CW - 192.2 (2lbs gain)

    I'm not surprised by the gain at all. I wasn't able to step due to being very unwell, laid up and with a migraine that meant I had to avoid all light for a few days on and off. My reduced steps also demonstrate this, they are rather random, some days I felt awful and some days I was desperate to get back on track!

    21st - 2,558
    22nd - 1,555
    23rd - 20,382
    24th - 18,037
    25th - 1,243
    26th - 22,883
    27th - 12,374

    Thanks all - hoping for a better week next week, and to stop gaining!!

  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    edited August 2022
    Hi WNM...Another new member is joining your wonderful team ....Please welcome @CosmicCurves :)
  • minstrelofsarcasm
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    edited August 2022
    August Week Five
    Previous Weight: 176.6 lbs
    Current Weight: 176.0 lbs
    Loss to Date: 58 lbs

    Admittedly, this is my weight from yesterday morning. But I also did an incredibly intense lift last night, so my bloated weight this morning is both disheartening and inaccurate. Therefore, I'm going to run with the number I saw yesterday morning, and I won't feel bad about it. Given I keep scheduling sessions with my personal trainer on Monday evenings, I may move my weigh day to another day, just to preserve my sanity in the face of bloat.

    But also, I have been struggling to stay within proper portion sizes over the past month. This is partially because I keep adding social events to my calendar, which often involve alcohol and snacks and more alcohol and more snacks and more alcohol and maybe a dessert after dinner and... it's dangerous. My weight is higher than it was after I returned from three months in France, and that bothers me to no end.

    I am tempted to schedule an appointment to do another InBody scan, because at least that will be able to break down my body composition and truly tell me how much fat I've regained since leaving F45 and how much of my current mass is just muscle, plain and simple. There's multiple options for this, but it requires me going out of my way more than normal, and I've been losing motivation rapidly the past couple weeks.

    We'll see how it goes. I'm on top of my workout game, I just really need to get back in the habit of actually tracking food past lunchtime and remembering that it's okay to not drink alcohol at the same pace as everyone else. The last thing I need to do is get back into a state of health where my MS starts attacking my nervous system again.
  • bumpbreakcar
    bumpbreakcar Posts: 191 Member
    it's okay to not drink alcohol at the same pace as everyone else.

    I’m on the same journey sis❣️
  • shnkrnrynn
    shnkrnrynn Posts: 85 Member
    shnkrnrynn wrote: »
    Weigh In Day: Monday
    PW (Previous Weight): 212
    CW (Current Weight): 208

    Steps August 22- August 28
    August 22- 10553
    August 23 - 10385
    August 24 - 11647
    August 25- 10149
    August 26 - 5176
    August 27 - 6241
    August 28 - 4411


    Congrats on resuming the trend down!

    Thank you :)
  • worldtrav89
    worldtrav89 Posts: 30 Member
    Weigh in 8.31.2022
    Weigh in day: Wednesday

    Pw: 217.8
    Cw: 214.0
  • minstrelofsarcasm
    minstrelofsarcasm Posts: 1,541 Member
    ~ Step Challenge Results ~

    Team Statistics -
    Steppers: 6
    Total Steps: 345,954
    Average Steps Per Stepper: 57,659
    Total Steps this Month: 1,309,159

    The Leaderboard -

    @MotylekOkruchy - 81,004 total | 11,572 average
    @SarahJoyManea - 79,032 total | 11,290 average - Most Steps in One Day!!
    @ljdanny - 62,376 total | 8,911 average
    @shnkrnrynn - 58,562 total | 8,366 average
    @melissacoleman430 - 40,816 total | 5,831 average
    @pacsnc6 - 24,164 total | 3,452 average - Most Consistent!!!

    Smaller team this week, but look at those numbers! Anyone who has yet to post their steps (or anyone I may have missed) should let me know ASAP so you can contribute to the grand total this week!
  • pacsnc6
    pacsnc6 Posts: 978 Member
    Weighing ,Thursday
    PW 154.7
    CW 156

  • TwistedSassette
    TwistedSassette Posts: 6,596 Member
    Friday weigh in (AEST time zone)
    PW (Aug 26th): 290.8 lbs
    CW (Sep 2nd): 291.0 lbs
  • ljdanny
    ljdanny Posts: 1,925 Member
    Cw 193.6
  • jugar
    jugar Posts: 8,381 Member
    The September Team Chat is open! Please continue to weigh in for Friday and Saturday here, and go to the new chat for (re)introductions and goal setting for the new month:

  • MotylekOkruchy
    MotylekOkruchy Posts: 194 Member
    PW: 140.4
    CW: 140.0 (it was 139.3 two days ago....)

    Anyway, I ended summer at 140 (or below-139.3!) which is quite a victory for my summer struggles (I tend to gain a lot over the summer). I'll take that and appreciate the fact that the middle number is NOT a 5, or 6, or 7.
  • rachelrjh
    rachelrjh Posts: 235 Member

    Weigh in

    PW: 152
    Cw: 151

    The hardest step to fitness is the first. Take it now!
    -Heather Montgomery

    From the Motivation app
  • gigglemachine
    gigglemachine Posts: 82 Member

    Weigh day: Saturday
    PW: 193.8
    CW: 198 😭

    Its TOM but I've also been stress eating this week as starting a new job soon and I'm really nervous about it. Must try harder!
  • browan19
    browan19 Posts: 28 Member

    PW: 207
    CW: 205
  • melaniedscott
    melaniedscott Posts: 1,082 Member
    Sat weigh in
    PW: 218.4
    Cw: 218.7

    Not really making progress. Maybe Sept will be better.
  • minstrelofsarcasm
    minstrelofsarcasm Posts: 1,541 Member
    Hey folks! Looks like I'm missing a few weigh-ins (could be just poor eyesight, so please bear with me!)...

    Waiting to hear from:
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