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    Barbie, :'( I'm so sorry abut Bernie. What a loss.

    Karen in Virginia
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    I have recorded the Queen’s funeral but have not had a chance to watch it yet.
    I have been out both nights so far this week and will be again tomorrow night.
    3 nights is probably 1 night too many to do something during the week, but my former coworker that just left asked me last week if she could take me out for supper for my birthday. I had agreed. Last night was unplanned, but I ended up having supper with Rodg unexpectedly so I’m not complaining.
    Tomorrow night is ceramics.

    Heather - sorry your window can’t be fixed. I would be upset too.

    Rosemarie- I hope you get to go swimming soon.

    For those of you that remember, I took swim lessons and ended my last lesson just before I injured my hip. I am finally feeling that my hip could handle a very small amount of swimming and then start building up. Now I’m nervous, I’ve forgotten how.

    Kelly - I’m glad you are going to have a checkup. I don’t know how those of you in the States handles the financial worry when there is a medical need.
    I was thinking today, I think there are online lessons from Microsoft or Microsoft Certified that can be purchased too. I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure there are.

    Rita - congratulations on 1005 days.

    Mary - have a great trip home.

    Michele - I don’t know if I could decorate as much as you, it takes a lot of work and dedication. I sure enjoy seeing houses all done up though.

    I have and still am crying about house repairs. If it was just me, I think I would go back to renting again.

    My Grandfather was a huge popcorn person. So is my Son in Law.
    I don’t know why I don’t eat it more.

    Barbie - sorry to read about Bernie.

    I am up way past my bedtime. I should say good night.

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    Shake the sugar challenge: not meeting it but finding it leading me to be more mindful of my choices. e.g. today when I splurged on a BLAT sandwich, instead of having a coke that would have gone so very very well with it, chose an iced tea. Did I add 2 tsp sugar? Yup. Was that around 8 tsp fewer than the coke would have had? Yup again.

    Dark tonight coming back from line dance class. Ugh I do NOT like these shorter days.

    Rita brava on your streak. Hard choice, root canal vs extraction. Neither are any fun, but that meme sure is.
    Debbie, understand your DH won’t yet, but could you start “couples” counseling without him? Sounds like he’s in a very bad way and you may need some more coping tools. :love: otters.
    Karen please share pics of whatever you devise for extra narrower shelving.
    Pip, what, you don’t think you really did 210 m/hr? Whooshing good thoughts for tomorrow’s cataract surgery. Stunning streak.
    Annie popcorn for dinner, one of my faves!
    Barbie ((hugs)) :cry: ((hugs)) Bernie’s been with you a long time. ((hugs))

    9/20: Move: 2 sets pt, line dance class. active mins:385 steps: 7529
    Fuel: plants (running count for week) so far: 8+6 apple, avocado, cacao 70%, cashews, coconut, cucumber, onion-red, peanuts, pecans, potato, romaine, tea, watermelon, wheat-sourdough toast. CI<CO=775
    Live: Joe, readings, BP, one load laundry, casserole-a-thon.

    Soo, today was low on protein, have plenty of calorie allotment for a bowl of yoghurt, but I’m yawning. Will I eat now? Or go to bed and see if I wake with the hungries? Who knows?

    Lighter, lovelies!

    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    2022: Be still and listen.
    September: Move more, fuel better, live NOW.
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    Barbie - So sorry about Bernie. <3 Losing my cats were some of the worst episodes of my childhood. I hope it all goes gently and calmly and you have a chance to grieve and honour your beloved.

    Yesterday I came across, in my Memory Box, a prize I won when I was 9 years old, for writing a criticism of a Theatre for Youth production of Alice in Wonderland. I remember being called to the headmaster's study and thinking I had done something wrong. I found I had won the county prize! I chose 'The Observer's Book of Cats'. So I was well up on cat breeds when I was young. When we moved to Horsham, not long after, we got my true love, Oscar, a Sealpoint Siamese. His birthday was October 14th. The same as Cliff Richards.

    Quiet day today. DH at cricket. I have to post a birthday card to my friend L. Make a dinner that can be eaten at two different times.
    Yesterday I was a bit off-course and ate far too much. A little mini down day, with Bea as the bright part. I will get back on track today. The Memory Box is essential work, but can cause me to descend. It has been interesting to see the old binge eating habit revive! My old journals are a spiral of self doubt and self-recrimination. I recognise myself in them, but I am so grateful I have moved on and now have a more balanced perspective on life. She is still within me, but I can comfort her.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    One of the things I have done most of my life is to avoid drinking my calories .... unless I am on a really long bicycle ride and drinking a coke or Canadian iced tea is about the only source of energy my stomach can tolerate.

    I drink plain water, black coffee, unsweetened tea, and diet beverages.

    I won't say "black tea" because that suggests literally black tea ... I tend to drink rooibos and chamomile teas but without sugar or milk.

    Not drinking my calories leaves me more to eat so I am not as hungry.

    And (coincidence maybe?) I have been slim most of my life.

    M in Oz
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    I've been thinking about the Queen.

    She was "on duty" ... working ... for 70 years, until the age of 96.

    Meanwhile, here I am at 55, wishing I could retire because I am so tired and wish I could spend much more time doing things I like.

    So I wonder how she did it.

    She had staff, of course, so she wouldn't have had the same long Things To Do list I've got. She wouldn't have had to worry about laundry, housecleaning, etc. She wouldn't have had to research to determine which is the best insurance, or make a trip to top up her bus card, or to mail letters. In fact, she would have NOT had most of my Things To Do list - that would have helped.

    But I'm sure she would have had events, meetings, documents to sign, etc. at all hours of the day.

    I think I'd like to read a book about how her days went. How she organised herself so that she was able to incorporate rest. What she did to rest. Things like that. I don't know if that sort of book exists.

    Machka in Oz
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    Carol: So glad you have the big monitor now

    Kelly: Glad you are seeing the doctor about the bleeding. I hope the pinched nerve resolves itself!

    RVRita: 1005 Logins...Wonderful!

    DLFK: Hope you get to do some sewing! Sorry your marriage is in a flux! Hoping there can be improvement there!

    Mary: Safe travels to Wyoming

    Michele: What is the difference between pottery and cermics?

    Sue: I need to work on on Strength and balance as well.

    PIpcd 34: Hope cataract surgery goes/went well!

    Annie: Such a long day. All that driving I hope you can stay local the next few days.

    My plan is a walk this morning and then I will pickup more hay to make a scarecrow ....friendly scarecrows...display with Mums and pumpkins. Need to pick up a photograph of my DIL on her 25th birthday. Need to pick up dry cleaning and my husband's medication. Would love to visit a friend. Maybe tomorrow I can do this. I ordered some water Joe which is caffenated so I can get off Coke.

    Rosemarie from Georiga

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    Pip, Hope your cataract procedure is a breeze! <3
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    barbiecat wrote: »
    :'( We have an appointment tomorrow morning to say good by to Bernie the cat. It will be sad day for all of us. He is clearly failing and it's time

    So sorry! :(
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    Barbie so sad to say goodbye to Bernie the cat. Wishing you comfort as you grieve.

    Pip hope your cataract surgery goes well!

    Popcorn is the best! I never heard of hulless. Thanks Debbie! Amazing that you can grow your own.

    Just groceries and laundry today. And see what I need to get shots. But I got a new book from Amazon. I'm studying Sara Paretsky/V. I. Warshawski as inspiration for my writing. Such fun to read!

    And I need to get back on the yoga kick. I was exercising daily for a while there but the last month I have fallen by the wayside. Now my jeans are tight and the scale is scaring me.

    Annie in Delaware
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    Hi Gals!

    Kelly – good job to make that appointment

    Tracey - the financial worry for health care is huge for many of us. I feel lucky to have insurance right now, but know I could lose it at any moment, as mine is part of a government plan that could be changed or eliminated at the whim of a politician. It is part of why myself and some of my friends who are lower income, have come to terms with earlier death than might because in some cases we can’t afford the preventive care.

    Barbie - sending hugs to you and Jake, I am so glad you have been able to make the hard decision to allow Bernie to pass with dignity.

    Karen – so glad you were able to fill out the forms and send the letters about your brothers home. How many others there are being abused too that this may help.

    Pip – best wishes on cataract surgery!!!

    Heather – so sorry about the window. Any chance that the window guys were able to tell you what it might cost to have it replaced? With your writing maybe you can make enough extra to cover it.

    Smiles Kim in N. California