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    Lisa--What a beautiful dress. Your DD does look very happy.
    Terri--Wishing you a good trip and lots of memories to be made.
    Karen--So much going on at the same time. Please remember to take care of you also. The apartment for you brother looks like a neat place and pray he gets in and the sooner the better.
    Heather--Your bowl looks really nice and I like the colors.
    Carol--I got my hair cut this last Monday and it is short. She cut the color off and it was pure white. I could not deal with that so now it is brown. A littler darker than I wanted but will work with it for now.
    Raining and cold. Can't believe one day it is 100 next barely 55.
    Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND, NE <3
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    Katla ~ I know you must miss your husband dearly! Sure hope you can be together soon!

    Karen ~ The converted hotel seems like a very good fit for your brother so hope it works out! I hope you and your spouse will take advantage of all the assisted living offers. My brother-in-law has always been a recluse and will not join in any of the activities where he lives. It is sad.

    Carol in GA
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    My son just rang. He has invited us to Edie's birthday dinner tomorrow night! Better late than never. I was thinking it was odd that we hadn't been included in any celebrations. Just an oversight, I guess. They are mega busy. My son already has her presents.

    I am out in Portsmouth tomorrow, but will be home in time to go out again to my son's. Might be an Uber! Steak and cake is planned. I will be having a light lunch! Luckily it's a fish restaurant and I usually have two starters. Oysters and scallops, or prawns and squid, etc.

    He also asked us to have Bea and Max on Sunday morning when Edie is out. My DDIL has a deadline for her next book. It's a strange age gap, but there are two of us! Trouble is, Bea likes to monopolise DH. Max loves to chat with DH. But I can distract him with my phone and the Canva app!

    Looking forward to seeing G tomorrow. She had the uni student, Jason, round today to help her with decluttering. He can carry stuff with ease. She finds it easier to make decisions when she has another person there.
    Shame about the predicted rain.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Afternoon ladies
    Still having problems with the phone and I'll stop at Verizon tomorrow. After taking care of Miles
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    Barbie - my apologies for misnaming Bernie! Thank you for the pictures...

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    Rori - <3

    I hope it doesn't clash with our cruise.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    GodMomKim wrote: »
    lisa - beautiful dress!
    Heather - I love the patterns... I have not sewn any clothes for me in years. The last thing I made was for a work christmas party that was black tie, I made a full length dark green dress with a beaded jacket. I was still sewing beads on as we drove to the event.

    My favorite pattern maker was Vogue, they were more involved but the directions were better and the items always came out as they were pictured. I wore a lot of designer clothes made at home in high school and college... I took 2 semesters of pattern making so had some items of my own creation in college.

    kim in n california

    I have been sewing for so many years but don't think I have ever sewn any Vogue patterns. Stuck with Simplicity most of the time, some Butterick. Loved the Sunne Sax dresses- Made one in high school, still have it and wear it occasionally- had to take the zipper out of the back and made it lace up instead. (went from a 32 A or B to now almost 40 C/D so not sure it would even fit with the lace up part. It was loose when I made it so there was a little wiggle room but not sure.) Think the last time I wore it was part of Halloween costume or something. That thing had so many pieces and three or four coordinating fabrics plus cotton lace. Got an A on that project.
    Never took pattern making classes but had a lot of experience altering patterns because of my size.
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    Barbie- im so sorry I forgot to say Im so very sorry about Bernie.. gosh it's never easy losing a furbaby..
    Well I talked to Tom last night,seems he has texted me back and i haven't gotten his texts..really odd,and a friend of mine has called me 4 times and 3 times it went to voicemail.. should i have my.phone checked out?
    I will go over next Friday at around 6:30 or so to get Homer out as Elena's daughter's wedding is at 5 so .. I'll just bring Alfie with me and let him run around a little bit.

    make sure it is not on "Do not Disturb"-
    Mine happened to get on that and I missed a few messages until I figured it out.
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    Sewing to patterns - My home economics teacher despaired of trying to teach me to sew. I broke every sewing machine she ever put me in front of, and when I broke the belt on the treadle machine that was her last resort, she gave up on me. My year's project ended up being arranging my family photo album. :smiley:

    She would find it amazing that one of my first paying jobs was at Mize Sewing Factory, where I worked on the pattern cutting line. I stunk on ice at it, but they did pay me for the work. :smiley: She would be triply amazed that I design and make quilts.

    Lisa in AR
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    had to have my car in the shop this morning- they need to replace the radio. When it is hot outside, the screen blanks out. Should have been fixed already but there was a huge issue with the extra warranty we bought when we bought the car. Some how, someone there cancelled the warranty and kept the money- The dealer had to get Nissan to authorize to reinstate it- took them an extra two weeks.(we have been trying to figure out why there were issues every time we took it in, they couldn't find the warranty but we had the proof we had it-finally the new shop manager looked into it and found it. He says not sure what happened. I think who ever was doing the paperwork pocketed the money but they won't say that is what happened. Just know we aren't paying the $2800 or what ever it is again.)

    When we were there, dh says that we are going back to his mom's so I can walk the dog before we go out to lunch. I was NOT planning on walking him. Was planning on a day off from walking. Oh well. The dog needed it as I am not going over very much to walk him, not every day like I was and I got a good 45 min walk in. Not my 10K /5 miles yet but may walk around the block or at one of the parks to make it- already at 9,000/4 miles. Too close to not make it.

    This is where dh and I had lunch- third time in 9 days for him(with former BIL one day and two of his friends two days ago). It is great because I can eat super healthy and it is really good.
    The only thing I had that wasn't the healthiest was the chicken karaage-it is fried perfectly and it is just a few small pieces. The rest was chicken/fish/clams/imitation crab/fish balls/veggies cooked on the table in a nice broth. Salt levels are a bit high, very thirsty so drank a lot of water, still drinking seltzer now.



    didn't take pictures of it after I cooked, just before.
    $20 for all you can eat.
    There are different noodles plus rice which my dh enjoys a bit too much(two bowls of rice plus udon-and he is diabetic) and he gets the beef for his meat and I get the chicken.

    I am on my own for dinner so plan on left overs and hopefully go to bed early.

    I will watch tv- I recorded two of my favorite shows last night- season premiers- Survivor(I have watched every single episode except one, that I thought was recording but didn't,in 42 seasons. 43 started last night, followed by Amazing Race. Big Brother is almost over. Watch that too every season.
    Life Below Zero is starting new episodes too plus some of the shows I watch on TLC
    Nice to have something new, besides re-runs to watch.

    Need to get up off my butt and mow the pack lawn. It is getting really long(run off from the garden keeps it green and growing)- cats are able to reach some of it from their catio- I keep finding places where they are eating it then throwing up-not a fan of the extra messes to clean up.

    Napa Valley,CA

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    lawn is mowed, veggies picked from the garden- hit my 10K steps, just need to do another 1/2 mile to hit 5 miles for the day. Pretty good for a day I was planning on not walking at all.

    Was getting a little snacky-(not really hungry but wanted to eat something) so ate a big cucumber and a tomato that I just picked.
    A bit too early for dinner for me. If I eat this early, I will for sure be snacking before bed time.
    Dh is coming home at 8 from his mom's then going to work at 3AM- need to get to sleep before he does so I can sleep and not have to hear the snoring or I will be on the couch until he leaves.
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    I did half my dumbbells 20 reps instead of 40 since I had been skipping it. I will plan on 30 reps Saturday then back up to forty next week. It still took me an hour. Teddy was being extra affectionate too, so it took a bit to get started.

    Now to work on my diet issues.

    Annie in Delaware

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    Nothing real new. Worked then yesterday cut the grass and went for a walk around the block. For jollies I wore my pedometer. I logged over 12,000 steps that day. Finished the jigsaw puzzle. Starting to get the Christmas items out so I won’t be doing another puzzle for a while. Work and then the soup kitchen tomorrow. Have yogurt in the IP right now. Made more chocolate bran muffins

    Karen – I wouldn’t think extra shelves would be that difficult since you have the things on the side. You just need the clips to hold the shelves. You can even get some wood from Lowe’s Hardware and cut it to size.

    Mary – safe travels

    I read that you can cook a spaghetti squash (which was on sale) in the IP so I’m giving that a try. What’s the worst that can happen? Just took the squash out of the IP. I do have to say that it was pretty easy to cut. We shall see how the strands turn out. Update: I thought it should have steamed for a bit more time. It's still cooked, just think it should be more cooked so I made another one. Letting it cool so I can separate it

    Pip – you’ll LOVE not having to wear contacts. I like the bathroom handles. Nice update. So glad your surgery went well

    Barbie – I’m so very sorry about Bernie. You gave him a very good life. When we had to put Clyde down, poor Loki kept walking around, sniffing – they were real buds

    Heather – lovely bowl

    Rosemarie – all pottery is made from clay but not all ceramics are

    All this talk about popcorn is making me have some right now

    We got all the Christmas trees up. Now I have to spread the branches on one of them. Have to wait until Vince puts the special cords on the others before I can spread the branches. Went for a walk around the block after dinner

    Lisa – your daughter’s dress is absolutely stunning, as she is

    Went in the pool this afternoon but it started to rain. So I went to Kohl’s looking for Halloween earrings. They were on sale. Then to Bed Bath and Beyond because my candy thermometer bit the dust. Fortunately, I know what the milk should look like when it comes up to temp and how it feels when it comes down when making yogurt. Then needed gas so decided to stop in WalMart to see if they had Vince’s ice cream (which they didn’t) and found a cheaper pair of Halloween earrings so I’ll take one pair back to Kohl’s next time I get in that area

    Debbie – what a spread! Do you know that I have never watched Survivor? I think I only saw one or two episodes of Big Brother

    Michele NC
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    Heather - that’s cool. Thanks for sharing
    I love you bowl, I can’t wait to see it after it’s been fired.
    I looked at Canva this week and see I need that do some studying on it. Or find a younger person to teach me. 😂

    Allie - I had made a mistake and had some how muted my daughter one time. I found out when I noticed a moon beside her name.

    Karen - what a debacle with the SS number.

    One of my daughters friends has the same name, birth month and date, but a year or two apart, as a man who was convicted of being a pedophile in another province one year. He found out because when he went for his criminal record check including vulnerable sector he lost out on his job opportunity with the Navy Cadet program for the summer and nearly lost his job as a teacher.
    He was devastated and it was a couple of months getting it straightened out.

    Beautiful painting.

    Katie - hugs to you. Losing my Dad and coming to terms with it was a long process for me. I think part of it for me was coming home and not being near family to talk about him. My daughters and husbands didn’t talk about him out of fear of upsetting me. I was upset no one was talking about him and feeling like they didn’t love him enough on one hand and worried they were heartbroken and didn’t want to talk about him at the same time.

    Vicki - our temperatures are doing that too. It’s no wonder everyone seems to have a cold of some kind.

    Debbie - I’m happy to have new shows again as well. It’s not as bad as it used to be, but my favourites still seem to be in Fall/Winter. I’ll miss This Is Us this year.

    Michele - how many trees do you put up?

    Michaela’s glasses arrived today. She is thrilled. Lauryn says, “she cleaned them put them back in the case. Immediately took them back out and sat down to read a book”.
    She is just learning to read.


    She needs her glasses for reading, screen time and detail work.
    Kids glasses are so cute compared to what I had to wear.

    Rodger made supper for me again tonight, I am loving this. I saw a Cricut Easy Press for 90.00 off! So I told him I was getting it from him for my birthday. He laughed and agreed. I immediately purchased it online and picked it up after work.

    Tracey in Edmonton