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    Rebecca ~ Athena is a little beauty! The short hair will be so much easier to manage. I am so happy you and your husband got to play with her and have fun.

    Tracey ~ Lauryn will love the Halloween pumpkin.

    Heather ~ Hope reading the letters in your memory box was cathartic!

    Lanette ~ I often wish I had someone to walk with! Since we have lived here over the last 30 yrs, I have met only one close friend and she moved away after a couple of years.

    The hurricane is supposed to hit the area my brother-in-law and his wife live in. I hope they will be safe but have not heard from them lately.

    Weather here is very pleasant!

    Carol in GA
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    Rebecca what a doll!

    Stomach issues might be due to change in water, food, change of scene. Still I agree talk to your doctor. DH went on a trip and came home with pancreatitis about a year ago. His cancer doctor told him what he wanted to hear. He could still have moderate alcohol. His nutritionist in the hospital and I said alcohol was not such a good idea. Who did he listen to. Cancer Doctor who has minimal experience in nutrition. GRRRR!
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    My afternoon spent reading the old letters between my ex and me was very touching. They are nearly all in the year before we were married, 69/70, while I was still at uni, with three from when he went to the US for a conference when my first son was 6 months old. (A couple are from our first early summer apart in 1968.)
    We were trying to set up our first flat in Shropshire, which I visited by coach occasionally, organise our wedding, and honeymoon, and I was taking my final exams. He came down to visit me in Bristol when he could. My flat had a phone, his didn't. Our main method of communication was by letter. Not easy and very frustrating. We missed each other terribly. A surprising amount of correspondence is about money. Trying to set up a wedding at a distance is not simple. I often expected cheques that did not arrive.
    I was very much in love. It just struck me how hard it was with no phones, or texts. A simple arrangement now was very complicated because letters must be posted in advance and he had to meet me off the coach etc. Also, sometimes he had to drive to see me and if it was foggy I would fret when he was late. How I did my final exams I do not know. I was on my honeymoon, camping in Brittany, France, when it was Graduation Day.
    Glad to have read them again. Why I have all my letters to him I don't know. Nice that he kept them and I now have them. I was, of course, a very mixed up kid. I met him the day before I turned 18, and we married when I was 20, immediately after finishing my university course. I was a baby, as I see it now.
    I do feel a little bit sad. When we eventually separated, after 26 years, I was initially happy with the very friendly arrangement. Afterwards I backtracked and suffered years of terrible grief.
    Now life is good. I have nothing but warm feelings towards him. I count myself a very, very lucky woman to have found happiness at an older age.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Hi all. I’m trying to catch up. Still have not gotten all the way through.

    Mary in Arizona/Minnesota-I have seen a bunch of Lectric bikes lately. My neighbor has one and another neighbor around the corner too. I saw a group of 4 people on them the other day when I was out. Looks like your nephew is doing well. If the bikes weren’t so heavy, I’d consider one.

    Heather-Congrats to Edie! That’s fantastic. She has really muscular legs in one of those photos. I am envious. :) Congrats to your son too. That’s quite an achievement. I’d be happy to just walk without my knee blowing up to the size of a bowling ball.

    I will listen to that podcast about weight training today. I have been weight training since my 20s for toning…not as a body builder or anything like that. I do like how I look when I do it diligently, so the health benefit is just icing on the cake. I just don’t like doing it…but I do it anyway.

    Like Rori, I’m trying to stay “down” right now. I need to give my knee a chance to deflate. I did something in July that I thought was a torn calf muscle. I finally got to the ortho a couple of weeks ago and he was confident it’s a meniscus tear. Well, it’s not really getting better. I have an MRI scheduled for 2 weeks from now, which is just crazy. Anyway, I am trying to stay down, icing it periodically, and taking anti-inflammatories occasionally. I really don’t want to use those, but it’s really huge when I stand for even a short time. The other night, it didn’t even look like there was a kneecap there.

    As for the foot pain, I think I’m so used to it now that I barely notice it. However, it is there.

    I did spend a few days in New York City. We saw The Music Man with Hugh Jackman. It was very enjoyable. We also had some excellent Italian food for dinner that same night. The rest of the food we had was very average. Pizza was pizza. Bagels were bagels. Eggs were dry. Coffee was generally terrible, even at the “craft” coffee places. Cocktails were so-so. What is happening to our culinary world?? Don’t people care about the taste of their food anymore?

    Well, the trip didn’t help my knee, but it was a test to see how it would fare with some walking. I did get permission from the ortho to do that. It doesn’t really hurt to walk. It just swells.

    Rori-I hope you’re feeling better soon!

    Katla-So sorry about your husbands health. Glad he’s getting good care.

    Tracey-I would also rent if I were living alone. Taking care of a house (in my case, two) is far too much work and expense.

    I am so far behind in work that I need to get to that, although I’d much rather keep reading about your lives!

    Tina in CA
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    Tina - Commiserations about your knee. Sooooo annoying for you. I hope you get some answers soon.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Worked then bowling. Got my holes redrilled. Now I feel like I have more control over the ball. Ceramics tonight.

    Oh, I found this out totally by accident. BK gave me a raise! OK, not a whole lot. But I wasn’t expecting it at all. I have no idea when they gave it to me

    Rebecca – like Karen, Athena stops my heart

    Everyone in the hurricane’s path – stay safe

    Tina – I do hope the MRI gives you answers so that you’ll know what direction to go in

    Ceramics tonight so going to post and then get ready.

    Michele NC
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    Evening folks..
    Not much to add..
    Still alive and kicking at least thats something lol.
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    Well praise the lord I figured out how to post a picture.. ha ha Miles checking out the day going buy this afternoon.
    Hoping all is well across the street saw a police car there for quite awhile this morning ,then an ambulance pull up ,no siren and pull away awhile later no siren.. usually thats a real bad sign..
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    Halloween jammies the other night..
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    :)Allie congrats on posting pictures. Miles is a cute 😍
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    Good afternoon ladies!

    Someone I follow posted this on Facebook this morning. I'm not sure if her intent is to be cathartic or just to announce freedom from her own and other's expectations. Or??? Lots of food for thought here. Feel free to skip. ;)
    I am becoming cynical. I think quite honestly it is a natural progression after years of perceived freedom. As I age I realize I was just really good at conforming, adapting. After a few life altering ( and life threatening) situations, and being a self reflecting loner, my paradigm has shifted but not without cost. But the cost was and is my perception of letting go of societal demands.
    Some days I feel as though I am a child again on a swing trying to touch the sky with my feet. Other days my feet are laden with wet cement and I struggle just to get one foot in front of the other.
    I embrace my peculiarities and oddisms.I can no longer compete with them or even want to. Age allows me to say good bye to constrained efforts, lost causes and hello to fresh starts and new beginnings.
    I dream now. I am no longer afraid of not achieving my dream. Just thinking about it gives me great pleasure with nary a naysayer because no one is allowed in my dreams without specific permission from me. I am thrilled I still know how to dream, be in the moment and feel happy by pure thought. No one one will ever take that away from me and I smile...a huge *I have a secret and I am not letting anyone in on it *smile. To share my dreams is to burst my dreams. This is one cynicism I have come to terms with.
    As a result, I am becoming quieter. I think. Therefore I Am.

    Anyhow, I've read it three times now and each time I get a different message.

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State
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    Stats for the day-

    walk/slow jog w/yogi- *stopped a lot to trim bushes along my pathway *, 2hrs 30min, 24elev, 108ahr, 152mhr, 6.01mi= 687c
    Strava app = 736c
    Zwift home bike trainer- strava stats- 22.30min, 118elev, 159aw, 21.5amph, 134ahr, 162mhr, 8.07mi= 180c
    Strava app = 204c
    Zwift stats- 22.32min, 118elev, 158aw, 55arpm, 21.49amph, 8.07mi= 205c

    Total cal 867
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    sh0tzz99 wrote: »
    Hi all. I’m trying to catch up. Still have not gotten all the way through.

    Mary in Arizona/Minnesota-I have seen a bunch of Lectric bikes lately. My neighbor has one and another neighbor around the corner too. I saw a group of 4 people on them the other day when I was out. Looks like your nephew is doing well. If the bikes weren’t so heavy, I’d consider one.

    Tina in CA

    They have a lighter model now. Called the Lite. It's around 45#. You would never get off of it! 🚴‍♀️

    💞 Mary from Arizona/ Minnesota