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  • megnolia82
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    Hello everyone! I know it’s not Monday morning for all of you so I wish for you, whatever time it is that you read this, a wonderful week.

    September is almost finished!

    I didn’t hit my activity goals this month. I got in some steps but I didn’t get on my bike. I’m finding this year my busiest ever. My kids are more independent but I have several new roles at work and I’m finding the learning curve steep. I’m bringing home so much more work than I have the past couple years. I do housework so late at night and I’m getting pretty tired.

    October’s goal: balance.

    Take it easy! Keep up the hard work. It’s been a great month!
  • megnolia82
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    edited September 2022
    Morning all!!!! My weight is going up 🙈 I feel so bad, like I’m letting the group down, that’s why I haven’t posted my weight last week as I was hoping it would go down by now but it’s still the same. So rather than hiding and feeling miserable I better be open about it.

    CW 56,6 kg/ 124 lb

    Oh gosh, don’t apologize! Honestly, feeling ashamed and guilty over weeks like that is why I stopped participating in F2F the last time I did it (and I wish I hadn’t because I am so much better with this group than without it!) This community is here to celebrate your victories but even more so to help provide the support and motivation when you’re feeling badly.

    What are your goals? Maybe your body is telling you it’s time to maintain. It’s so much harder to lose when you don’t have as much left to go.

    Hugs to you! Thank you for posting, and don’t ever feel like you’ve let anyone down!

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    Yay team! We got top spot, congrats to all! Even if you didn't make it onto the leaderboard, you were part of our victory! We did it together! A special shout-out to @FushiaKat, @davidji82, and @happysquidmuffin for leading the way!

    @laurelfit57 Thank you! I did work hard. I didn't really eat that many unhealthy snacks. I did eat that sausage sandwich on Sat night which was unhealthy but delicious! LOL Oh gosh about the coyotes, we've got them here, too, and I'm so afraid of them with my pup. They are getting bolder. I know you will have a better week this week, you've got this! Water and tracking and intentional movement will be your friends! I'm glad you had a better night's sleep. Those button pins are cool, I will keep those in mind for the future!

    @Tamevv Thank you! Sounds like you are paying more attention to your body, that's great! Researching things for your upcoming trip is a good idea. Good to be prepared.

    @Katmary71 Today is the day, my friend! Libras are cool! :D Okay, let's do a one-month challenge so it's not overwhelming. We'll start on Oct 1st, I'll post about it tomorrow as I'm running late today. I'm glad you had a good weekend and that Bow Wow Days went well. Have a great day!

    @megnolia82 Congrats on the loss! It's hard when it's busy. Here's to a good October!

    @barbylucedistelle No worries, no need to apologize! Facing it is the first step to change! Is there anything we can help you with? Hugs.

    @Ftofit Congrats on the loss! That's awesome that you've stayed in the green all the weeks.

    Hello all. Today is my birthday. I'm not doing anything today besides maybe taking the afternoon off of work. My knee is really bothering me from the added activity. Have a good day!

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
  • laurelfit57
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    Username: laurelfit57
    Weigh In Day: Sunday
    PW: 142.8
    CW: 144
    Goal Wieght 135-140

    Not surprising but disappointed. This is a new week - here we go!
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    Hi great job this week, we led the leaderboards as a team! I just can’t keep up at the moment, too many posts to read, so I apologize but I’m out of the loop and will probably remain that way this week.
    I’m taking a break from counting calories, but I’m still logging in daily and watching my weight. If I can lose a little or at least maintain for 2 weeks, I might keep it up a little longer. I get too obsessive with counting or burnt out or both sometimes, so I need to practice just living and watching what I eat. I probably over ate Saturday, but was probably under yesterday. I’m up to 139 again, but I think I’m just holding onto water weight. Tomorrow morning is my weigh in.

    Let’s make it a great week, one day at a time! And Happy Fall!
  • shaunarlr83
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    ⚖️WEIGH IN⚖️

    Weigh day Monday
    Previous weight - 192
    Current weight - 190.8
  • Tamevv
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    @shaunarlr83. Congrats on the loss!

    @happysquidmuffin. Morning! Taking breaks to practice just LIVING are so important. Last Thursdays bike ride was a real lightbulb moment for me and a good reminder that this is just a small part of my wider life and they all have to be able to work together. I think that so long as we can stay aware of all the aspects and attentive enough to realise when one of them needs some special attention - and respond appropriately to that need - then that is where “balance” comes in right? I hope so anyway - It’ll be interesting to revisit myself on this point in 6 months 😊

    @laurelfit57 Good morning 👋. New day, new week, let’s go!

    @trooworld hoping your day was everything you needed it to be 😊

    @megnolia82 Yep, I just had a bit of a swing at understanding “balance” too. How old are your kidlets? I have three from 11-15 and I’m just this year starting to find I have time and energy to prioritise myself - and it’s the first time I’ve not felt guilty taking “time out” and asking not to be disturbed. It is hard not letting other things creep in, and finding that middle ground where you don’t feel overwhelmed by the weight of any of them is constant.

    Someone somewhere on these boards recently talked about losing weight being our “job” and it requiring as much focus and effort as any other job we want to succeed in. Sorry I can’t recall who, but it got me thinking and was a helpful addition to my self-talk and way of approaching this aspect of my life. Many thanks to whoever that was 😊
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    Wow!!! First of all huge congratulations to MS!!! Leading the leaderboard all the way!!! Special congratulations to @Fushiakat, @davidji82 and @happysquidmuffin !!

    @Tamevv I am assuming you are in Australia if you have dingos? I was there a few years ago and do remember seeing a dingo :-). If I remember correctly your dingoes are a bit smaller and stockier than our coyotes. Coyote are taller and finer than a dingo. I grew up on a farm not far from here and Wayback then the coyotes were skinny mangy little things that were afraid of people, probably only weighing 35 to 40 pounds. They are now probably between 50 to 60 pounds and have absolutely no fear. I will join you in finishing up this month in a strong way! That is a really good plan to do some research ahead of time when you are going away!

    @katmary71 That must have been heartbreaking when that coyote killed the dog and the feral cat that you have been feeding. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend, good for you to sticking to the one scoop of ice cream!

    @trooworld A huge happy birthday to you🎉! It sounds like you were planning an absolutely lovely day.

    Yesterday after I posted here, I took Vannie out for a walk. There is a grassy Boulevard that we walk along that is at the top of the river valley, I saw a coyote come up so we crossed the street to where the houses are, that coyote stalked for three blocks. Finally a couple of groups of people came up a side street and he left. No amount of shouting or waving my arms made him even budge. They have killed two dogs this year, one was a Rottweiler and attacked one man. I never let Vannie off leash anymore and many of the beautiful grassy places that I used to go are definitely off-limits for us now.
    It was a great day today, got in a really good spin class, helped my daughter get a few more loads taken out of her house and down to my basement. Lots of good exercise points there lol. My eating was on point, on the way back from the gym I stopped and got enough fruit for one piece of fruit a day, I have been lazy on that in the last two weeks and lots of veggies for my fridge.
    Have a great Tuesday everyone!
  • Katmary71
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    @barbylucedistelle Morning, I think it's great that you were open about it, no one here will get mad at you, we've all been through it too so if anything we want to support you. I think it's important to not have shame around weight so please try not to.

    @Ftofit Way to go!

    @megnolia82 Balance is a great goal!

    @trooworld Happy birthday my beautiful friend! I hope you find something fun to do while resting that knee (like we need reminders of how old we're getting with all the flare-ups!)

    @happysquidmuffin I hope things go well with taking a counting calorie break, it is easy to get too obsessive. I'm a lot happier albiet a little bigger not weighing everything.

    @laurelfit57 The coyote sounds really brave there, that's pretty frightening, be careful. Sounds like you had an awesome day!

    Hi team! Been in front of my computer all day, I had a project to do and had planned on doing it on my laptop but Excel crashed on it so I was at my desktop for 9 hours which is awful when my pain gets worse sitting “normal” for any length of time. I have to get it done by the end of tomorrow so I'll just have to tough it out or buy Excel for my laptop computer, my old Office 365 through school is expired and seems to be corrupting my other Excel program. Did my full workout this morning, over the weekend I still worked out except for Bow Wow Days but cut it short so it was nice to do the full one this morning, not sure I will tomorrow as it'll depend how I feel in the morning. Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!
  • trooworld
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    @laurelfit57 This is a new week, you've got this!

    @happysquidmuffin Sometimes a break from tracking is just what we need. I hope it helps you. Have a great day!

    @shaunarlr83 Congrats on the loss!

    @Tamevv Thanks, more on that later!

    @laurelfit57 Thank you! Meh...more on the meh later lol. Gosh, that is scary about the coyote. They aren't that bold here. I'm glad you are being careful! Sounds like you are doing good. Yay!

    @Katmary71 Thank you! LOL yes, the knee flare-up is definitely a reminder of both my age and my weight! Good luck with your project, I hope you get it done on time.

    Hi all. Well, my birthday sucked lol. I was super busy and stressed at work and then when I got off, I had to go get my tire checked out AGAIN and that took almost 3 hours and my tire had to be replaced in the end. :( My knee hurt all day...all I have is complaints this morning lol. But the day ended well yesterday: my husband had made me dinner and a healthy version of chocolate cake. So, I will stop complaining! :D

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
  • happysquidmuffin
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    Weigh in: Tuesday
    PW: 137
    CW: 139

    9/20: 13,951
    9/21: 7,389
    9/22: 14,737
    9/23: 13,195
    9/24: 12,898
    9/25: 6,632
    9/26: 8,588

    Thanks y’all.
    Current Goal: do not go over 139. Maintain 137-138 for the next two weeks (til Oct 11th) by portion control and limiting added sugar. Only loosely track calories if I feel the need to. I’ll be elated if I hit a new low, under 137.
    ☁️Cotton-headed Ninny Muggins!☁️
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    Just a heads up, I'll probably be eating terrible this week. The doctor had to induce my Daughter in Love early and we are up here praying and eagerly waiting on the new arrival.
  • leonadixon
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    PW 8/26/2022: 217.7

    Check in weight (9/5/2022): 218.5
    Check in weight (9/12/2022):219.5
    Check in weight (9/19/2022):219.0
    Check in weight (9/26/2022):
  • vegan4lyfe2012
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    @Katmary71 & @trooworld – I hope some of the movies I picked are good ones! I’ve only seen 6 of them…the rest are all new for me!
    @shaunarlr83 & @Katmary71 – I enjoyed Where the Crawdads Sing, but wish they could’ve dived deeper into some of the relationships like they did in the book.
    @FushiaKat – That electric bill is insane! Move to Michigan! Now that I’m an empty nester and the only person home during the day is the rabbit, my electric averages $65 and gas is $50. Craziness!
    @trooworld – Yes, I have Healthi. I switched plans again and I’m doing Carb Conscience. Which plan are you doing? Hang in there. This time of year will do it to us all. Hopefully today is a Happy UN-Birthday and your knee gets better.
    @shaunarlr83 – My area, Southwest Michigan, is beautiful this time of year. If you enjoy all the “fall” things, you can easily fill your time with activities. And if you like beer or wine, this area has a ridiculous amount of wineries and breweries. In my little area alone, at last count, there were 9! Tours going on all the time. I’d suggest flying into Grand Rapids and enjoy heading down the coast of Lake Michigan.
    @19shmoo69 – Congrats on the upcoming baby!
    I have not been active on here because I have been so ridiculously tired. TOM has been hitting me hard the past 7 days. Yes. 7. I get 2 or 3 months between visits, but when he does shows up, he definitely makes up for it. Totally depleted of iron, which makes me so tired and have no energy to do anything but watch movies. I feel like I’ve been living at my local theater for the past couple weeks – watched Barbarian, then Pearl twice, Running the Bases, Avatar 3D, and Don’t Worry Darling. At least I didn't fall asleep there! Too bad it doesn’t keep me from eating every dang thing in the house.
    Anyway, my son and his wife made the official announcement so now I don’t have to keep my excitement to myself – gonna be a Nana in April! My first one :) The next exciting news will be whether we will have a Baby Sophie or Baby Ezra!
    Hope everyone has a good afternoon!
    50x50 & NO ZERO DAYS
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    edited September 2022
    @trooworld - I ended up getting some Keens they are kinda sporty looking yet very durable feeling, my last ones were Salomons and I ordered those online, perfect fit, absolutely loved them, but even though I put quite a few miles on them I felt they wore out really fast, I’ve been adding insoles for a long time trying to make it on the long hikes but back in February I started getting blisters and I’ve gotten blisters on almost every hike since no matter what I tried to do to prevent them. The only other name brand I recognized that they had were the Merrells but the cutest pair didn’t seem very durable. My mom was healing up so well she decided to mow her yard, somehow got stuck in the ditch and her new mower caught fire. Luckily a man and his son happened to drive by and stopped and helped her get off of it and move it before it completely burned. She’s been down in the dumps ever since. 😞 A street fair sounds so fun!! I’m sorry I missed your Birthday yesterday and that it wasn’t the best! 🤗

    @laurelfit57 - my phone is so stupid I hate it. 😂 loved the movie, as usual the book was better but they stayed true to the story. Those coyotes would be so scary, I walk with my German Shepard off leash bc we are way out in the boonies with no traffic and just hearing them in the distance makes me nervous, it makes him stay closer though 😂 I can’t imagine actually seeing them. 😰 I’m glad you got some rest and I NEED those button pins!!🤩I’ve been eating tons of fresh veggies! They are my favorite!!

    @Katmary71 - Thanks 🥰 I don’t even post all that I have going on 😣 The daily challenge was posted on September 1st, some people jumped in late, most do it daily but I see several catching up if they miss a day or two. Still looking into where I want to go, I’ll have more time to research now that I’ve left the house. The Bow Wow days looked like so much fun! I’m glad you had a great weekend. I’m so sorry about that project though.

    @Tamevv - Thank you it’s finally coming off!!!

    @19shmoo69 - I hope all is well!

    @vegan4lyfe2012 - I agree I kept telling my friend…”the book went more into detail”… I’m sorry you’ve had it rough I haven’t dealt with that since 2018 and i don’t miss it a bit.

    Whew what a week!! So exciting we made it back to the top!!! Great job guys! I’ve been soooo busy BUT….it’s been great for my weightloss! My house is the cleanest it’s been since February, I restarted LIIFT 4. It’s a Beachbody program that is part lifting heavy weights part HIIT moves plus abs! I was going to start off super light on the weights but I was feeling amazing yesterday! Super sore today 😂😂😂 I’ve completed this program before with great results and I am already seeing results from losing 20 lbs since May. (Logged over 11 total inches lost since June 3rd) Can’t wait to see how much I lose over the next 8 weeks. I’ve done this program on the road before so I knew how to prepare, I brought along almost 100 lbs. worth of weights!!! My husband wasn’t happy bc he has to drive across scales and have his total truck weight logged, oh well, I wasn’t unloading all of that! I’m in such a good place when it pertains to myself. I’m shutting out all other stress unless it’s something I just have to deal with!

    We got a late start today bc there are a few minor issues with the truck, we did get loaded but may have to deal with the issues which for me usually means sitting and doing nothing 🤣😘😂 I haven’t slept much the past two days and have been going hard getting all kinds of things done! Our plan was to sleep until dark and drive at night so I’m off to dreamland, he can worry about the truck issues himself.
  • FushiaKat
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    User: FushiaKat
    Weigh In Day: Tuesday
    PW: 144.8
    CW: 145.9

    Soo I got the Cat Scan done last Thursday I have been sick ever since. Today my doctor said its nothing major but I have a "bubble" so now they want to do an Ultra Sound and the earliest I can get in is Halloween morning. My abdomen is tender and swollen from the contrast solution, and the dye by IV made my legs hurts so bad I was crying. I applied some pain cream, took some Tylenol and went to bed. I've just been trying to take it easy which is not helping my step count. I'm under 3000 a day, still eating on track so there's that.

    We are still looking at getting Solar, the last guy gave us some misinformation. We have a referral by our electrician. We know we will spend the money to get it done, but we want to spend it well. I cannot believe the amount of misinformation there is out there, just wading thru it has been a nightmare. Our power is scheduled to be off all day tomorrow, it won't affect us all that much I just can't wash clothes or run the dishwasher so I got caught up on that today. It's been hot here the past couple of days. Tomorrow I will go and get blood work done in the morning for next weeks appointment.

    If you live in Florida please stay safe and don't do anything foolish.
  • Katmary71
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    @FushiaKat Are your legs better now? I sure hope so, what a lousy reaction!

    @19shmoo69 Congratulations on the upcoming baby, praying all goes well.

    @vegan4lyfe2012 Is it because of perimenopause that you're having TOMs like this? There's a lot I'm just learning now but since I can't sleep anymore I have more time to research (no miracle cures so far)! Just makes me wish I got rid of it all years ago.

    Hi everyone! Had a long day, I'm doing more with the project than planned (have to make calls to update information on the customer list and some were never customers which I didn't know when I agreed) so I went to have my Dad reload Microsoft on my laptop and just got home and am pooped, I can't have tomorrow be more time sitting at my desktop as I'm in way too much pain but the drive tonight (30 min each way) after a long day was real hard. I figure I'll sleep good then be happy tomorrow I can do all this in my recliner and at least be physically comfortable while I annoy people. I cut my workout back a bit as it was leg day and that always increases my pain which I didn't need. I haven't had time to get to the store but am still getting through cans of beans I opened yesterday for Meatless Monday and did make it to the farmer's market for some fruit. I had my first apple pear today which tastes a lot like an Asian pear. Have a great Wednesday!
  • Cornanda
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    Happy Birthday @trooworld @katmary71!

    @trooworld - it DOES seem like a birthday should be a little nicer than that!

    @19shmoo69 - hope all goes well- is this your first grand baby?

    I'm just dropping today to say that bat patrol is going well. Yesterday wasn't the best- husband worked in the office instead of home and that usually means that I get talked into letting a few of them out. But NOT as bad as last week. Ole Ian will be visiting tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. We are ready. And we are far away from where it's going to hit and not in an evac zone. My daughter did come home from Tampa as it was looking very bad for them for awhile. Glad we are all together.

  • trooworld
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    @19shmoo69 You are going to be a grandpa? Congratulations, Darren! I hope all goes well!!!

    @leonadixon Congrats on the loss!

    @vegan4lyfe2012 So far, I've gotten to...none of them lol. I've been wrapped up in other things but hopefully, I can watch some of them! I am doing Carb Conscience, too! I love it so far. Thank you! I appreciate it! Thanks for the video, I am so jealous! I want to go on the fall colors driving tour! The leaves don't really turn here. :( Oh gosh, 7 days! That's awful. Congrats on the announcement! How exciting! Great names.

    @shaunarlr83 I have some Keens sandals, I love them! Thanks for the recommendations! Oh my gosh about your mom and her mower! Your poor mom. :( The street fair was fun! Thank you, my birthday ended well and that is what counts! :D Wow, it does sound like you've been busy but doing well. 11 inches since June 3rd is awesome! LOL about the 100 lbs. Good for you! Safe travels.

    @FushiaKat I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope you feel better soon! <3

    @Katmary71 Sounds like a good idea to cut your workout back a bit. Happy birthday! Is it today or tomorrow?

    @Cornanda Thank you! Yes, I thought so, too lol. Congrats on containing the bats. Stay safe, I'm glad you are prepared and all together. Hugs.

    Hi all. Yesterday was a lot better and less stressful. I had a healthy dinner (Pomegranate Roasted Beets with Goat Cheese and air-fried chicken breasts) and ate well most of the day. Have a good day and if you are in Florida, stay safe!

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
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    @Cornanda I’m glad that your daughter is with you and not in Tampa. My sister’s kids and grandkids are in Orlando and we are all worried and praying hard for them to be safe. They have their house on the market with the plan for my sister’s daughter and three grandkids to move here. We NEED that house to NOT get damaged! :/

    @FushiaKat I hope that you will feel better soon! Solar is a very good idea if you can get it. You will like the savings it will give you in the long run. :)

    @shaunarlr83 I LOVE LIIFT4 and have done it a few times too! Joel is awesome, isn’t he? I would love to do his new program but I would need to get a weight bench and I have zero space for that. :/

    @vegan4lyfe2012 I would LOVE to come to Michigan in the fall. How beautiful. <3

    @trooworld I’m so sorry that you didn’t have a good birthday but yay for your sweet hubby making you dinner and a cake! <3

    Good morning Team! It’s been a crazy week and not even close to being done. Yesterday we went to see Joe’s oncologist and he diagnosed his anemia as MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome) which is a type of cancer that is in the bone marrow and affects the normal production of red blood cells. It certainly wasn’t the diagnosis we wanted but his oncologist thinks it can be managed by Joe getting these shot injections every two weeks. I’m still researching it all. Today he has an MRI that was ordered by his neurologist and tomorrow we go see a GI doctor figure out the other issues we are dealing with. Y’all a lot! I’m doing my best not to eat my emotions but it’s not easy. :| I’m going to go do a workout now which always makes me feel better. Have a good day! :)
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