Shape Shifters Team Chat - OCTOBER 2022



  • LaurieWrobo
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    edited October 2022
    10/16 6,415
    10/17 6,548
    10/18 6,455
    It's been cold, cloudy, windy with gusts up to 40mph - even on Monday we had snow showers
    So steps will start being lower with the fall/winter mos. ahead - It's going to be a long winter in WI
  • KHill875
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    Goal 12,000 stepS

    10/14 - 16,201
    10/15 - 11,105
    10/16 - 6,424
    10/17 - 13,473
    10/18 - 10,311
  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    @Armygirlarmyof1 - I hope you can get more relief for your allergies now! I had one of those ‘scratch’ tests done when I was young. Luckily, I’ve outgrown most of my allergies. I still get irritated by mold and mildew so doing laundry in my mother’s basement bothers me but I don’t experience the terrible itchiness in my eyes and uncomfortable congestion from hay fever any more. Take care!
  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    I finally updated the habit tracker after missing a few days while traveling to my cousin’s funeral, working on a grant funding submission, and participating in a rowing race over the weekend.

    It’s good to see our Shape Shifters team members tracking specific habit building goals. I’m traveling again this weekend. This time I’m attending a cousin’s wedding and I’ll try not to lapse in my food and exercise diary entries or habit tracking.

    How are you all feeling about your progress and/ or habit tracking in relation to your goals?

    I could definitely improve but I’m staying close to my maintenance targets and I’m hoping to implement a few positive changes when I return from Boston on Monday afternoon.
  • Armygirlarmyof1
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    @PatriceFitnessPal , ty. 1 I knew I had was ragweed but I guess it's the biggest irritant I've got but dust mites pollens and certain molds. And who knew one could be allergic to roach droppings? News to me
  • angmarie28
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    Previous weight-164.4
    Current weight-166.8

    Must be water retention from the extra exercise
  • Pupowl
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    Nice to hear it made you laugh! I think it is also important to know how much sleep you actually need and at which amount you feel the best. That can be a little tricky to figure out. I think getting up earlier is better than staying up late. Like you said, when you can't focus well, you can't do your tasks well either. But that also depends on when you feel most productive and that is different for everyone as well. I need quite a while to really wake up, so I really like my slow morning routine. Brush Tinus' teeth, clean his eyes, give him some treats, take him for a walk, sit down with some tea, check in on the online world (not news though, that's just depressing). I don't really want to do anything until at least after 9 in the morning. Thankfully I have the luxery of doing that since I don't have a job.
    I have had some issues with falling asleep the past few days. It normally takes around 30 minutes, now I have had 3 days in a row where it took over 1,5 hours. Not sure what is up with that. Maybe I need to see if it helps to go 30 minutes later. I still get my 8+ hours anyway.
  • Pupowl
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    18 Oct: 15.397
    19 Oct: 14.645
    Good morning Shape Shifters. Going to keep it short today. I haven't really been up to much Tuesday and yesterday I was a bit upset (not going to bother you guys with 'why'). I was tempted to 'fix' this with food, but I am trying to teach my brain that we are going for long term things now. I find it hard to sit with negative feelings still, but I stuck to my food plan. I also distracted myself with a video game which was nice and Tinus was really cuddly and slept on my lap twice during the day. He hasn't done that in months so I bet he knew something was wrong! He lately has only been coming on my lap in the evening for 30 minutes or so. This time he sat so long that my butt was going numb. :smiley:
    I got a new puzzle haul delivered. These will be the last puzzles I am buying in 2022 for sure, and probably longer. I limit myself to buying 2 a month, but I had a hard time narrowing it down. A few of these have been on my wishlist for a while; they were also the last ones in stock and I couldn't find them on any other Dutch websites. I already have a puzzle on my table at the moment, but I am super excited to get started on these! Happy Thursday everyone <3
  • Walela617
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    Weigh In Day: Thursday
    PW (Previous Weight): 158.2 - 09/29/22
    CW (Current Weight): 158.2 - 10/20/22 (7.4 lbs. lost in September; 1 lb. lost so far in October.) No change in scale stats since 10/13.

    Hi everyone, Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I give up on the steps challenge here because I can't seem to manage staying consistent with that.

    My Lifestyle Change program had three "off weeks"; so I fell out of the habit of tracking my food, etc. Since we do have a call this evening I decided to pick up where I left off. Wouldn't you know it? It appears MFP is having some trouble and I am unable to access the food tracker. I will try again later.

    I will try to keep up going forward.

    Thank you and have a great day/night! (Carole)
  • Walela617
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    Here's what I get when I try to log in a food: (Are you having the same difficulty?)


    There was a problem with your request
    Sorry, but a server error occurred processing your request. Our team has been notified of the issue.
  • CasandraW
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    @Walela617 I just checked and my diary is working ok. Hopefully it’s just temporary.
  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    Here’s my weekly maintenance weigh-in report:

    Name: PatriceFitnessPal
    Weigh-in Day: Thursday
    PW: 127.1
    CW: 127.8

    SW: 168
    LTD: 40.2

    My maintenance goal is to stay between 120 and 130 pounds so I’d like to move closer to 125.
  • Pupowl
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    Steps 20 Oct: 14.652
    Good morning Shape Shifters. Yesterday I got some groceries and did laundry; I was all out of socks. Played some more video games, cuddled Tinus. Nothing special really. My sleep was really bad again. I had 3 nightmares that I woke up from crying, so that was fun. There was also some crazy rain and thunder for a bit which made sleeping hard. Around 5:25 Tinus showed up to cuddle which was nice. I made another attempt at sleep, but quickly realised it wasn't going to happen so I got up at 6:00. My weight was the same for 3 mornings in a row, so frustrating, especially when you have such a high deficit that that should be impossible. But this morning it finally dropped a decent amount. If I lose a tiny bit more tomorrow, I am still making the 2.2lbs loss a week I am aiming for. Happy Friday everyone <3
  • pedal__power
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    PW: 195.4
    CW: 198.2

    Happy Friday Shape Shifters! I was really motivated after a good loss last week and had a good week of eating well, exercising and logging my food. Unfortunately the scale was non-cooperative. My weight really seems to fluctuate on two week cycles, probably in line with my hormones. Overall, I'm feeling okay about it, I think I'm heading in the right direction and will keep at it.
  • CasandraW
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    @pupowl I’m sorry to hear about the nightmares, that must have been horrible.
    Also glad to hear the scale is cooperating today.

    @pedal__power that’s a great mindset.
  • SavageMrsMoose
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    Side rant:
    *Of course, no team can compete with the investment made in American college football, which absorbs about 90% of funding and causes all the other groups to fight over the scraps, but that’s an issue for another day. I do enjoy football but there are so many challenges to the money, injuries, and influence on young players! [/quote]

    As a mom to a daughter who was a D1 rower in college and a son who was a talented place kicker and qb who quit after a fellow player who’s series of serious football concussions possibly led to his suicide at 15….I relate to all this!

    My workout yesterday was 6 miles, with 4 at an 8:20-9:00 pace. I spent the morning at the vet, so I didn’t get to try until afternoon. I couldn’t do it. Run started with a weird popping sensation in my left hamstring. It didn’t hurt really, but I was stiff and tight otherwise and it seemed alarming. I finally felt comfortable with the warm up pace and then boom- I was supposed to get to my speed work. I tried- got there for a minute or so, but couldn’t sustain.

    My body is telling me this is too much, too fast and I’m going to get injured if I don’t listen.

    I’m still planning on my long run Saturday, but I’m seriously thinking of running the half marathon instead of the full so I can run with my daughter and enjoy myself.

  • frankwbrown
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    October week 3
    Weigh in day: Friday, October 21
    PW: 228.3
    CW: 226.3 ( lost 2.0 lbs; 0.88%) this week
    LTD: ( gained 0.5 lbs; 0.22%) this month
  • mulecanter
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    PW: 225
    CW: 222
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