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  • CasandraW
    CasandraW Posts: 409 Member
    @frankwbrown that sounds like a great way to fit some rest into your goals. Fatigued muscles need a break.
    @mulecanter great loss
  • cre804
    cre804 Posts: 300 Member
    PW 194.5
    CW 196.0

    Ugh. Stressful week, too many carbs. Hoping things will settle down next week. Had to prep for a yard sale which was today. Next is to decide on paint and redo my daughters room and finish in time for thanksgiving. Lots to do and very little time!
  • jessicakrall8
    jessicakrall8 Posts: 4,244 Member
    Hi Guys...busy week at work and I apologize for not posting much...I've been keeping up with all of the stats and that was the most I could do.

    Was able to finally get an appointment tonight at 6:30pm to get my 2nd COVID booster, so tomorrow will be a lazy day for me...might get to finish that book...just hoping I do the fever/chills thing...just hate that feeling. Think of me you guys...

    If anyone has a suggestion for next week's group challenge or something you feel you need more work on that might inspire a challenge, please drop me a note...I'll be off and on tomorrow depending on how I feel...enjoy your weekend!
  • angmarie28
    angmarie28 Posts: 2,713 Member

    I quit my 2nd job so I didnt have to work 51 + hours a week, now im down to 1 job and clocked in at 51 hours this week, haha. Anyways I picked up on all like 3 mini shifts this week, hence my absence. The 1 day I took off this week was my daughters birthday yesterday.

    Other news, I went to the store looking for a stool for my daughters new makeup desk and they store has a nice $800 exercise bike for 50% off. Ive wanted to buy one for forever but didnt want a cheap crappy one but also cant afford $800 to 1000, so I bot the bullet and bought me a bike for winter to ise inside when its -20°F out, sweet.
  • Pupowl
    Pupowl Posts: 928 Member
    edited October 2022
    Saturday weigh in
    PW: 238.8
    CW: 236.8
    Scale was the same as yesterday morning sadly. Would have really liked to lose that extra 0.2lbs. Now I need to lose it this week in order to stay on track. My sleep was better thankfully. Happy Saturday everyone <3

    Steps 21 Oct: 17.147
  • izzyred9400
    izzyred9400 Posts: 732 Member
    PW 141.4
    CW 140.8
    As my scales are in Stones & pounds I really didn't think I had lost so I had a nice surprise when I converted it to pounds.🙂
    Nice loss @Pupowl I know those decimal points can make a difference but you still had a loss so celebrate .
    @leni1us again only a small gain,you don't need to apologise,we have all been there.Sometimes life takes over & you lose control.Just get back on that horse,as you say it's all in the mindset,you've got this .
    @angemarie28 Oh gosh ! I thought you would be working less hours with your new job.Guess the extra money comes in handy.Hope you enjoy your new bike & you find a stool for your daughter.
    Have a great Saturday everyone.I am painting my bedroom today,it's taking so long as it's a big room & I'm doing it on my own.
    Tonight I'm going out for a meal with 2 friends & then we are going dancing.Hoping to find a place with 70s music for a good bop.🕺
  • kateineu
    kateineu Posts: 15 Member
    PW 177
    CW 177
  • izzyred9400
    izzyred9400 Posts: 732 Member
    My steps
    10/18 17,119
    10/19 9,281
    10/20 14,005
    10/21 12,467
  • Pupowl
    Pupowl Posts: 928 Member
    Thank you, great loss for you too! I know it's not much, but if I manage to lose 2.2lbs/1kilo a week, I will be back where I was in January this year in time for my birthday in March! I thought that would be a fun goal to go for. It was just a little frustrating that my weight didn't move 4 days of the week this time. Hopefully these tiny misses don't happen too often.
  • Nataliewr0403
    Nataliewr0403 Posts: 71 Member

    PW 137.4
    CW 136.6

    10/15 12,032
    10/16 10,797
    10/17 7,600
    10/18 8,695
    10/19 8,872
    10/20 9,431
    10/21 8,016

    Well, my steps are going back down again. With the busy work, Puppy going to PT 3 times a week I end up working very late (I work from home), I start working by 6:30 and finished at 9 pm a couple of days to compensate from taking doggo to the vet. there is one thing that I will not change and that is getting up at 4:45 to put one hour of some kind of workouts, 30 min cardio, weights, HITT...whatever is in the schedule for the day.

    This also brings the dificulty of falling asleep, with the stress comes all those rushing thoughts, conversations and arguments in my head. what I do to help me is instead of focusing on the problems I have to deal with, I pick a random subject that i am not too familiar with, like beer names and start thinking of 3 names that start with A, then 3 with B, etc. I never go up to G because I am out for the night.
    I am ready to bake a cake for my grandaughte's birthday, wish me luck
    Hope you guys have a great weekend.

  • Pupowl
    Pupowl Posts: 928 Member
    Funny to read about your idea to fall asleep! I sometimes do something similar when my brain is too busy, but I make a 'shopping list' of foods I like. So A for apple, B for biscuits etc. Sometimes I do cities in the world instead. It works quite well for me too. I hope your puppy is okay. Good luck with the cake and nice loss this week!
  • Yukie_OP
    Yukie_OP Posts: 233 Member
    Yukie_OP - Weigh-in Saturday
    PW: 131.8
    CW: 133.2

    Steps update (daily goal 6k)
    10/17 6,724
    10/18 13,698
    10/19 2,309
    10/20 13,350
    10/21 5,727
  • Pupowl
    Pupowl Posts: 928 Member
    Nice! Tiny losses will eventually be big together, so keep at it. :smile:
  • KHill875
    KHill875 Posts: 156 Member
    Friday weigh in
    PW: 142.2
    CW: 143.1

    10/19 - 14,015
    10/20 - 14,055
    10/21 - 17,023

    I struggled with logging food this week.
  • jessicakrall8
    jessicakrall8 Posts: 4,244 Member
    The October Week 4 Group Challenge is active and will begin on Sunday, Oct 23rd. Please join us as we discuss Emotional Eating and ways to combat it's clutches. Hope to see you there!

    Here's your link:

    Jessica :blush:
  • jessicakrall8
    jessicakrall8 Posts: 4,244 Member
    Only missing one weigh-in this week...thanks guys for pulling together and making my job easier as this week has been a tough one...

    @ewilhelm2487 Please report in and hope all is well! Thanks!
  • alleykat69
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    My steps for the week October 16-22

    Sunday 5149
    Monday 3026
    Tuesday 4830
    Wednesday 4395
    Thursday 7091
    Friday 3250
    Saturday 3813

  • Pupowl
    Pupowl Posts: 928 Member
    Steps 22 Oct: 17.772
    Good morning Shape Shifters. Not a very interesting Saturday. I got some fresh buns as my Saturday treat (still within calories of course) and a birthday card for my brother. He is celebrating next week and I often forget things like this, so I got it early when it was still on my mind. Had cat food for Tinus delivered so I don't have to worry about ordering stuff during Sinterklaas/Christmas time. It is always super busy then with packages so I rather get that sorted before. The rest of the day was pretty lazy. Happy Sunday everyone <3
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