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  • Katmary71
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    @Tamevv Maintaining is definitely worthwhile this time of year, it's not an easy one to lose weight or even maintain during this time. I'm going to try and do the same as you I think! And I'm still doing my side sit-ups btw, thank you for the inspiration.

    Ftofit Glad you didn't have much of a gain after the last week. Sounds like you've figured out what works best for you, I agree about the scale not always telling the whole story.

    @trooworld I absolutely love Daisy's outfit! Have a wonderful time at the zoo!

    @Vegan4lyfe2012 @laurelfit57 @davidji82 Way to go awesome losers! I always feel a little bad saying losers but you all know what I mean! You're winners to us!

    @19shmoo69 Woohoo, that's some serious worshipping! Or you did a lot of standing in kneeling during the service! I remember complaining when I was little going to a Catholic church that every time you get comfortable you have to change positions and kneel or stand. Of course it was easier then than it would be now!

    @askewcr I'm glad you went away for a holiday, so glad to hear your husband is getting better.

    Hi team, hope everyone had a great holiday! I've eaten more than I have in awhile with first going out for a sundae, then Thanksgiving, then Bill was here and we didn't eat the best but it was fun and I don't regret anything. I have an OB/GYN appointment tomorrow so I may have regrets after being weighed! I'm not feeling the best after the way I've been eating, I'm looking forward to how I'm going to feel after a day of eating healthy again. I got a cute rosemary tree as a mini Christmas tree, I'd read pines aren't good for cats and Asher eats leaves before hairballs so I didn't want to risk anything. I have a bunch of rosemary bushes though they're supposed to be replaced every 7 years or so and they're about 20 years old so perhaps I'll replace it with this one. We did a yoga challenge the last 5 days, it was pretty fun plus Bill just joined MFP so now he has a challenge under his belt, he was a good sport. OK gang, have a wonderful Monday, let's do this!
  • laurelfit57
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    Username: laurelfit57
    Weigh In Day: Sunday
    PW: 147.7
    CW: 147.7
    Goal Wieght 135-140

    Definitely excited about this! Staying the same this week was a win for me. Lol!
    I dropped off the grand kiddos at their new house, sitting on the couch, just trying to stay awake for another 30 minutes :-)
  • DrewsAnna
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    Hey y'all!

    I got real busy yesterday and was super tired last night. I packed up everything on my bookshelves, sofa table, etc.... moved everything that I could move and dusted & vacuumed. Helped hubby get Christmas decor., down from the attic. Now, I'm getting ready to decorate. Book shelves are almost done, then I'll start the village. It usually takes about a week for me to get everything done.

    Y'all have a good one!!

  • Tamevv
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    @katmary71 Had a run in with chocolate last night and am generally not being accountable with food. Need accountability so am calling on you to check in on me please - I have been doing my general exercise but not my muscle work (no side crunches for days 😔). Please call me on it! I am promising to myself I will do some before bed tonight 😊
  • Cornanda
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    @trooworld - Daisy's outfit is adorable.

    @Tamevv - Well? Did you do the side crunches? Is the chocolate out of sight? I'm sitting on the couch and quite sleepy. Stayed up late to watch the Packers lose, and now it's time to start the work week. I have to put in OT from now until further notice and everyone is grumpy about it, so not looking forward to it. Would like to sit here and doze a bit. Ask me if I got up and did my exercise.

  • trooworld
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    @Vegan4lyfe2012 @laurelfit57 @davidji82 Way to get it done on the leaderboard! Well done, teammates!

    @19shmoo69 Hahaha! Well done!

    @askewcr I'm glad you got away and enjoyed it.

    @Katmary71 Thank you! :D Yeah I'm not feeling the best either. That was a good idea to get a rosemary Christmas tree and I bet your house smells nice. Yay for completing the yoga challenge!

    @laurelfit57 Congrats on staying the same with the kids being there, that is definitely a victory!

    @DrewsAnna Do you have a Christmas village??? I ask because WE HAVE ONE!!! I am obsessed with it. We are still in the process of setting ours up and it's not as big as it used to be when we lived somewhere with more room but we love it. Good luck with decorating! I will include a pic of our village in the glory days when it was bigger. Later when we get this year's set up, I will include a pic.

    @Cornanda Thank you! Sorry about the OT, that stinks. DID you get up and do your exercise???

    Hi all. Yesterday's zoo visit was fabulous. It was miraculously not crowded, we drove right in and parked in the first aisle which is a miracle in itself. But then we went in and it wasn't crowded, not even the bus rides. We had a great time. Afterward, we went to a Thai restaurant that was just so-so. But it was a great day!

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"

  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    Hi MS..... You have a new member joining your wonderful team ... Please welcome @soaness :)
  • shaunarlr83
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    ⚖️WEIGH IN⚖️

    Weigh day Monday
    Previous weight - 184.6
    Current weight - 184.4

    Super surprised this wasn’t another gain, I even forgot and had a 3 egg omelette before weighing in.

    I have not hit any of my goals since the 20th when I slipped up and forgot to close out my exercise ring. I had actually stopped all food related goal hitting a few days prior. Life has been so crazy busy but I’m staying so calm, filling any slow moments reconnecting with my family! I needed this time so much!

    Hiking has become a priority again but I haven’t done a workout in weeks.

    My kids are both working but my sons new to him car already broke down so we’re all shuffling vehicle and bumming rides around here….not a fun time!

    I take a 2 hour test tomorrow to determine if I’m a good candidate for a job. I’m getting really excited about this but won’t be too disappointed if I don’t get it. It won’t be a fun job but it pays really well and the hours I will be working leave plenty of opportune times to hike some more!

    When my tooth was pulled they left a bone fragment and it has started to cause me pain so I also get it removed tomorrow.

    Husband won’t work with me to sign a waiver saying he won’t contest to a divorce, I will attempt to file it again tomorrow without the waiver but if I can’t get it done I will just leave the divorce up to him.

    I almost have half of my belongings packed up, I plan on going back Wednesday and staying until everything is packed and then on Saturday we are renting a uhaul and taking extra hands to load it all up and move for good.

    In the meantime I’ll be painting my moms living room, cleaning out storage room in her shop, trying to fix my sons car, and get back to goal hitting this week!!! I miss staying caught up with y’all! I am still here just super busy!!! Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!!! Sending love 💕
  • Tamevv
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    @cornanda Good morning, and yes, I did my exercise and yes the chocolate is all gone 😊. I also talked myself out of dessert and cleaned my teeth and went to bed with a book instead. I could hear DH up and rummaging for something for himself so stayed right away. It wasn’t a perfect day - work temptations got to me, but it was definitely a better day. Thanks for asking 😊👍. How bout you? Did you get that exercise done? I’ve done my usual morning session today and will do a set of strength after work.
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    Hi Again MS... You have another new member joining your amazing team ...Please welcome @hlnnan :)
  • Katmary71
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    @laurelfit57 Way to go!

    @DrewsAnna Have fun decorating! I'd love to see them if you get the chance and are willing to share!

    @Tamevv OK my friend, rein it in, it's time to get back to it! Get those side crunches done and check in with me! I did mine today, I thought of you but I'm not sharing my results not that I can see them after this last week! I had a run-in with Trader Joe's white chocolate peppermint pretzels and they're now banned in my house, time to lay off popcorn too for me. You got this, keep logging too even if you aren't eating perfect, it's easier to get back to it if you have one foot in. Woohoo, glad you did them yesterday and this morning!

    @Cornanda OT doesn't sound fun, good luck with it, you must be beat! Did you get up and do your exercise?

    @trooworld So glad you had fun at the zoo, I bet a lot of people went on Friday so it was a good day to go. LOVE your village!

    @soaness @hlnnan Welcome to Slimpossibles!

    @shaunarlr83 Way to go on the weigh-in! Good luck tomorrow on the test, I'm sure you'll do great. You definitely sound super busy, I'm so glad you're having a good time with your family and hope the final move goes well. Very impressed by how strong you're being, you got this!

    Hi team! I woke up super early but that meant I was able to get my workout in before my OB/GYN appointment. They double-booked the doctors and I was in the waiting room for quite awhile not feeling too hot and my BP went pretty high. The nurse wanted me to sit there and come back and redo it and I told her it would be worse because sitting without my legs elevated is painful and I'd been in the waiting room for an hour already, she had me lay down instead and it went back to slightly high instead of go-to-the-hospital high. Have a couple options of what to do next as far as female stuff but am weighing my options. I have an appointnent about procedures Wednesday so I want to get by that first. Back on track with food and exercise today and it feels good, yay! I won't lie, I'd love to munch on something tonight like I did the last almost week but my weight's up 4lbs so it's all about control! Have a great Tuesday everyone!
  • hlnnan
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    Hi everyone,

    Very pleased to join in and share motivation with you all! :)

    I have reined my diet in recently and,I am doing OK but my fitness now needs the same.

    Hoping to buck my usual December trend!
  • Cornanda
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    @trooworld - your zoo day sounds great and your village is amazing!

    @shaunarlr1983 - Lots going on for you and you are holding steady on the weight. Good work all around!

    @Tamevv - Nice work! Let me know how the rest of today goes----> see below

    @Katmary71 - Oh my gosh, I could not let those pretzels into my house at all. Yum! That sucks about waiting so long- I hope they come up with something that will help you.

    @hinnan- Welcome! Good luck with getting your fitness going.

    I did get off the couch and did my exercise yesterday. It felt good. I'm about to repeat that today. I did NOT eat well yesterday- I felt abnormally sleepy all day- very odd- like I was coming down with something- I spent the day munching to stay awake. I feel better today. Please ask me how my eating was on Tuesday.

  • gemwolf110
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    Good Morning! Just started a turkey to tree challenge. Nothing crazy but a good little kickstart to get back into exercising regularly. Tracking has gotten better and have tracked food for the last 20 days consecutively on WW. Planning on being more disciplined during December and next year. Hope all is well with everyone!
  • soaness
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    edited November 2022
    Hey yall, I’m Hanna 28 y/o and it’s been wonderful to join the team!

    I've recently consulted back with my nutritionist after 10 years :# since I’m in my highest weight ever for the majority of the year. I'm currently working on tracking and keeping my food diary updated. I get highly motivated when I’m in a group so I hope to share the good energy with you all~ <3
  • trooworld
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    @soaness Welcome to the team! :D That's great you are talking with a nutritionist. Tracking is key, so well done you!

    @shaunarlr83 I think it's great you didn't show a gain for your first weigh-in after Thanksgiving. And I bet you would have shown even more of a loss if you weighed in before the omelet! I'm glad you are getting family time in. Good luck with the 2-hour test, that sounds brutal! I had to take a test too for my job but it wasn't 2 hours. That's too bad that your husband won't cooperate. Does he think if he doesn't agree to sign the papers, that you will get back with him??? Sending love and hugs to you, too.

    @Tamevv Great job with the exercise and having a better day!

    @hlnnan Hi and welcome to the Slimpossibles! :D

    @Katmary71 Thanks, yeah it was a great day to go! Thanks, we love our village! Oh gosh, that sucks about the doctor's office. I'm glad your blood pressure went down. Way to go, resisting the munchies!

    @Cornanda Thank you, it's definitely a lot smaller now, that pic was from 2011 when we had an actual dining room to fill lol. Yay for getting off the couch! I hope you aren't getting sick. I will ask you tomorrow about eating today. I wish you a good day.

    @gemwolf110 Good luck with the challenge. Maybe it's just what you need to not gain during the holidays. Yay for tracking for 20 days, woo hoo!

    Hi all. I had a pretty good day yesterday. I ate more veggies and drank a tiny bit more water (still not enough, though). Happy Tuesday!

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
  • Tamevv
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    @Katmary71. Thanks for the pep talk - I do need a good kick in the bum right now 👍 I don’t know where my head is. It’s odd that the people in there are actually pretty quiet these days. Usually there are wars going on over what I should and shouldn’t do, but lately it’s been quiet. Funny, I hadn’t really noticed it till now. Hmm, self analysis day, here I come 😏. Anyway, so I have been slack in both tracking and water but those will be my focus today. Already done the minimum exercise including my side crunches. Glad to hear you are doing yours 👍. I’ve never had pretzels like that - probably a good thing 😂.

    @cornanda. Didn’t do my strength yesterday 😔. Have already done it today though - added it to the end of my morning workout which is a great strategy just means small adjustment to time management in the mornings. How did you go with exercise yesterday? And how was your food intake on Tuesday? Did you track everything? Seems we are in similar places right now - My focus is today is going to be water and tracking - both have been lax. Let’s both be on point today 💪😊
  • FushiaKat
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    User: FushiaKat
    Weigh In Day: Tuesday
    PW: 141.2
    CW: 142.8

    Up a tiny bit, not going to beat myself up over it. I feel smaller and the skirts I bought 2 weeks ago, I can pull them off without unzipping them. My wedding ring feels too big, and I just got to wear it after many years of it being too small. I might have to return some skirts. I increased my calories by 50 a day. It's the holiday season but I'm not feeling very festive. I will put out our advent calendars today.

    I went to the audiologist to get my hearing aids adjusted this morning; I can stand the sound of running water now. It sounds more normal to me. I had no idea hearing aids were so complicated. I have to relearn how to hear normal sounds that I have not heard for years. My world was actually pretty quiet. I confess I miss the quiet, the world is so noisy. I still can't hear the sounds our microwave makes. I had to ask my husband it if makes sounds. He said he hears it every time I use it.

    I got new tires on my Jeep Saturday and I have it scheduled to get an alignment tomorrow morning. The hood release cable got fixed last week.

    Our homeowner's insurance decided they no longer want to do business in our area so I'm looking to find another company. I hate insurance and taxes.

    It's time to make lunch. I hope everybody has a good week.
  • happysquidmuffin
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    Weigh in: Tuesday
    PW: 138
    CW: 137.5

    Welcome, new peeps. Happy Tuesday! I am trying to buck my trend of going way over on calories since Thanksgiving… I’m doing well so far, and I worked out at the gym twice today. Just gotta avoid sugar and get plenty of protein and today will be a good day.
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