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    How can it be December already?? I FINALLY got to the gym yesterday, it was wonderful! I haven’t been able to do any physical exertion at all with out going into coughing spasms for almost all of November. I really took it easy and actually made it through my spin class. I have definitely had the goal of just maintaining all week, I have tracked pretty consistently so I am happy with that. Grand kiddos are coming for the weekend again so maintaining is my goal for the week:).
    It’s is bitterly cold here again this week so Vannie and I have been going for walks in Home Depot, Lowe’s and Chapters:).
    I wanted to get a post in while I am sitting here waiting for my tires to get checked and rotated as I think it will be another busy weekend with the kiddos! Hope everyone has a great weekend (I am now going to read back and see is I can catch up on everyone’s news
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    @gemwolf110 That sounds fun! I get comparing when you were able to do more but feeling bad about where you're at will just make you bummed out, make some new goals and be the best “now” you you can be, you'll get into good shape again!

    @trooworld Oh no I wish those darn migraines would stay away from you! I can relate to all those, I thought the description of being angry so you want to conquer large amounts of food was kind of funny but makes sense, I have definitely have conquered large quantities of food when angry! Great job on the weigh-in and getting all the extra lbs off.

    @happysquidmuffin Woohoo, you've got a streak going now, keep up the great work!

    @Tamevv Oh no, can you set an alert on your phone? I'm still working out and I upped my side sit-ups to 50 on each side today! What about you, did you do it today? I actually work out at home, I started at home on my recumbent bike and went to the gym for about 9 months until COVID then my pain condition relapsed at the same time and I can't do much with my legs. It was REAL hard to go to the gym because I was so anxious, my goal the first day was just to walk in the door! I like that I can blast music and sing at home, I don't want to get tossed out of the gym for forgetting where I am and singing with my earphones on! The music I think mentally cheers me for the day so I'm sticking with home workouts for now.

    @19shmoo69 You have to email the pic to yourself and upload it through a computer, it's a pain to do but the only way I can post in groups. Yum that sounds amazing!

    @DrewsAnna Hugs my friend, think a lot can come up with the death of a parent even if it's a strained relationship. Be gentle with yourself, maybe make a small goal for now that doesn't seem too hard to help you feel better whether it's health-related or self-care like taking a nice bath or reading to help you feel a little better.

    @Cornanda Have a wonderful time at the nature area, sounds fun!

    @shaunarlr83 I hope everyone around you is feeling better soon! Good luck with the move, I hope this is kicking off an amazing December for you!

    @hlnnan I really hope the self consciousness fades! I was as bad as having panic attacks when riding my recumbent bike by myself in the beginning, I'd gone off an anti-anxiety medication that I'd been on for over 20 years for nerve pain and had panic attacks at stuff that used to just cause me a little anxiety. Exercise, talking to people I don't know, and driving were awful but I didn't want to hide in my closet doing nothing the rest of my life so I forced myself to do it with the help of a therapist. I hope you aren't at the panic attack part but I get the self-consciousness for sure. Sometimes I forget with my pain condition relapsing that I didn't fall as far as I think and am still doing better than before, thank you for the reminder.

    @laurelfit57 I'm so glad you were able to get back in the gym, woohoo, you're unstoppable! Have a great weekend with the grandkids!

    So happy to see all the posts, looks like we're going into December strong! I had a charity meeting last night that went well though I'm not sure how much I'll be able to help with our next event helping the food bank with a”shopping spree” setting up the barn with toys then taking qualified kids through to pick out presents. It sounds so fun I'd love to help but standing is hard for me so I may just help with the setup. Worked out this morning then got some shopping done, stores are starting to get crowded! Oh and I managed to have a salad and a beer at Roundtable and no pizza, I'm pretty proud of myself though it didn't look that good. Went to Trader Joe's with a few of the women and got teased about all my healthy food, one shook her head when I said I forgot to get one of the fall kombuchas, haha. Five years ago I'd have my basket filled with peppermint chocolate goodies but only brought home some little “cakes” that are 110 calories each so I'm proud of myself. Have a great Saturday! I'll be at my parents helping with setting up decorations tomorrow.
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    @Katmary71 @trooworld @DrewsAnna Thank you all so much! I'm really looking forward to meeting some goals with the help of this group.

    A little about me: I'm Sidonnie, a 41 y/o Jamaican actually living in Jamaica. I am a teacher who works about an hour away from where I live. I have 3 kids (ages 12, 6 and 4) and I'm a regular gym goer (4 days a week). I say all that to say my plate is really full and so I may not be able to post as often as I would like. But, I will ensure I post AT LEAST once a week, usually on a Friday or Saturday.

    I know what to do to reach my goals but I've been having a hard time actually doing it. My biggest problem is my eating. I seem to have very little self-control lately. Not sure why, might be stress, or being tired all the time, or maybe overwhelmed with life, I don't know. But usually when I'm in challenges I don't want to let my group members down so I do what I must to stay on track and help the team. I really hope that this is the case this time around. This week wasn't the best, but I promise to give it my all next week.

    So excited about this group!
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    @cornanda. I cant actually remember if I did strength yesterday or not!! The days are just blurring by. Today I’ve done a double workout plus strength. I don’t have set days anymore - kids are finishing up school and routines are totally out the window. I’m still closing my rings every day - am on 112 day streak with that, and I do at least 30mins on the elliptical every morning. I’ll have a ponder and find something I can commit to. Thanks for the prompt 😊. How is your to do list looking? Did it get any shorter? I tackled mine a bit today as well, but I seem to find that in the process of ticking things off I discover other things that weren’t on it yet, so it never gets any shorter, just different items on it 🫤

    @katmary71 Yes!! I have worked hard and been busy today and feeling tired but satisfied. Ate poorly yesterday but well today.

    @trooworld that’s a huge loss this week! Great work!!! A visual reminder would be good actually, will do that 👍

    @hlnnan. I only work out at home too but there are some really great classes on you tube. Have a look around and even watch a few different classes without even doing them might help you find a series you would feel comfortable to try. And start small - don’t feel you have to do a whole class in one go - just start one and do it till you feel uncomfortable then turn it off. Gradually you will feel better about it and more confident in yourself 😊
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    @trooworld I'm gluten free so I have to find alternatives. I was watching a fitness video and the YouTuber made pizza using an egg whites recipe. The recipe was not shared and all I could think was it had to be cloud bread. I think I was wrong but it worked.
    Yes coffee always makes me feel good!
    @shaunarlr83 by what I've seen most cloud bread recipes are the same. A good mixer to get good stiff peaks on the egg whites. I added a bit of corn starch just to give it a bit of firmness. The key is to have fun with the food. That why I did the roll. I knew it was too soft to eat as a pizza slice. I looked and thought I could sushi roll it. Bam, pizza roll. With that said if you do a large portion use parchment paper or a silpat.
    @Katmary71 I may have to do that.
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    The December team chat is now open! Please continue to post this week's stats here for today, and go to the new thread to (re)introduce yourselves and set some plans for December in motion:


    While you're in planning mode, the new habit tracker is up as well:
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    The December Week 1 Challenge is ready to roll first thing Sunday. Let's start December with a strong week.

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    I did a digital detox yesterday,got so much time and energy for myself and family. :)
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    @trooworld - Yay for the loss! Today I ate leftover stir fry for breakfast. This has to do with me trying to replace toast items with vegetables and I'm tired of all the things I usually do with my breakfast veggies.

    @laurelfit57 - Hi! Glad to hear you are starting to feel better and hope you have a lovely weekend with the grandkids. I'm glad there are warm places to walk with Vannie.

    @Katmary71 - Love hearing about your healthy habits. Your story about TJ made me smile.

    @jamaicanlady - It sounds like you have a busy life! I have let things slide a bit- lost some self control- so I hear you. I'm trying to put things back into place one step at a time.

    @Tamevv - Lol, I'm glad to hear that others forget things too! I definitely understand how crazy things can be when you have school age kids. Mine are grown, so my schedule is pretty much my own. Maybe just keep reporting your plans and progress here and tagging me- when you have time to post. And yes, that's exactly what happened yesterday- I ticked some things off the To Do and then found a few new ones to add......

    Hubs and I had a great day yesterday! It was nice to be outside and enjoying a beautiful day!


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    Forgot to weigh in yesterday

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