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    Heather you should be very proud 💕Handsome young man!
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    Today's Lunch Walk

    Once I got past the cruise ship crowd, it was really nice. Hardly any people. I have to be creative these days to find places to walk where tourists don't go!

    Walking by myself at lunch does make having to talk to people in the afternoon more tolerable. :)

    And I hiked up 15 flights of stairs.


    Getting there!

    Machka in Oz
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    30 Days of Gratitude

    1. Smell - freshly cut grass on our lawn.
    2. Technology - the amazing advancements in medical technology.
    3. Colour - blue. Beautiful blue sky peaking through the clouds.
    4. Food - soup. That's what I've been eating just recently because there's less chewing. We always keep a few cans of soup on hand for situations like these.
    5. Sound - my music. I've recently acquired a number of nature sounds CDs with music playing along with sounds of ocean waves, birds, and so on. Lovely.
    6. Nature - I love nature. It would be incredibly difficult for me to pick just one thing. I am so grateful that there is nature and that I can enjoy it.
    7. Memory - Winter 2017. The last time I visited my parents and a wonderful 1-month holiday to Canada that June/July. My husband and I did two cycling events and a lot of other cycling. We climbed mountains and explored a glacier. We visited friends and family.
    8. Book - Norman Doidge's The Brain's Way of Healing. I found it inspirational!
    9. Place - home. I've moved and travelled a lot and home is wherever I happen to feel really comfortable. Right now, home is a certain house here in Tasmania where I can go and just be myself (mostly, for even a little while). Home is where I can lie down on the sofa and doze off when I've had a rough day, like I did yesterday.
    10. Taste - salt. My favourite taste. :) On the one hand I need salt because of my exercise and medications, on the other hand I need to reduce my salt because of my kidneys. But given the choice, I'll usually go salty over sweet ... or maybe salty and sweet!
    11. Holiday - Christmas!!!!
    12. Texture - smoothness. I like smooth clothes, smooth sheets, Rhody's smooth fur ...
    13. Abilities - I don't really think of myself in terms of having abilities. I've sort of thought of myself as "the jack of all trades, master of none". However, organisation is one that I've been thankful for throughout my life.
    14. Sight - the beauty all around. In our yard, where we go cycling, where I work, and travelling around this island.
    15. Season - I like the seasons in the following order from best to worst: Summer, Autumn ............ Spring ................... Winter.
    16. What about your body are you grateful for? Healing ... that it heals. Mostly anyway, and perhaps imperfectly, but healing does take place.
    17. What knowledge are you grateful for? Everything I do know. It all contributes to my work, my carer role, and my other activities.
    18. Piece of art - of the arts, I think the two I appreciate the most are literature and music. On the subject of music, I have really appreciated discovering ABC Classic FM on the radio and the app on my phone. I pop in my earbuds at work and I can focus on my work while feeling relatively relaxed at the same time. :)
    19. Touch - Rhody's fur, his little wet nose, his whiskers
    20. Who in my life - my husband. I'm glad he is still in my life. My parents who have always been supportive.
    21. Song - He Is -- Mark Schultz. One of several songs that has been with me through the difficult times.
    22. Story - I'm grateful that there are so many stories! I love reading. It provides me with a much-needed distraction.
    23. Tradition - I like the little traditions of Christmas. :)

    Machka in Oz
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    <3 reading. Last day of work for the week. Tomorrow begins an extra long weekend for me. Five days. I will reply to everyone tomorrow while my ham is baking. Love and hugs. ttfn xoxoxo KJ (Kelly)
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    Better now, I can breathe again... and I'm warm down to my bones. Not sure what sparks those chills, but they show up every few days, and go away as fast as they came.

    Corey picked us up a four-pound turkey breast yesterday, and I've got it in the fridge thawing. Ooh, the chilling distracted me--I need to get some fresh bread going. Will check back in later...

    Lisa in AR
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    Margaret, I read that book for the first time, IN FRENCH, in my HS French class and fell in love. I have it in both French and English in my library. Has so many wonderful life lessons.
    “For I must endure the presence of two or three caterpillars to be acquainted with the butterflies.”
    “Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

    OH Rita, we LOVE KennyG too

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone tomorrow!
    Grateful for...
    23-*tradition-krumkake with "the girls"
    Love and Blessings, Carla, in MN
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    Good morning ladies!
    I did my dumbbells last night Yay! Thirty reps. My knee is a little sore this morning, I might wear the knee brace later on. I really only feel it on the stairs. Next up is yoga.

    I am building up the energy to clean my hovel of a bedroom. Pretty soon! That might be my Christmas project. In between reading all my new books. For now I have bills to pay and gifts to wrap.

    I just heard on TV strategies to break up a big dinner so it doesn't get overwhelming. They said to save an errand, like fetching ice, so that you can slip out if you want too. Since we are just across the street, I can always slip out to check on my dog. Teddy really hates being alone. It's the only time he gets up on tables. He barks himself hoarse. I would think dinner would be about two hours, except that other guests are coming for dessert and who knows when they will arrive. So maybe I will slip out in between. I know my Mom won't stay for too long.

    And then Christmas shopping starts. My mom said she wanted chrysanthemums to plant for her birthday, so I bought them a month ago, and now they are dying on the back porch. They were glorious while they lasted.

    Well, enough of my rambling. Have a great day, my friends!

    Annie in Delaware

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    Lisa cold chills off and on for days sounds strange. I looked it up and it says that possibly you are getting colder than usual. Due to cold weather or fighting off an illness. Whatever it is I hope you feel better soon!

    💕 Mary from Arizona/Minnesota
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    Pg 46

    Don’t know where the time is going to these days. 😝 I’ve a lot to catch up on.

    PipI hope Lucy is on the mend that foot looked very painful.

    Dr Katie: My beloved Nana would give us a small knob if butter coated in sugar if we were poorly. I’m sure we often faked it just for the ‘treat’. 😝

    Vicki: That was such a kind thing to do for you lady guest. So sorry about your cousin.

    November Gratitude:
    1. smell. Vanilla ice cream
    2. technology. Internet - access to y’all
    3. colour. Golden tones of autumn
    4. food. Mussels in white wine
    5. sound. The sound of DH in the kitchen making morning tea
    6. nature. Woodland and mountains
    7. memory. Holding my 11 day old DGD on Christmas morning 1994
    8. book. All books 😝
    9. place. My garden
    10. taste. Chocolate
    11. holiday. Cruise to Norway to see the Northern lights. We did so many things on that cruise.
    12. texture. There are so many textures, but I love the sleek silkiness of my hair when it is newly washed.
    13. abilities. I find it invaluable to be able to concentrate and focus on the positive, and use my analytical acumen. I can bring it to bear in finding the positive in unhelpful events. Learn from experience, so to speak.
    14. sight. Literally grateful for my sight. I only have good sight in one eye due to a birth defect in the optical nerve in my left eye. I don’t miss what I never had, but am super aware of the importance of my one good eye.
    15. season. Spring is my fav season. It’s a symbol of renewal.
    16. about your body. My sturdy strength, and the ability to heal quickly.
    17. knowledge. My happiness is entirely up to me. Happiness isn’t something that you have to put off until x, y, or z, or some event which may or may not happen. I look for happiness in simple things, a beautiful sky, birds singing, raindrops running down the window pane, autumn leaves. Also, it’s not my responsibility to make other people happy.
    18. piece of art. Too many to list 😂
    19. touch. The feeling of clean linen on the bed
    20. who. My DH. He looks after me so well.[/spoiler]
    21. song. Cyndi Lauper: Girls just wanna have fun: anything by Cliff Richard, Tina Turner, Queen, ShaniaTwain …. etc etc etc
    22. story. Jesus of Nazareth
    23. tradition. Christmas
    24. challenge.
    25. moment this week.
    26. form of expression.
    27. daily use item.
    28. what happen today.
    29. friend/family member.
    30. talent or skill

    We’re going out to dinner tonight with BiL and SiL. They are off to NYS next week to visit our niece and family for Xmas and I have gifts to be taken over.

    Virtual (((hugs))) and 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 for those who need them.

    🙋‍♀️ Miele failte to the newbies.

    💕💖💕 to all

    ☘️ Terri

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    23. Tradition I'm grateful for: Tradition, to me, implies a continuity that I've never had. My life has led me from pillar to post and in so many directions that I never tried to establish a tradition. As I was typing that, I realized that there was one. With my ex-husband, I would buy him a gift at Christmas that was "If I had the money, I would have bought you a real one." Over the years, those varied from a tiny toy Porsche to a model of the Space Shuttle, to a tiny crystal pig. When I left him, I left that tradition behind me.

    Bread's made, pretty much my only ambition for today, and feeling pretty exhausted. I think I'll go lay down for awhile.

    Mary - thanks for the research. It could well be the wintry weather here the last few weeks. We're supposed to warm up for the next few weeks, so maybe that will give me a break from the chills.

    Lisa in AR

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    21. song. I love Kenny G. Saxophone music. I’m grateful for anything by him. Relaxing to me.
    22. story. One Special Night
    23. tradition. A Christmas tree no matter how small or large! ( I’ve had a 10 foot tree and now have a 3 foot tree in the camper)
    24. challenge.
    25. moment this week.
    26. form of expression.
    27. daily use item.
    28. what happen today.
    29. friend/family member.
    30. talent or skill

    The Elton John concert was live on The Disney channel.

    We were invited to a gathering at the Ranger’s house, but it will be mostly his family. Though we’ve met and know most of them, we feel out of place so will have a quiet day at home. Will video chat with family one at a time as they are all spread out over the country. I prefer quiet, or small gatherings like a lot of you.

    RvRita in NM
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    Heather - I am listing to Food Glue quite fun, but Stephanie goes a bit about a US chocolate chip and she got it all confused. LOL So I sent her a email telling her what it really is. She thought that Toll House was the brand of chip, where The Toll House Inn is where the chocolate chip cookie was invented, and the brand is Nestle.

    smiles Kim
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    I did my yoga and marching Yay! This year I will have a great head start on the January health push. Maybe by then I will reach the level I was at! It would be so excellent if my belly were smaller by then. Some of my yoga poses are limited by my belly being squished. Hmm. A rational person would find a tape measure and get a benchmark measurement. It's a little tricky because my belly bloats unpredictably, but I could give it a try.

    Edited to add: I'm starting with a belly measurement of 40 inches. Off we go!

    Annie in Delaware