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    Kim - I haven't heard the choc chip one! :) The most recent one is when he talks about his food memories of home and how he learnt to cook. When he mentions chardonnay and candles, he doesn't say he was having them in the bath! :p And the risotto was tomato.
    I'd like to ask everyone on here, in honour of my son Tom, what was the cookery book that was the most important to you? He talks about Nigel Slater's 'Real Fast Food', mine is Elizabeth David’s 'French Provincial Cooking', which I used to have by my bedside at uni. I read it over and over. There are others, but that was the 'one'.
    For a man with severe anxiety, it is amazing he is doing all this stuff! Thanks for listening. <3

    I negotiated no proper presents with my son yesterday. Just a food item or two to open on the day as we are going to theirs. Phew! I've ordered Bajan Hot Sauce for him so far. :p People were talking about it on the radio this morning.
    I'm waiting for DDIL's suggestions for the grandchildren. Those are our only real presents this year. :D
    DH and I will do our Father Christmas presents in bed. We enjoy that. <3

    Going to my son's will mean no alcohol, but we can always open a bottle of champagne when we get home.

    Love to all, and let me know about your cookery book!

    Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    My favorite cookbook was Joy of Cooking. It had so many great explanations.

    Annie in Delaware
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    :) The Joy of Cooking. I have an ancient copy that belonged to my mother.
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    I had to look up The Joy of Cooking on Wikipedia. Interesting genesis of the book and a fascinating history. :D

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Lisa - I have that same cookbook. Loved it.

    My first was a collection put together by the ladies at my church when I was in elementary school.

    Okie in the TX Hill Country
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    Well, I managed to get rid of an old device, put two phones in the archive drawer, and plug in chargers for my new earbuds and my new Kindle. But in the process, I have discovered a thick layer of dust, another pile of books, and a collection of empty bags. It's really time for an overhaul.

    I also found my old earphones with a jack. They don't need charging and they should fit my new phone, which has an audio jack. They are likely a better option for audiobooks on my phone.

    The others are for my Kindle, which only takes Bluetooth earbuds. But the Kindle is kinda large to tuck into a pocket. It might need a purse or a fanny pack. This is all so complicated and the technology probably won't last more than a few years. But if it all works, it will be marvelous!

    Annie in Delaware
    Who is feeling social today!

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    Afternoon ladies
    Drove all the way up to Provincetown and back today stopping along the wayat shops we wanted to but ugh,im not feeling well
    Im constipated ( sorry TMI)
    and the kidneys are bothering me ,we are back at the hotel and you were so right im glad I brought the heating pad with me..
    When I was a child i never took out kids books i took out cook books,from the library..my mom got me a childrens cookbook that I think I gave to Tracy.. and Doris gave me that Betty Crocker one that you showed.. my favorites were print outs from my 8th grad home economics teacher she was adventurous. And i still have alot of them,also have my grandmothers recipe box and she was one heck of a cook..
    Neither Doris or I are really hungry so we might just stay in tonight and save ourselves for dinner at 1 tomorrow.
    Well going to pop a few tylenol..but first

    Out for walk today...
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    My favorite cookbook are The Betty Crocker Cookbook that I got when I left home in 1969 and The American Home Cookbook that my mom gave me the same year. I still have and use both of them.. The Betty Crocker is by far my favorite but the American Home has different recipes especially in the baking section.

    Betsy in Alaska and on 12/8 will be back in NW WA
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    Considering I have actively avoided cooking my whole life ... I didn't have and don't have a favourite cookbook.

    But I have done a little bit of baking and there is one recipe I would like to find again.

    M in Oz
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    My favorite cookbook was Joy of Cooking. It had so many great explanations.

    Annie in Delaware

    I got that cook book as a wedding gift from wedding #1. Still have it.
    My favorite is what we all call the red and white cook book- it is the Better Homes and Garden. Another wedding gift.
    Mom has it too. She got a new version and gave her old one to my sister, then asked for it back because some of the recipes had changed. I use it more than any of my other cook books.
    I have some really old cookbooks I collected over the years. Rarely use any of them.
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    I also have the Betty Crocker Cook Book from the 1960's edition. I still use it to make my fruit cake. Another book I have used and used is one from a Methodist Church we belonged to at one time. I have many favorite recipes from it that introduced me to local cooking Southern fare. Growing up in a Middle Georgia farm community, I had never experienced many different types of foods.

    Carol in GA
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    Oops, looks like I forgot to post yesterday

    Tuesday: Worked then went for my prolia injection. Stopped at Michael’s since I’d heard that they had v-neck t-shirts and I need one for someone to print something on for me. The only ones they had were very light, you could see thru the white ones. I’m thinking that I’ll look at the Salvation Army for a better quality one. I’m thinking that I’ll only be able to find crew neck shirts, and I want a v-neck. But we shall see. Ceramics tonight

    After Michaels went to Hobby Lobbby. Needed a small bird for an ornament but I could only find a small one at Michaels but it had a clip on it so I didn’t get that one and the only small one they had at HL was a pack of 6. I only need 1 but I had to buy the pack

    Totally forgot to ask at BK for the bag, but I’m thinking that they’ll let me so I made the brine and am letting it cool right now

    dustflame – welcome

    Lanette – Lorna Kathy – what a lovely name

    M – what a dent!

    Only 211 days until summer...just saying’…….lol

    Wednesday: worked but I have tomorrow off so the plan is to do Gilad Cuts and Curves DVD. Went for a walk today and hope to again tomorrow a.m. Got the turkey in to brine (I remembered the bag from BK today!), made the topping for the sweet potato casserole

    Debbie – ohhhhhh...how horrible. Glad you got in and seen. Since you can’t eat...rest

    Rori – what a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday!

    Flea – BIG HUG

    I am definitely an extrovert. When everything was shut down during the pandemic, I thought for sure I’d go out of my mind. Cleaned everything, even the top of my freezer! I like having small groups for company mainly so that we can have a good chance to converse and I have my attention on just those people. Now Vince is the introvert. If it were up to him, he’d stay home all the time. Of course, that’s not practical. But there are times when he can go a week without getting out of the house. Me? I have to be going somewhere just about every day.

    Yes, I really liked Joy of Cooking. The explanations were very basic, which is what I needed

    Allie – someone is really enjoying themselves!

    M – which recipe would you like to find?

    Better post this before I forget again.

    Michele NC
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    Sue - have a wonderful visit with your family.

    Heather - I am learning to enjoy my alone time and have started to miss it if I don’t get enough. I seem to have the perfect balance going on right now.

    Machka - I love Christmas music as well.

    Ginny - I am very familiar with Presque Isle. I am from Woodstock in NB, which borders Houlton. I grew up in the Saint John River Valley, Hartland. One of my fondest memories of my paternal grandfather is a trip “over ‘cross”. We crossed in Presque Isle and went to one of the big department stores. He bought my brother and I a sled that looked like a snowmobile our Dad owned. I have a picture of us on that sled. I should find it.
    I wondered when you said Northern Maine if I would know where you were talking about. It’s a Small World.

    We did a Christmas gift exchange at work this year. I’m very glad because the last two years we have all bought for each other in the Leadership team.

    The Manor gives gifts to all the staff and we as the Leadership team have to sign each card

    Karen - your brother is very talented.

    Debbie - that sounds so painful. I hope you are able to get healed and fixed fast.

    Barbie - I love that meme.

    I have to get some more done on my stocking so will have to finish catching up tomorrow.

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    making desserts later this evening- a bit of a cheat but that is ok.
    Box mix for the brownies and pre-made mini pie crusts, filled with canned blueberry pie filling topped with a simple struessel topping.
    Veggie/meat/cheese tray will be put together tomorrow-was going to be two trays but think I will just make one bigger one. Steam some broccoli and pick up a bag salad kit.
    Taking pineapple brandy over so Sue can try it. Will skip the Norco tomorrow, especially if I have a llittle of the brandy.
    Had one this morning and was really tired, rested on the couch most of the day. Good thing my daycare girl is such a couch potato when we let her. Had some projects to do and some new toys to check out. She was really good.
    I usually put all the Christmas decorations up this weekend but will have to wait and see. DH will be gone each day at WonderCon. Son will be working. Lots of decluttering to do in the living room to make room for the decorations.
    Looking forward to the four day weekend.
    Root canal and new temporary crown on Wed.

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    I thought I posted that last night
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    Pg 54

    The meal was excellent. I’m pleased with myself for pre-picking my choices from the online menu to fit into my calories for today.

    Dr Katie: Hooray! For the negative test.

    Mary Arizona: We play Phase 10 with BiL and SiL when we go on holiday together. We love it.

    Off to bed. It’s after midnight.

    November Gratitude:
    1. smell. Vanilla ice cream
    2. technology. Internet - access to y’all
    3. colour. Golden tones of autumn
    4. food. Mussels in white wine
    5. sound. The sound of DH in the kitchen making morning tea
    6. nature. Woodland and mountains
    7. memory. Holding my 11 day old DGD on Christmas morning 1994
    8. book. All books 😝
    9. place. My garden
    10. taste. Chocolate
    11. holiday. Cruise to Norway to see the Northern lights. We did so many things on that cruise.
    12. texture. There are so many textures, but I love the sleek silkiness of my hair when it is newly washed.
    13. abilities. I find it invaluable to be able to concentrate and focus on the positive, and use my analytical acumen. I can bring it to bear in finding the positive in unhelpful events. Learn from experience, so to speak.
    14. sight. Literally grateful for my sight. I only have good sight in one eye due to a birth defect in the optical nerve in my left eye. I don’t miss what I never had, but am super aware of the importance of my one good eye.
    15. season. Spring is my fav season. It’s a symbol of renewal.
    16. about your body. My sturdy strength, and the ability to heal quickly.
    17. knowledge. My happiness is entirely up to me. Happiness isn’t something that you have to put off until x, y, or z, or some event which may or may not happen. I look for happiness in simple things, a beautiful sky, birds singing, raindrops running down the window pane, autumn leaves. Also, it’s not my responsibility to make other people happy.
    18. piece of art. Too many to list 😂
    19. touch. The feeling of clean linen on the bed
    20. who. My DH. He looks after me so well.[/spoiler]
    21. song. Cyndi Lauper: Girls just wanna have fun: anything by Cliff Richard, Tina Turner, Queen, ShaniaTwain …. etc etc etc
    22. story. Jesus of Nazareth
    23. tradition. Christmas
    24. challenge.
    25. moment this week.
    26. form of expression.
    27. daily use item.
    28. what happen today.
    29. friend/family member.
    30. talent or skill

    Virtual (((hugs))) and 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 for those who need them.

    🙋‍♀️ Miele failte to the newbies.

    💕💖💕 to all

    ☘️ Terri

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    Flea-what a journey you had

    Debbie-adopted kids are family! I am glad there is a plan for your poor mouth.

    Tracey-and I have been to Woodstock! It is a beautiful part of the world!

    Machka-good of you participating in Secret Santa! Those are usually fun. We are having a White Elephant at work with my immediate group. Regarding energy-have you had your Vitamin D levels checked? Mine tanked a few years ago-very slowly-and I was always exhausted. And of course, iron levels.

    Kim-you have quite the activities planned!

    Lisa-low iron can also cause chills.

    Heather-do not believe I have ever owned a cook book. I guess I just picked up still from my mom. I often just toss stuff together that sounds appealing. In recent years I have downloaded a variety of different recipes. Mainly healthier alternatives to some of the comfort food I grew up on.

    Rita-I can understand choosing to not go to dinner with others. Isn't it good we are confident enough to make choices?

    Allie-should you be contacting your kidney doctor?

    Katla-hope you see DH soon.

    Looking forward to my quiet day tomorrow. Will do some work stuff but I am ok with that. Friday and Saturday will be family time.

    Was up very early this am. I can't believe when I was younger I liked to sleep so much my mother would say I would sleep my life away!

    Take care all,

    Ginny in Ohio

    Ready for the long weekend
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    The Elton John concert was live on The Disney channel.

    RvRita in NM

    I went to the Elton John concert a couple of weeks ago. He sang for a solid 2.5 hours, with the gusto of a young 'un. His voice was in shape, though he did not indeed go to the higher notes. I suspect that is because of his throat cancer, rather than his age. I will tell you, he had more energy playing that piano than I do in nearly any day of my life.

    It was the third time seeing him. The first time, was with Billy Joel. The second in Las Vegas when he was in residency there. All were excellent shows.

    Frankly, I don't know how some of these artists in their 60s and 70s or older, such as Iron Maiden keep up the energy to tour.

    Tina in CA