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    Debbie - so sorry to hear about the melanoma, on top of your dental trauma. That is a lot at once!

    Annie in Delaware
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    Mary The culprit in Roundup is gylphosate. They mention it frequently in the dog summit lectures and discussions I listen to. All of us have it in our system to some degree because it got into our water supply. The better water filtering systems eliminate or reduce it. The problem with it is it acts like an antibiotic in our soils and our guts. Dogs because they are closer and more involved in the soil than us have 7x our level.

    When I was recently going through my dad's papers. I came across a paper written by one of his colleagues. It was about the chemical process of plants absorbing pesticides. What struck me was how it stuck just to the facts of how the pesticides chemically worked through the plant. He seemed to think It only stayed in the plant for a few weeks. He didn't state how that was determined nor was there anything about the effect of the animals other than us who ate the plants or how it affected animals like frogs and toads. He also did not discuss that plants have some natural pesticides in them already.

    My dad worked at Monsanto through the early 70's. I never heard him talk about what the long term effects of these chemicals.

    Perhaps that is why I do not always jump on the science bandwagon.

    :heart: Margaret
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    Barbara you are right, there is only a smidge of protein in my smoothie. The rest of my diet gives me an average of 71 grams of protein daily. Yay for MFP making these numbers available!

    But I really needed the fruits and veggies, especially the green leafy spinach. So it fits me. And it tastes good too!

    Annie in Delaware
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    auntiebk wrote: »
    Just skimming while finishing my tea (and procrastinating on the reimbursement spreadsheet)

    Welcome @FLMOM22 Cindy in FL! Tomorrow evening Barbie will post the link to next month’s thread, be sure to bookmark it.

    Lisa prayers for your DD and 7 yr old GD and Levi. Hope the ex is shipped far away for a long long time. What Heather, Teri and other have said about how blessed your daughter is to have you for a mom.
    Katla so glad you got to lunch with your DH and he could chat with your son. ((hugs))
    Rebecca if anyone could sing, play piano and juggle all at the same time, it would be you! Sending “quick and easy” recovery vibes your way.
    Mary that “just explodes” meme made me snort my tea!
    Annie was there any protein in that smoothie besides the almond milk? I’m with you on the idea of frozen cubes of duckweed :sick:
    Sue in WA “…like a hoard of locusts” truth this. When we had the 3 nephews, had to use two grocery carts, twice weekly.
    pip you’re never sick. WTH?
    Whooshing good energy your way, Flea, for next week’s tests.
    Tracey :love: the decorations, especially Michaela in her “favorite color” ;) and the lit from within church with stained glass windows.
    Karen what you said about quality of life being more important. Congrats on your Dec 15 moving date! I’ve had my Osterizer longer than I’ve known Joe. :laugh:
    Lanette yes our hospital is overrun and so too are all the “nearby” hospitals. My church buddy was told in the ER that if she needed hospitalization, they could fly her to Las Vagas. Pretty darned far from Gold Beach, Oregon! Fortunately the blood thinner injection did the trick.
    Machka the pics of your cycling views always lift my heart. Thanks!
    Heather, if Edie loves sticky toffee pudding, then can someone find or make a gluten free version? Supporting the school fund raising stall is fine but supporting your child…
    Just my opinion. Me, who’s never raised a child.
    Flea ((hugs)) What a lot you have to bear.
    Debbie what a shock. Sooner is better than later. Prayers.
    Rita Love the pic from your walk by the lake. What is that mountain's name?

    Has anyone heard from Rosemarie in Georgia?

    Gratitude 28: small thing that happened today=Joe called my attention to this:

    OK both tea and time for procrastination are done.
    Lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD x8zcp1ya37k1.gif
    2022: Be still and listen.
    November: Move more (7515 steps), fuel better (protein + vegs), live NOW (time with Joe, Tumble and Shadow).

    I know right?!

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    Pip - You are a doggie 😇

    England are in the final 16. As are the US. :D

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx
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    Well im waiting for Carmine to come off the bus..then off to Karens we go.. i have a nasty cold.. took a covid test - negative... thank goodness
    But my nose running like a sieve. Ugh will drop him off afterwards and go home and go to bed.. and take cold meds.

    Feel better soon 🫶🌷🥰
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    FLMom - thanks ,im home ,in jammies and in bed... couldn't get the darn bottle open for the meds but luckily had some other meds to take.
    My hair and Carmines came out awesome as usual.. and gave my dear friend Karen who does my hair deserves the 50.00 holiday tip I gave her.
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    Pip and Allie take care of yourselves! There is a lot of crud going around!

    Annie in Delaware
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    Rebecca- glad you are home and resting. Continue to rest up.
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    Rebecca I’m glad that your surgery went so well! Now you can eat a normal diet and not feel bad!

    💕 Mary from Arizona/Minnesota
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    Rebecca: Good to know you are back home again. 💕💖💕
    November Gratitude:
    1. smell. Vanilla ice cream
    2. technology. Internet - access to y’all
    3. colour. Golden tones of autumn
    4. food. Mussels in white wine
    5. sound. The sound of DH in the kitchen making morning tea
    6. nature. Woodland and mountains
    7. memory. Holding my 11 day old DGD on Christmas morning 1994
    8. book. All books 😝
    9. place. My garden
    10. taste. Chocolate
    11. holiday. Cruise to Norway to see the Northern lights. We did so many things on that cruise.
    12. texture. There are so many textures, but I love the sleek silkiness of my hair when it is newly washed.
    13. abilities. I find it invaluable to be able to concentrate and focus on the positive, and use my analytical acumen. I can bring it to bear in finding the positive in unhelpful events. Learn from experience, so to speak.
    14. sight. Literally grateful for my sight. I only have good sight in one eye due to a birth defect in the optical nerve in my left eye. I don’t miss what I never had, but am super aware of the importance of my one good eye.
    15. season. Spring is my fav season. It’s a symbol of renewal.
    16. about your body. My sturdy strength, and the ability to heal quickly.
    17. knowledge. My happiness is entirely up to me. Happiness isn’t something that you have to put off until x, y, or z, or some event which may or may not happen. I look for happiness in simple things, a beautiful sky, birds singing, raindrops running down the window pane, autumn leaves. Also, it’s not my responsibility to make other people happy.
    18. piece of art. Too many to list 😂
    19. touch. The feeling of clean linen on the bed
    20. who. My DH. He looks after me so well.
    21. song. Cyndi Lauper: Girls just wanna have fun: anything by Cliff Richard, Tina Turner, Queen, ShaniaTwain …. etc etc etc
    22. story. Jesus of Nazareth
    23. tradition. Christmas
    24. challenge. I relish the opportunity to play it forward by volunteering to lead groups for our local U3A, a lifelong learning charity. However , it can be a challenge to get other people to do their bit in the groups I lead. So many are happy to take, but find excuses when asked to reciprocate.
    25. moment this week. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to our singing group, who were giving a short concert at the Christmas party on Thursday afternoon.
    26. form of expression. Writing poetry, and watercolour painting.
    27. daily use item. My iPhone. I use it as a calender and have many reminders set on it.
    28. what happen today. I had my Monday Painters Group after lunch, and painter some Christmas cards. I was quite pleased with them. Can’t post pics.
    29. friend/family member. I am so fortunate that I have had so long with my DH, and that he is so considerate.
    30. talent or skill. The ability to zone out and switch off the outside world is a godsend. Even as a child I was a bit of a Dilly Daydream. In those days, I think it was a defence mechanism. I learned to control it when I started to do yoga in my late 20s.

    Got sidetracked this morning and didn’t get round to working on cards. We need a new printer. DH has ordered one on click and collect from Argos, and we are fetching it tomorrow after we do the grocery shopping.

    Virtual (((hugs))) and 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 for those who need them.

    🙋‍♀️ Miele failte to the newbies.

    💕💖💕 to all

    ☘️ Terri