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    Grateful for... EVERYTHING!!! Thanks for sharing this list!
    1-*smell-coffee (rain)
    5-*sound-music (loons on the lake)
    6-*nature-my backyard (diamonds on the lake, sunset on gull)
    7-*memory-causeway on gull, daddy
    8-*book-anything by john sandford
    9-*place-the lake ;-( (Mom's house)
    16-*my body-nails
    17-*knowledge-that I really do have everything I need
    18-*piece of art-anything by Ettore DeGrazia
    19-*touch-hugs from my grands
    20-*who in my life-ANNE'S 30th BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! (2022)
    21-*song-love of my life by carly simon
    22-*story-Le Petite Prince par Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
    23-*tradition-krumkake with "the girls"
    24-*challenge-not eating everything put out in front of me today!
    25-*moment this week-being with my mom and oldest daughter on Wed and enjoying reminiscing about old times
    26-*form of expression-music
    27-*small thing I use daily-my coffee cup
    28-*small thing that happened today-OMG... we presented everything calmly and Mom just said, "okay" and we moved her
    29-*friend/family I am grateful for today-Mom
    30-*talent/skill I have-photography/scrapbooking
    Love and Blessings, Carla, in MN
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    Pip- I remember that porch pic of Kirby! It's my favorite too. <3 Feel free to post it as often as you like, as I feel it does us all a LOT of good. >:) I have decided that Kirby will make my gratitude list today; you will also make the list due to your willingness to share his loveliness (inside and out) with us. Thankful for Pip and Kirby in Michigan KJ (Kelly)
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    Rebecca Celebrating that the diseased gallbladder is up outta you & you are home in fine fettle. Yay!

    Woke up grateful for my attitude change toward my spouse. I don't know what got into me, but whatever it was is gone thanks to being able to vent here. It was like magic. Thank you all for being my therapeutic audience, friends.

    My peace of mind allowed me to go back to sleep for several hours, something my sleep-deprived body appreciates so much. I am sitting here with my weighted blanket on my lap, starting my day with all of you. On the agenda for today: prepare the LR to be the staging area for our move. On a smaller scale, this has worked well for the prior 2 mini-moves done for our son's items and for my brother to move into his apartment.

    Mary, It just occurred to me that a weighted blanket might help your husband's foot shuffling while watching TV. Draped over his lap/legs, I think it would definitely reduce the involuntary movements. I got my weighted blanket through my Buy Nothing group after I saw how much the one I bought my grandson helped his sleep. They come in various weights and he might need you to do the heavy lifting. It's just a thought.

    We have a busy day; I am taking my spouse to the dentist and then over to our new apartment to do some puttering around while she meets with her personal trainer over there in their little gym.

    Since I slept late, I now need to get into high gear since we will be leaving for the dentist in about an hour and I have much to do before we go.

    Appreciate so much the pictures of Pip and Kirby. so much love


    Karen in Virginia
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    Rebecca — Congrats on getting rid of your gallbladder! I waved goodbye to mine long ago. I had one enormous gallstone & I was happy to wave goodbye. I hope you have an easy recovery.
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    I've given in and put the heat on an hour early. DH still out. I had a good nap - out cold. It was a struggle to get up, but I did and hung up the laundry in the utility room. Now I have a cup of tea and am enjoying hearing the boiler running and the house creaking back into warmth. :)
    I'm fed up with nothing but the World Cup on TV.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx
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    Barbara - I think we would need a whole herd of goats!!! And herders. But it's a great idea. :p

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx
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    Barbara - I think we would need a whole herd of goats!!! And herders. But it's a great idea. :p

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx

    People rent out their goats here for weed/brush abatement in the canyons. We've considered renting one.

    Tina in CA
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    Heather -
    in the part of CA that I am in there are sidewalks in front of all the houses, and while they are on your property and as the property owner you are required to maintain them (weed them, cut back shrubs) the city maintains them if they break, become uneven... So each of us make our own decisions on maintaining I weed them when it is wet enough to be able to pull the weeds, if it is too hot and dry I use a string trimmer to keep things under control. If someone were to trip over the weeds in the sidewalk they could sue you in court. I don't know how that would work out, but certainly it would be a hassle. I like to have access to my neighbors sidewalks and be able to walk without walking in the street. Therefore I maintain the piece of sidewalk across the front of my property.

    I think the situation as you describe could become quite the tripping hazard.

    smiles Kim
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    I have four fabric storage cubes coming today from Amazon. So it's a good day to follow your excellent examples and clean out the piles in my room. Except for the books, I want those! They spark joy!

    I think I need to rearrange and declutter enough to fit in a new bookcase. It will be a challenge! But I don't have to do it all today.

    I also want to put together a pot roast for my parents, and pay some bills. And maybe do 30 mins walking again. Time to get up and get going!

    Lisa - thanks, that's encouraging!

    Annie in Delaware
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    Katla49 wrote: »
    Rebecca — Congrats on getting rid of your gallbladder! I waved goodbye to mine long ago. I had one enormous gallstone & I was happy to wave goodbye. I hope you have an easy recovery.

    Yes Katla, the doctor said mine was huge too! He had to pull the gallbladder out, get stone out ,then he was able to pull gallbladder out. He said the incision (its under my rib cage) had to be made a wee bigger, but its not big to me. Of course, I can't wear my bra because it hits right on the incision.😬🙄
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    Thanks ladies for all the well wishes, and positive thoughts! You really all helped me thru it! Yesterday morning feeling so nervous, I read them all, and you gave me strength!
    I appreciate each and every one of you!
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    I’m going to start the gratitude list tomorrow!
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    24. challenge. I am grateful for the challenges I face every day. They make me stronger.
    25. moment this week. All the contact from family and friends for Thanksgiving. Could see everyone, but heard from everyone!
    26. form of expression. Writing. I express myself better writing than speaking.
    27. daily use item. My coffee cup and my iPhone, can’t decide on one! Lol
    28. what happen today. Went for my daily walk around the park and NO MUD!
    29. friend/family member. The women on this thread!
    30. talent or skill: teaching

    RvRita in Roswell