Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 210



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    @quiltingjaine, {{{hugs}}} I'm so sorry to hear that you and hubby were sick last year and still recovering. I think I saw that your DH had double shoulder replacement surgery? I can't even imagine what he went through before and after surgery. AND YOU taking care of him! The only thing I could possibly equate it to is my husband's hip replacement surgery. He was in a lot of pain before the surgery. I was in a lot of pain AFTER his surgery. Lol. I have a lot of catching up to do on here.
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    Thank you, @quiltingjaine !
    72 year old female...5'5" ...I used to be 5'7" but arthritis hit and I lost two inches, so now that two inches is squished around my waist like the billows of a big accordion...
    ...Oh, well. I'll just keep working on it.
    Heaviest: 192.2
    Round GW: 150.0
    UGW: 132.2
    12/31 - 153.6 at 8:20 a.m. ...nothing
    01/01 - 152.9 at 8:45 a.m. ...nothing!!
    01/02 - 155.2 at 6:30 a.m. ...Grandson Duty. It's raining here in northern California!
    01/03 - 153.7 at 6:30 a.m. ...Grandson Duty. It's raining here in northern California!
    01/04 - 152.2 at 6:30 a.m. ...Grandson Duty and 7.20 miles in 144 mins in the wind and rain!!
    01/05 - 152.3 at 6:30 a.m. ...Grandson Duty
    01/06 - 152.0 at 6:30 a.m. ...Grandson Duty and 7.01 miles in 139 mins in the cold and the mud!
    01/07 - 151.7 at 8:00 a.m. ...rest day
    01/08 - 153.8 at 8:00 a.m. ...7.31 miles in 139 mins
    01/09 - 154.5 at 6:30 a.m. ...Grandson Duty!! Rain in Northern California. Trainer sick.
    01/10 - 153.2 at 6:30 a.m. ...Grandson Duty!! Rain in Northern California. Made soup!
    01/11 -
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    HSW: 211.6 lb (Aug 2021)
    SW: 191.1 lb (Oct 2022)

    Round 208 ending weight: 175.5 lb (-0.5)

    Round 210 goal: To lose 2 pounds.
    Round 210 SW: 177.5 lb
    Round 210 EW: 173.7 lb (-1.8)

    Well I didn't quite reach my goal for this round but at least I got close. Overall I think I was consistent although I did struggle 1 day out of the 10. I upped my calories toward the end of this challenge and I am not sure if I will keep it that way.

    1/2: 177.0 lb
    Finally getting my calories back under control after being careless about it over Christmas and New Year.

    1/3: 176.4 lb
    Exercised and stayed within calories.

    1/4: 175.7 lb
    All good again. I am exercising quite a bit. I think I need a rest day though because my body feels tired. That will make it harder to stay under calorie target.

    1/5: 174.8 lb
    Stayed within calories but it was hard because I didn't have any exercise calories. Drank lots of ginger tea and ate lots of celery with a cottage cheese dip to get by. Started TTOM which always gives me a big loss.

    1/6: 175.3 lb
    All good. No surprises that there was a bit of a bounce because of my recent losses the past few days.

    1/7: 174.6 lb
    Kids made pizza and cheesecake for dinner. I ate back all my exercise calories which I usually don't do - I usually only eat back half. The food was delicious and I am glad I could show myself that I can resist the urge to overeat.

    1/8: 175.0 lb
    I think eating high calorie, low density food from yesterday caught up with me. I struggled the whole day then went off piste calorie wise. I think I will up my calories for a few days because I think my targets are a bit too aggressive. I feel tired all the time and hence I am likely to break eventually.

    1/9: 174.4 lb
    Hit my new calorie target and exercised.

    1/10: 173.7 lb
    All good. Was a very active day. Made a cauliflower rice stir fry that was so delicious one of my kids finished it off!

    1/11: 173.7 lb
    Another good day although I was less active.
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    @tiabirdie56 All I can say is, it’s a good thing I love him! Fortunately he’s not a whiner or demanding. Unfortunately, he just wants to be left alone and needed to be reminded periodically that there were limits to what he was allowed to do. Like he decided he could drive 2 weeks after the second shoulder rather than waiting 4. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ At post op visit today the doctor said it sounded as if Carl needs a brain replacement-I can’t remember what goofy statement Carl had made- but I told the doctor it was too late. Carl agreed.

    @NuggetBrain Enjoy your time in Vegas. I hope there is sunshine and some warmth! I know we need the water but these sprinkles are annoying. LOL
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    Female 5’1” Age 72 years
    Started Keto WOE 7/17/17 (mid-Rnd 10)
    *Travel - no scale part of the time
    HWE 197.0 (2/2008)
    Weight on 1/17/17 174.5
    OGW 137 (set by WW 2008, WW goal 1985 was 126) UGW was 125 (HS weight 1968)

    👍👍This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE👍👍
    Rnd 7 167.0 to Rnd 17 155.5
    To Rnd 27 146*
    To Rnd 37 139.0
    To Rnd 47 133.5*
    To Rnd 57 131.5
    To Rnd 67 128.0
    To Rnd 77 125.0
    To Rnd 87 121.0*
    To Rnd 97 121.0
    To Rnd 107 122.0
    To Rnd 117 116.0
    To Rnd 127 117.0
    To Rnd 137 117.0
    To Rnd 147 116.0 🙌
    To Rnd 157 115.5
    To Rnd 167 119.4
    To Rnd 177 118.3
    To Rnd 187 120.0 AW 119.6
    To Rnd 197 121.5 AW 119.15
    SW RND 198 119.0 AW 119.75
    SW RND 199 119.5 AW 119.55
    SW RND 200 120.0 AW 122.35
    SW RND 201 123.0 AW 121.35
    SW RND 202 124.0 AW 121.25
    SW RND 203 122.5 AW 122.65
    SW RND 204  122.0   AW  122.9
    SW RND 205 122.0 AW 122.95
    SW RND 206 123.0 AW 124.25
    SW RND 207 123.5 AW 125.0
    SW RND 208 124.5 AW 125.25
    SW RND 209 124.5 AW 125.7

    We ALL have good rounds and bad but that is part of life. Don’t stay away, stay accountable. We don’t judge, we support.-Jpv,2/13/19

    What we need to succeed is a sustainable way of eating, not a DIET we go on and off.

    People say keto/LCHF isn’t sustainable. I’ve been doing it for over 5 years with amazing results!

    This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE.

    We are unstoppable not because we do not have failures but because we continue on despite them. - paraphrase of original quote by Beau Taplin

    Up and down - just riding the waves of life. 🌊 🏄‍♀️ (My new mantra-3/19/22)

    "Do or do not. There is no try." -Yoda

    **Comments apply to previous day**

    SW RND 210 124.0 AW 124.4
    1/2 123.0
    1/3 124.0 No TMI for 3 days
    1/4 124.5 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR FIRST BORN! Wish we were celebrating together!
    1/5 123.0 I think. I’m exhausted after not feeling well since before Christmas and now having young company for 3 days. Staying up way too late and eating out daily. Kids fly back to Iowa this evening, DH is trying to nap in our bed for the first time since shoulders have both been replaced in the last 4 months.
    1/6 124.0 Kids flight was delayed by an hour or more. I’m exhausted. Need to recover from sickness and company activity.
    1/7 124.0
    1/8 125.0 First evening out since September. Good to see old friends.
    1/9 125.0
    1/10 125.5 Not sure how I skipped recording yesterday. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ My head is still congested. @Skyleen75 I also feel “off” - I hope we both feel better!
    1/11 126.0 I’m
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    @CamandJarvis Definitely agree with your second point. I am so much more likely to snack on less nutritious foods on days I don't work out!
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    SW: 170 pounds: Ultimate Goal weight 145 pounds
    10 day goals:
    GW for this round: 169--With consistency, I have been fluctuating between 172 and 167 for a few years now. I want my high weight to be below 170 for at least 3 consecutive days by the end of the challenge.

    Goal 1: Cut down on the boozy days: Stay dry for 7 out of 10 days.
    :):):):)XX :):):)?

    Goal 2: Increase water intake: Hit 70 oz per day for 8 out of 10 days.
    :):):):):)X :):):):)

    Goal 3: Log my food 9 out of 10 days.

    Goal 4: 20 minutes of movement separate from day to day activities. 8 out of 10 days.
    :):):)X :)X :):):):)

    I want to focus on the things I can control and put less focus on the numbers, but I hope that I can be consistently out of the 170s for 3 days straight by the end of the challenge.

    1/1 SW: 170.8

    1/2 AM Weigh-in 172.0--over a pound up since yesterday--I'll blame it on salty cravings yesterday-pickles, olives, and wonton soup. I also didn't hit the water goal, but yesterday was pre-game so it doesn't count toward this round's goals. I decided to add a movement goal because I have definitely been slacking in that area.

    1/3 171.2 I met my daily goals yesterday. But, anticipation of going back to work kept me up all night and when I finally started drifting off my dog got sick. According to Fitbit I got less than 3 hours which isn’t like me. I never gave trouble sleeping and usually get a solid 7-8 hours a night. Getting through today is going to be tough.

    1/4 169.8 even though I was exhausted yesterday—I put Holofit on freestyle and did my 20 minutes. I didn’t use a rower and it didn’t feel like a workout but I am sore today so it did something—I did the cycling which is just moving your arms for the freestyle mode—but i through in some dance steps for fun and I actually broke a sweat so im counting it. Still dry so far this year. You’d think I’d feel better because of it but I don’t feel any different. Maybe because of the sleepless night I had on Monday. I got almost 7 hours yesterday but mostly light sleep. My dog is having some intestinal issues and she was up a few times last night. I woke up to a run little gift to clean up in my bedroom this morning.

    I’m a lot more prepared for eating today because I finally got to do some grocery shopping. No more holiday leftovers for lunch and dinner.

    1/5 169.0 Skipped the movement yesterday but did good on all other fronts. My dog had me up again hours before my alarm. After taking her out 2 times it was too late to go back to sleep so I did a BOD stretch video. I feel so sore all over which is odd because I am not doing any intense workout. I think it might be a combination of sitting so much when I was on vacation last week, and not wearing sneakers. I need to get a new pair. I am either barefoot or wearing boots. All I know is that I am stiff all over and I feel achy and twisted up. . I need to stretch more. Yesterday I made a vegetable soup with some leftovers and it was delicious. Looking forward to having more of it for lunch tomorrow.

    1/6 168.8 Forced myself to put on shoes yesterday and get on the rower after dinner. I realize the putting on my sneakers is the hardest part of making myself move. But once I put them on--as ripped up and uncomfortable as the are--it made it a lot easier to get on the rower. I rowed my way down the Charles river in Boston with my Holofit, but the occulus needed to be recharged so I did my 20 minutes and stopped. I probably could have rowed a bit more. That app makes me really enjoy the movement almost as much as if I was outdoors and traveling for real.

    Today was a tough day. I actually slept through the night last night because my dog is starting to feel better, but my sleep didn't feel restful. I forgot my coat and my work bag and didn't realize it until I got to work. I felt frazzled all day. But it is Friday and I so far have 100% dry days so I think today might be a non-dry day for me. We shall see. I will try to hit my other targets first.

    1/7 168.4 It was a fun day spent with my daughter. I made some really good food choices in spite of going out to lunch. And played a mystery solving game. But I had some cocktails and stayed up late and ended up very hungry by the end of the night and ended up trying to satiate with random things--not sure I logged everything. I don't think I was attending to my hunger cues and didn't get enough water. I did 40 minutes on the rower--rowing through antarctica, the dessert, and some weird space world in Holofit.

    1/8 169.4 Woke up very thirsty and hungry. DD wants to go for a run today. I don't have good sneakers--although I ordered a pair that should be coming soon, and I haven't run in a while, also the area I live now has so many more hills than I am used to, so I think I might walk while she runs. I also want to clean out the fridge and set up my week so it will be as successful as last week.

    1/9 169.6 Moving in the wrong direction here. I am feeling in a funk today and it will take a lot to get me motivated to exercise. I am also out of a lot of my go to healthy dinner ingredients so figuring out dinner will be tough.

    1/10 168.8 One more day. I hope I finish strong. I am feeling much better now than yesterday. Some of my work anxiety has resolved it self a bit. One day to go. Let's finish strong!

    1/11 169.8 The big drop in the beginning of this challenge had me shift my expectations and so I was a little disappointed to see where I ended. But then I put into perspective. It is a pound down from when I started which is great! I met all of my behavior change goals. The working out was the hardest. I still have one boozy day and I think I might have a boozy drink with dinner tonight but I am still on the fence so I will leave that as a question mark. I am looking forward to the next round.
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    Hi everyone,

    It's Day 10! We made it. I hope everyone is pleased.

    I am generally pleased, but, looking back, there are a few things I would like to improve.

    SW: 204
    1/2 204 (Wow. I gained five pounds over the holiday. It was a real shocker to see this number, although the fit of my pants should have provided a clue! Ate well today and exercised. Drank herb tea only after 7pm, which is a good strategy for me when I am trying to lose weight!)
    1/3 202 (Two pounds were obviously water weight! Plan for today: Eat on plan and track. 30+ mins brisk walk. 2-5 min. cardio burst 4x during the day. Lower body strength training 40 mins.)
    1/4 199 (?? Probably water weight and losing the carbs of the holiday from my gut? My muscles are slightly sore from weight training on Monday, so this will account for a pound or two as well, which might come off in the next few days? I’ll take it! Today, fewer carbs and more veggies. I ate a noodle bowl yesterday, which used up a lot of my day’s calories, but I felt a bit depleted and ate the carbs with great enjoyment!)
    1/5 200 (Sore today, and it is showing on the scale. All good! My eating was really good yesterday, and I got good exercise. No snackig after 7:00, but I did have tortilla chips with one meal... blue corn chips are so delicious! My post-holiday detox, no alcohol, is so far problem-free.)
    1/6 199 (Still quite sore, even after a rest day! Plan to work upper body today, in between trying to get my taxes done before school starts. Eating was good yesterday, and I stayed on plan, but tonight I may have to negotiate a restaurant meal. My strategy is to have a salad and lean protein, with no carb- or fat-laden extras. I may have a bite of someone’s dessert, but, for a person who grew up in an era where brewed coffee that had turned to creosote over many hours on the warming plate, tempered with--gag, cough, barf--powdered creamer, was the norm, a cappuccino really does feel like a treat!)
    1/7 199 (Had a good day for eating on plan, but was quite busy and did not do my planned workout. If the scale isn’t moving, it is probably due to that. It would be easier if exercise alone or planned eating alone would do the trick, but for me it is always—always--a combination of the two that results in weight loss! Today I will do BOTH!)
    1/8 200 (? I made pea soup, which does have salt, and had it for dinner with a slice of ham, so I am probably retaining water. Plan for today: Lots of desk work today, so need to put in at least 5 cardio bursts, an upper body workout and a nice walk in between sessions of sitting.)
    1/9 199 (Back to school today. Plan: eat as planned, run up to 5th floor 2x during the day. Sushi with son tonight and I know what I will have. No extra dynamite roll pieces! 2 is my limit so close to bedtime! I can do this! Soy sauce will definitely show on the scale tomorrow morning, so I will not despair!)
    1/10 201 (Had a few pieces of sashimi and sushi with my son last night and, yes, the scale is showing the salt. All good. It will cycle through! Today I need to jump on the treadmill right after school before I sit down with a pile of essays...)
    1/11 200 (Day 10! Made it! I feel good about my eating, but the exercise needs to be bumped up for the next challenge. Resisted Doritos and chocolate today...)
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    R164 SW 208.4 EW 204.8 (-3.6)
    R165 SW 204.8 EW 205.4 (+0.6)
    R166 SW 205.4 EW 199 (-6.4)
    R167 SW 199 EW 196.4 (-2.6)
    R168 SW 196.4 EW 193.4 (-3)
    R169 SW 193.4 EW 192 (-1.4)
    R170 SW 192 EW 190 (-2)
    R171 SW 190 EW 189.2 (-0.8)
    R172 SW 189.2 EW 189.8 (+0.6)
    R173 SW 189.8 EW 187 (-2.8)
    R174 SW 187 EW 184.4 (-2.6)
    R175 SW 184.4 EW 180.2 (-4.2)
    R176 SW 180.2 EW 179.8 (-0.4)
    R177 SW 179.8 EW 181 (+1.2)
    R178 SW 181 EW 176.6 (-4.4)
    R179 SW 176.6 EW 173.2 (-3.4)
    R180 SW 173.2 EW 172.8 (-0.4)
    R181 SW 172.8 EW 168.4 (-4.4)
    R182 SW 168.4 EW 169 (+0.6)
    R183 SW 169 EW 167.6 (-1.4)
    R184 SW 167.6 EW 166.4 (-1.2)
    R185 SW 166.4 EW 170 (+3.6)
    R186 SW 170 EW 166 (-4)
    R187 SW 166 EW 162.6 (-3.4)
    R188 SW 162.6 EW 162.2(-0.4)
    R189 SW 162.2 EW 159.8(-2.4)
    R190 SW 159.8 EW 173(+13.2)
    R191 SW 173 EW 164 (-9)
    R192 SW 164 EW 162.8 (-1.2)
    R193 SW 162.8 EW 165.8 (+3)
    R194 SW 165.8 EW 166.2 (+0.4)
    R195 SW 166.2 EW 163.8 (-2.4)
    R196 SW 163.8 EW 163.6 (-0.2)
    R197 SW 163.6 EW 162.8 (-0.8)
    R198 SW 162.8 EW 172.6 (+9.8)
    R199 SW 172.6 EW 168.4 (-4.2)
    R200 SW 168.4 EW 171.4 (+3)
    R201 SW 171.4 EW 168.8 (-2.6)
    R202 SW 168.8 EW 168.4 (-0.4)
    R203 SW 168.4 EW 169.8 (+1.4)
    R204 SW 169.8 EW 169.8 (no change)
    R205 SW 169.8 EW 175.4 (+5.6)
    R206 SW 175.4 EW 171 (-4.4)
    R207 SW 171 EW 171.8(+0.8)
    R208 SW 171.8 EW 175 (+3.2)
    R209 SW 175 EW 178.2 (+3.2)
    R210 SW 178.2 EW 179 (+0.8)
    R210 SW 178.2
    R210 GW 175.6

    1/2 / 179.8 / Yesterday was a great day across the board. I'm working on five habits in January and I checked all the boxes. My husband and I went for a really long walk and enjoyed the start of the New Year together. The dog was thankful too!
    1/3 / 178.4 / First day back to work for 2023 was a success in terms of staying on track with my goals. I have some intentional choices to make tonight to stay on track, but I feel confident.
    1/4 / 178.2 / Another good day, sticking with my habits and making it happen. Got on the Peloton tonight as well.
    1/5 / 178.8 / My alarm was not welcomed today. Lunch out with colleagues will require good planning.
    1/6 / 179.2 / An eventful day. My first Friday in years at the office. Only perk was getting to wear jeans for casual Friday. At lunch my boss threw us a pizza party as thanks for all the hard work over the holidays due to some issues in my industry. I ate well there and was proud of my choices overall. However, after work colleagues were going for beers, I had a couple, and then inhibitions went out the door. Ended up overeating on date night out with my husband. On the plus side, my steps are already over 12K today.
    1/7 / 180.8
    1/8 / 180 / Happy with my choices at the dinner theatre last night. I got up and squeezed in a 15 minute Peloton ride before breakfast which is great because it's been pretty sedentary around here since then watching the football game. I'm waiting for my husband to finish his workout and then we'll walk the dog together. I travel for business later this week so we want to make the most of our weekend time together.
    1/9 / 180.4 / Yesterday was good across the board. I am up to commute into the office this morning. Lunch out with my husband planned and then salads for dinner.
    1/10 / 179 / Got my 10K steps yesterday. Went out for lunch but made good choices. Today I fly for business so I won't be back on a scale until Friday.
    1/11 / DNW / At a hotel without a scale so I can't weigh in until Friday. Today was a day full of meetings but I did use the hotel gym first thing and I made reasonable food choices.
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    SW: 74.6
    1/2 74.6
    1/3 74.4
    1/4 73.7
    1/5. 73.6
    1/6 73.7
    1/7 73.3
    1/8 73.2
    1/9 73.4
    1/10 73.2
    1/11 73.3. Had few very long days this week and it is really impacting my ability to stick to my goals. I always have trouble sticking with things, but I have done pretty well these last 10 days. I am ready to commit for another 10 days and hopefully have even more progress
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    SW: (January 2020) 147
    LW: (June 2021) 119
    GW: 122

    1/1: 139.1
    1/2: 138.4
    1/3:  136.6
    1/4:  136.6
    1/5:  135.5
    1/6:  135.6
    1/7:  134.4
    1/8:  133.6
    1/9: 133.5
    1/10: 134
    1/11: 133.8
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    January SW: 188
    1/2 - 188 / Stayed within goals…GOOD DAY.
    1/3 - 184 / Very hungry all day today…rainy. Did not stay in goals.
    1/4 - 185 / Doc appointment…ate out. Did not stay in goals.
    1/5 - 186.5 / Stayed within goals…GOOD DAY.
    1/6 - 184.5 / Stayed within goals…GOOD DAY.
    1/7 - 184.5 / Trying new more healthy recipes…outside goals.
    1/8 - 184 / Not hungry at all today between meals…GOOD DAY.
    1/9 - 184 / Hungry in morning…ate a mandarin orange…stayed within goals.
    1/10 - 183 / Lunch with a friend…stayed within goals.
    1/11 - 183.5 / Not hungry at all today between meals…GOOD DAY.
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    43 year old woman, height 5’3”
    My doctor is very concerned about my weight / BMI. This is the second heaviest I have ever been. I practice a clean eating lifestyle, but need to exercise more. Goal is to exercise every day for ten days to teach my body this new habit.
    SW: 149 lbs
    Day 1–1/2 149 lbs, feeling motivated to exercise
    Day 2–1/3 149 lbs, hiked 5.84 miles yesterday and felt great about it. Back to work today, but shooting for a few miles after work before it gets dark. Tracking macros again this year.
    Day 3–1/4 148.5 lbs, walked 3 miles yesterday and ate clean. Feeling good.
    Day 4–1/5 148 lbs, walked 3 miles yesterday, raked the yard, and ate clean. Feeling like I should have walked more. Fasting today before bloodwork this afternoon. Soooo hungry! Need to focus on not overeating after fasting.
    Day 5–1/6 149 lbs, went to the gym and completed one hour of weight-lifting. Didn’t get any walking in today though, which I feel guilty about. I want to try eating dinner earlier in the evening. Been sneaking healthy foods into my partner’s diet by bringing him lunch at work. We are supposed to be fitness partners, but I feel like I’m the only one working at it.
    Day 6–1/7 149 lbs, hiked 2.5 miles and walked one mile. Having some trouble balancing my macros – I keep going over on my fat while trying to get my protein up.
    Day 7–1/8 148 lbs, I didn’t exercise and ate very poorly today. I feel like a slug.
    Day 8–1/9 149 lbs, went for a long walk yesterday, but my step counter failed, so I’m not sure how far I went. I made my macros goals for the day, yay!
    Day 9–1/10 150 lbs, I didn’t eat particularly well yesterday and it showed on the scale today. I did get some weight-lifting in.
    Day 10–1/11 147 lbs, did some gardening yesterday and home repair, but didn’t get my walking in and feel guilty about it. I made my macros goals.
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    SW: 144.4
    1/12: 146 - Up 1.6 pounds from yesterday. I know where I went wrong. I worked late and didn't get in my planned workout. I also snacked between lunch and dinner on healthy but caloric food - Hippeas puffs, pumpkin seeds, pecans. This is why I'm stuck around this weight. I yo-yo daily.
  • RockinRobyn672
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    SW: 144.4
    1/12: 146
    1/13: 145.8 - Yesterday was a better day food-wise. I had a snack between lunch and dinner and none after dinner. I was able to Peloton it during a late lunch, which broke up the part of my work day when I'm just ready to quit work and sometimes start getting into the unplanned snacking. We will be traveling for an overnight this weekend to purchase a car and see family in NC. Son #2 will be there too. Yay! I'm resolved stay mindful with my eating.
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    👍👍This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE👍👍

    SW: 195.2
    1/2 196.8 Cutting back on fruit.
    1/3 196.6 Got busy today and didn't eat until evening. I am shocked, usually get alot of cravings.
    1/4 196.0 Woke up 0430.
    1/5 195.8 Trying to stay busy, back at the gym in the mornings.
    1/6 196.2
    1/7 196.0 Seemed like 1 main meal, need consistency. 5k today - beautiful morning outside
    1/8 195.4 Got a late start to the day and felt like was going in circles wasting my time. Then when home was craving anything sweet/snacky and unable to focus and get on track. Connected? Ended up making a sugarfree brownie mix and eating 1/3 of it. Satisfaction - made it with olive oil instead of coconut oil and hoping that is a side benefit.
    1/9 195.2 Back to work.... stress management needed. Am I maintaining or circling again?
    1/10 196.0
    1/11 195.2
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    Thank you, @quiltingjaine !
    72 year old female...5'5" ...I used to be 5'7" but arthritis hit and I lost two inches, so now that two inches is squished around my waist like the billows of a big accordion...
    ...Oh, well. I'll just keep working on it.
    Heaviest: 192.2
    Round GW: 150.0
    UGW: 132.2
    12/31 - 153.6 at 8:20 a.m. ...nothing
    01/01 - 152.9 at 8:45 a.m. ...nothing!!
    01/02 - 155.2 at 6:30 a.m. ...Grandson Duty. It's raining here in northern California!
    01/03 - 153.7 at 6:30 a.m. ...Grandson Duty. It's raining here in northern California!
    01/04 - 152.2 at 6:30 a.m. ...Grandson Duty and 7.20 miles in 144 mins in the wind and rain!!
    01/05 - 152.3 at 6:30 a.m. ...Grandson Duty
    01/06 - 152.0 at 6:30 a.m. ...Grandson Duty and 7.01 miles in 139 mins in the cold and the mud!
    01/07 - 151.7 at 8:00 a.m. ...rest day
    01/08 - 153.8 at 8:00 a.m. ...7.31 miles in 139 mins
    01/09 - 154.5 at 6:30 a.m. ...Grandson Duty!! Rain in Northern California. Trainer sick.
    01/10 - 153.2 at 6:30 a.m. ...Grandson Duty!! Rain in Northern California. Made soup!
    01/11 - 154.0 at 5:20 a.m. ...Grandson Duty!! Rain in Northern California.
  • threewins
    threewins Posts: 1,366 Member
    I am about 10 kg along the way to lose 32 kg. I use multiple tape measurements (cm) around my body because they aren't affected by salt intake. Apparently I've been trying to lose weight since September 2012, the last time I was at goal weight. Let's see if stopping eating sugary food is going to change things.

    Heaviest ever 1st Jan 2021, goal+31.8 kg

    Round 208 814 cm
    Round 209 807.5

    Here are my measurements, bolded means a 0.5 cm drop from the previous drop

    99.0 92.0 102.5 59.0 48.5 57.5 47.0 102.0 94.5 104.5 7th
    99.0 92.0 103.0 58.0 47.5 58.0 48.0 100.0 93.5 104.5 8th
    100.0 92.5 102.5 58.0 48.0 58.5 48.5 100.5 92.0 103.0 10th
    101.0 92.0 101.0 58.0 47.5 58.5 47.5 102.0 93.5 101.5 11th

    Total is 802.5 cm, a loss from the previous round