Jammin' January



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    @HOneybadger302 Its always nice to hear that the client is happy with how things are right now. Congrats on continuing 75 HARD>
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    and.....wow....after 1 day I get a whoosh and weigh in at 107.0
    I was shocked.

    meal plan:

    Total calories: 1411
    Total protein: 133 grams

    10am: 2 eggs

    1pm :
    1 cup Cauliflower
    1/2 cup blueberries
    1 cup Jello sugar free 10 cal.
    1 cup Yogurt

    2 eggs

    Quest cruchy cookies and cream bar

    1/2 scoop protein powder
    1/2 cup uns. almond milk
    1 tsp instant coffee granuals
    1/2 banana

    100 calorie bag pop corn

    5oz ground turkey (cooked weight)
    1ts olive oil
    1 slice velveeta (35cal slice)
    2 cups green beans
    3 Tbsp chunky salsa

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    @CeeBeeSlim CONGRATS to you for the monthly loss!!
    @HoneyBadger302 happy for you that your client is pleased, I'm sure you'll have continued success.
    @SherryRueter CONGRATS on the the whoosh!!
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    @K8Richly - so your dad and mom werent liviing together ? Im quite shocked that any man of that age era can live alone. The few I've known barely know how to run a microwave. Speaking of, my husband is SURE that his mom never ever needed to clean her kitchen beyond doing supper dished. LOL

    I was harpign about the fridge needing to be washed out and he was like "my mom never has washed her fridge. I dont know why ours gets dirty. " and then I inquired about dusting cupboards and cleaning the stove... *Her kitchen is spotless people....and she's 85yrs.* My hubby has never seen his mom clean a house and she never had the kids participate I guess. SO weird....

    anyway- K8Richley - Sounds like an interesting condo clean out... YEA Eat veggies and get in stretching! We have to do that regularly!

    I just finished a 30 min PiYo session at noon. felt so good! burned as many calories as a 30 min walk. so ... I was a little amazed.
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    My end of January weigh-in is 153.4, so I lost 6.5 lbs this month. I feel really great about that number. Yesterday and today I did longer runs than I had all month, and they weren't nearly as difficult as at the beginning of the month. I feel like I'm making progress!
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    Good for you @HoneyBadger302 sticking with the 75 Hard thing. I looked it up and i think I'd have a tough time fitting it all into my day. Yay for seeing improvements in the lifting! That's always motivation.

    @SherryRueter you are so disciplined! I would be very hungry on your diet, I think, especially if I was working out hard. Yes my parents separated when the kids moved out. My mom was done catering to the old man, ha ha ha. He did ok on his own for almost 20 years though!

    @spl8 - that's an amazing loss! Congrats!

    Here's my Plan for February (although its already started.... just really rolling now):
    - Ball hockey Mondays,
    - Bootcamp (circuits with heavy weights) Tuesdays,
    - Soccer Wednesdays,
    - Bootcamp Thursdays,
    - Rest Fridays,
    - Run or Ski Saturdays,
    - Powerwalk/Snowshoe plus Strength Sundays,
    - Stretch and walk dog everyday!

    I've been doing this for one week and I'm easily down 1 lb. Will weigh in officially for Feb 1 and then it's Game On!! Happy to see you all in the February chat.....
    Fit and Fabulous February?
    Focused on Fitness in February?
    Fantastically Fit February?
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    @CeeBeeSlim, @HoneyBadger302, @SherryRueter; @k8richly, @SparkSpringtime69: you are inspirational !

    I did finish the month with some bad news, as my father in law passed away on Monday. No sad feelings as hubby and he (it's actually his stepfather) weren't on speaking terms for some decades. But all the drama that has started the rift between them is now coming back hard, as a thoroughly split and resentful family has to try to arrange a funeral and loads of admin. I just try to have our house as a haven of calm and peace to counter it all until the funeral (next Wednesday).

    Anyways... time for some stats. My goals for January and where I ended:

    * 350.000 steps ==> 288.000 steps; I'll have to step it up
    * continue to read Becks daily and do the exercises ==> done !
    * 2 fitness sessions and 1 PT weekly ==> done !
    * Lose a bit: from 76.7 to 73.5, so roughly 3 kilo ==> lost 1kg to be precise. Less than I wanted, but a loss anyway
    * Diving and bicycle rides according to weather ==> 3 dives and 91 km on the bike

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    @antiopele @CeeBeeSlim, @HoneyBadger302, @k8richly, @SparkSpringtime69:
    I agree with Anitiopele - everyone is so inspirational and I enjoy checking in on the thread.
    Antiopele - sorry to hear about your father in law - I hope it goes smoothly and quickly.

    I have no clue how many steps I got in for January. Probably a lot. You have me curious

    My February plan would be to get in PiYo 2-3 times.
    Continue to do at least 1 Elliptical session a week (could be more if it stays in the 20's).

    Company coming for the super bowl! Super excited to have company.

    Nutrition is going well....day 3 of 21 today. I try to post my food log.
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    Well, finally what seems to be another "woosh" on the scale - unfortunately, as my body tends to do:


    Energy levels are staying good though, and I'm consistently moving from task to task, which is keeping my stress levels pretty low. If something pops up that I need to get done, I just put it on the next day's power list - that way I a) don't need to remember it and b) have effectively "set aside" time to do it.

    My appetite seems to be adapting a bit to my needs (finally) as I'm frequently not finishing my dinner plate (which makes lunches easier LOL).

    Not sure what I want to do for my outdoor workout today - I think I'll give the spin bike a try again, maybe on the lowest setting and leaving it there this time and see if my knees are more okay with it. 30-35min of spinning, then 10-15 of stretching. Give the dog a day off of walks too (current doggo is not a "high energy" breed at all - when I get my puppy, he'll be the polar opposite, so trying to get both of us in shape to deal with him when he arrives LOL).
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    @HoneyBadger302 - At least with a smaller chest, the support bra has less work to do while working out. It sounds like you're really starting to enjoy the rewards of everything. I especially like how you put things on the power list. Very good idea that many of us should do! I tend to stop doing my list as soon as I leave my day job. Just think what I could get done if I had a list for the after work until bed time hours.

    @K8richly - the name doesn't matter as much. I'm kinda going on Focused February personally.

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    Freezing continues here with more ice expected. hoping it goes south. We haven't been able to walk outside for daaaaayyyyyysssss... So I guess I will either do some PiYo at noon, or another cardio routine. and then at 5pm, instead of walking, we will do another 30 on the machines ... 10mins ellip. 10mins. bike. 10mins treadmill.

    Workout: Shoulders (6am) ;
    Today's food plan.

    total food planned: 1350
    Protein planned: 117g

    8am: energize
    1/4 oats
    120g egg whites
    (That made into 6 mini donuts)
    1/2 scoop protein, for coffee.

    1c cauliflower air fried
    4oz chicken
    1 ts coconut oil

    1/4 oats
    120g egg whites

    1/2 protein shake

    cauliflower patty air fried
    1ts coconut oil

    1 Hard boiled egg
    1ts coconut oil

    3oz turkey,browned with 1/2c mushrooms diced finely
    1 cup frozen peas
    2ts coconut oil
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    Amazingly surprised - no weight gain over the past 5 days.
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    Ugh, I gained this week.
    CW: 154.6 (last week: 153.4).
    Hmmm... I guess it could have something to do with the two slices of anchovy pizza I ate last night, and the two glasses of wine I had on Friday. Shoot. The scale doesn't let me get away with anything!
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    @Spl8 Definitely it would be related to the food choices. Its amazing how much water we retain!

    Also, I am in the february group....here is that link.


    ** I've been on plan for 2 days and its SO amazing how good I feel in my skin. How I feel happy and all. SO weird how the mindset shifts to dark thoughts when I'm not eating correctly.

    Again...choosing today to practice better eating habits.
    Choosing today to log my food
    Choosing today to be accountable and to choose to eat at 1400 calories
    and to choose to stay active.

    Weight loss is really a practice of CHOOSING to do healthy habits,
    and practicing them all the time, just like an NBA player practices Free-throws.
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    I didn't choose very wisely yesterday afternoon. I basically ate back all the calories I had in "savings". Today is a new day. Down to 107.0 - I was highly amazed. But in a way it gives me the motivation to keep going and to try harder today. I'm not THAT far away from my goal.