Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 213



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    @_JeffreyD_ I'll be thinking of you and your surgery tomorrow. I hope all goes smoothly!
    @fmfdfa2020 Holding you and your family in my heart as you endure your MIL's illness <3

    @pezhed - Thank you <3
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    @itladyee "But, here's why these rounds are so powerful, at least for my mind. I've got dinner tonight then I have 3 days to get at least back to starting weight for this round and then the new round starts and I can forget that this round ever existed!!
    So True! The rounds keep you from totally going off the cliff, but if you do, there's always a new round.

    @itladyee "Too bad gaining isn't my goal, as I'd be killing it! :lol:"
    This made me laugh - I love the sense of humor so many of you have - we need an LOL button!

    Happy Anniversary!

    @fmfdfa2020 ~ I love these rounds. So glad I found them! And yes, you have to LAUGH! Thank for the Anniversary wish!