Hi I am new

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My name is Amy
I want to eat healthy and lose weight plus be in smaller clothing sizes by June 5


  • zebasschick
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    Realistic goals will help keep you from feeling overwhelmed and giving up. How much weight do you want to lose by June?
  • mtaratoot
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    It's good to have a goal, and it's good if that goal has a deadline. You've got that covered, so you're off to a good start. You've also come to a good place to work towards your goal.

    A good goal is also measurable, and you're mostly there. How much weight do you want to lose, and how much smaller clothing size? Clothing size might not be a good measure since sizing, especially women's sizing, seems to not abide by any standard anymore. It used to be that "dress sizes" were based on actual body measurements. No longer. Look up "Vanity sizing." If all you want to do is wear a smaller size, go find a manufacturer who uses smaller numbers for a garment of the same size! But that's not the best advice.

    Get yourself a tailor's measuring tape and make measurements of your own body. You might set a goal to lose a certain amount of inches or centimeters from those various parts. Just another way to approach it.

    June's not that far away. Please consider setting yourself up for success by going slow and setting realistic deadlines for your goals. June might be a good deadline depending how much you're looking to shed.

    Most important, don't quit. Stick to it. That's so important.