Hi everyone I'm new here 😀 I need help guys in 42 I have struggled with giving up soda for so many years any advice on this I have a horrible dr pepper habit and it's one of the main reasons I always fail at weight loss!! Thanks so much!!


  • mtaratoot
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    Don't bring any into the house.

    Do you use it for the caffeine or the sweetness? If caffeine, you can learn to have tea or black coffee. They don't have calories. If it's the fizz, you can get flavored sparking water or even unflavored sparkling water.

    Will it be easy? Hell no. Not at first, that's for sure. So when you want a Dr. Pepper, just tell yourself you have to wait 15 minutes and see if you can do that. Then say it again until the day is over.

    You just need to build some good habit to replace your Dr. Pepper habit if you want to be free of it.
  • Ashkea76
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    I used to drink Diet Dr. Pepper like CRAZY. I started getting the Clear American Sparkling water from Walmart- I drink those all the time, and I honestly don't miss it anymore, I gave up Soda in August or September- I don't even remember. I've lost over 40 pounds since then, and the Sparkling water and giving up soda is a BIG part of that. Good luck!