ladies do you gain or lose while on birth control



  • Taterpoof
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    Different birth controls have different levels of hormones. What works for one person doesn't work for all. If it did, we would only have that one working form on the market, lol.

    I'm currently losing weight even though I'm on Depo Provera; scanning the forums, lots of people blame "my" drug for their weight gain. And it could be that it caused it, I'm not a professional pharmacist and don't know everything about every drug on the market; I just know that I tried several forms for BC and this one works for my body chemistry. Sometimes you have to try a few things and see what works for you.

    Yeah I've seen A LOT of posts blaming the Depo shop for massive weight gain. Not sure if it is just the increased appetite, or something else, but I love this form of birth control. I haven't gained weight from it and having no periods is amazing.
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    if you decide you want to have kids anytime soon {within the next 5 years}, your child will most likely come out with ADD or ADHD. It's not a bad thing, but it's true! Everyone I have known that has been on DEPO and decided to have a kid, that's what happened.

    What!? Where did you make this up?

    What utter nonsense.

    I didn't make it up... lol. When I was getting the shot, that's what my doctor even told me. One of my neighbors is living proof!

    if a doctor knows this to be true then they shouldn't even be administering this shot to anyone. it should be taken off the market but ill never get depo ever
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    From the research I've done in the past, I've heard/read that being on the pill makes it more difficult to create more muscle mass. I did have an increase in weight after going on the pill as well. Not sure what was due to increased appetite, what was due to water retention, and what was due to difficulty gaining/maintaining muscle mass. Now I am on the ring. I guess my weight has stayed stable. I do find it hard to build muscle. And I do find it hard to lose weight. But it's still possible.
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    I got my tubes tied and no weight gain here.