Start of Autumn



  • LMJS
    LMJS Posts: 157 Member
    That would make sense...I've started bagging up shorts & summer dresses to put in storage and switched over to winter Britsh weather logic, that means we're due a heatwave!

    Like when lighting a barbecue is the equivalent of doing a rain dance!!:laugh:

    Lol that's so true!

    I was caught yesterday looking longingly into my jar or Ovaltine only to find its just the remnants left over from last autumn/winter :sad:
  • carplady
    carplady Posts: 36 Member
    I can't believe how cold I have started to feel :frown: I normally love the fresh air and windows open and traditionally our heating doesn't go on until the clocks go back at the end of October and we are still on the summer duvet, but i think I am definately missing the 41lb that must have been keeping me warm. Will have to invest in some sexy thermal underwear :laugh:
  • louisemallas
    louisemallas Posts: 59 Member
    I just posted on my news feed today about how frickin cold I am feeling right now. I wasn't sure if it was due to the temp drop or the fact that I have lost a fair bit of blubber since last sept, Whatever it is, I am not happy about it LOL Apparently we have an indian summer coming though....

    I already have the heating on and the electric blanket is on the bed!

    I aways felt the cold, but it's definitely been worse this year! 2 and a bit stone of fat must have been great insulation!

    Ha, ha... ditto. I will be doing the exercise though to try and make me sweat and keep warm........