Worst compliment you've ever gotten.



  • 2 that stick out in my mind:

    "Wow, you've lost a lot of weight. Go on a crack diet?" Umm, thanks, I think?

    "You would be so beautiful if you just got your nose fixed" Ouch!
  • gerard54
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    You look like Bolo...
  • Timshel_
    Timshel_ Posts: 22,841 Member
    You don't look half as bad as you used to.
  • Debbjones
    Debbjones Posts: 278 Member
    You look good for your age... ! What we are not suppose to look good as we age...
  • NanzyBoek
    NanzyBoek Posts: 152 Member
    "Congratulations on your pregnancy! How far along are you?"

    Ive never been pregnant.
  • Eleonora91
    Eleonora91 Posts: 695 Member
    "Yeah, you haven't got a lot of hair, but I wouldn't notice if I didn't know you"

    I suffer from hair loss and I am very self conscious about it -__-
  • darrensurrey
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    "You're very strong considering you don't look big."

  • RachaelStJ
    RachaelStJ Posts: 152 Member
    "You are lucky, guys love fat *kitten* to hold onto."

    From one of my skinny friends. :cry:
  • mielikkibz
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    when's the baby due?
  • stillnot2late
    stillnot2late Posts: 387 Member
    you look good for someone your age
  • jessannprice
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    you remind me of Kate Gosslin.. WTF

    I'm so sorry. If this was a contest, you just won.

    ^^^ LOL -- AGREE!
  • TracyJo93
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    "You'd be pretty if you weren't so flat chested." Coming from one of my cousins, a D cup, who weights 100 lbs more than me.

    Me back: "Lol at least I'm not fat."
  • God made Harriet so he could see how far skin can stretch. A coworker who yelled this out in front of the whole office when I weighed 275.
  • aezaidan
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    where to start....

    "You would be really pretty if you weren't so fat" -- from a total stranger

    "Damn.... you juicy" -- pretty sure, last time I checked, I was neither a steak nor a starburst candy... but thanks??

    "Hey sexy! I like 'em big!" -- Good for you... Go eff off.

    "Don't cut your hair. I won't find you attractive anymore." Yeah... cuz my goal in life is making sure that YOU find me attractive... JERK

    And lastly, not a compliment but just proof that people no longer know how to act out in public....

    "Your face don't look right" -- a customer at my job
  • Skeebee
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    "wow. you've lost 60lbs? I didn't think you lost that much...huh...." (they later clarified that they didn't think I looked like I needed to lose that much to begin with but, at the time, this was horribly stated...)
  • Normanefox
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    May your enemies smell your breath.
  • After I lost 60 pounds someone told me my face looked weird...

    I also get the You're 36? You don't look THAT old!
  • Ideabaker
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    "Hey, long time no see--you look great! Did you have a boy or a girl?"

    Um, I wasn't pregnant!
  • Off topic, just scrolling through the comments & noticed you had lost 104 lbs.
    Congrats!! That's so awesome.
    That makes me feel really encouraged.
  • PrettyPearl88
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    Some of the worst compliments I've gotten:

    "Hey, you've lost some weight. Before you were really fat, but now you're just sort of fat."
    "You look good chubby!"
    "You're going about this weight loss thing the wrong way. Now you have no butt or hips anymore and have a V-shaped body. You look like a man now."
    "You looked so much better 15 pounds ago. Your face was nice and full then." (Referring to 15 pounds heavier. And 15 pounds ago I was borderline overweight.)

    And finally, the VERY worst one that I received fairly recently:

    "Oh my goodness, how've you been? It's been so long! You look a little different though, I can't pinpoint exactly what it is. Ah! I know! You look a lot older, that's it!" (The last time this person saw me was 4 years ago when I was 50+ pounds heavier.) :grumble: