Worst compliment you've ever gotten.



  • This girl (talking to her friend) points at me (a lesbian lol) "See? This girl is thick. She aint no twig. She's gonna get herself a man. Men like big girls" It made me feel a bit awkward lol.
  • WildcatDeLalune
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    Creepy French dude at halloween: "Hi what are you? (I take off my mask to see him) "You should leave the mask on all the time"

    Dafuq? I'm too hideous to look at in the day light?

    Or how about the guy who assumed I was a kid, that my husband was my dad, and gave me a candy bar.

    Qwa??? Creepers..
  • Pammeycakes55
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    I''ve gotten the "really, you don't lookk that big", statement before.

    Also, "you''ve lost some weight, I can tell by your face"! :'(
  • Your too beautiful to be single, or your so thin, you can get into anorexic territory, not true at all.
  • HamptonPhoenix
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    "No offense, but if you got down to your goal weight you'd have the perfect body."

    Looking at old pictures with my grandfather he said, "Oh, that's when you were a fatty."
  • Missjulesdid
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    and when someone saw a picture of me and my boyfriend on facebook and asked who he was, i told them and they said "oh my god, but he's gorgeous!!!!"


    My exhusband is extremely handsome with a very muscular build. When I met and married him I was over 300 pounds. I received more than one comments similar to yours, mostly from family.
  • seltzermint555
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    I've dated a few guys who have said almost the same thing. "I've been with a lot of girls. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL girls. If I wanted a beautiful girl, I'd be with them. But I don't want to be with a beautiful girl. I want you."

    ugh yeah that is HORRID, you should be with a guy who thinks YOU are the beautiful girl (and I hope you are with someone like that, now). I married a guy who would always make comments about "cheerleader type girls" which meant anyone thin and petite, basically, even if they were hideous in the face, missing teeth, whatever...I guess that was his goal in the past before marrying someone tall, fat & very curvy (me). Next time around, with my second husband, I married someone who loves big tall curvy women (thin or fat) and digs short hair and my specific brand of looks...it is SO MUCH BETTER that way!!!

    Funniest part is the guy who dug "cheerleader type girls" was 300 lb, short, looked like Drew Carey, and my current husband is tall and hot and fit.