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    Another weight loss tip that we ALL know, but I find so hard to follow! I am putting this up to help myself, more than anyone else, follow its advice today!


    Sorry - that is a little small! Not sure how to make it larger. But you get the idea anyway :bigsmile:
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    Been harder and harder to smack talk as we go along. So here's my smack talk this week.

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    Hey Sharks! :bigsmile:

    Here are my workout stats for Sun, Mon. and Tues.
    Workout: 30 minutes stationary bike.
    Calories: 338
    Reps: 0
    Stretching: 0
    Personal: posted tip on main page

    Workout: 0
    Calories: 0
    Reps: 0
    Stretching: 8 minutes
    Personal: posted tip on main page

    Workout: 50 minutes (30 min stationary bike, 20 min circuit training)
    Calories: 375
    Walk/Run miles: Did 3 miles (swam laps for 30 minutes and used conversion chart from week 7 per Sheri)
    Reps: 50 (abdominal crunches)
    Stretching: 8 minutes
    Personal: posted tip on main page

    And here are my points from week 10:
    Water - 35 pts.
    Sodium - 30 pts.
    Exercise - 35 pts.
    Bad habit - epic fail! (-10 pts.)
    Good habit - almost! (-10 pts.)
    Encouragement - 5
    Smack talk (Dolphins) - 5
    Total: 90

    Have a great day! :drinker:
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    I'll "try" not to eat sweets.... I'll "try" to eat fewer carbs...

    WELL here is what YODA would say to that! :embarassed:

    Try not. Do or do not. There is no try. ~ Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back
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    Sorry for my silence. As I was working out yesterday, I got a call that my grandfather's baby sister had just passed away. She went in to have a surgery for an aneurism (this is just what I've heard) she began having seizures and then a stroke and didn't respond after. This is absolutely my favorite great-aunt. I used to spend summers with her as a child. My bout with chickenpox was spent with my Aunt Barbara. We have a family reunion every year so I see her every year. About 5 years ago, after moving back closer to home, she met my then 2 year old daughter. When we were getting ready leave she asked my daughter if she wanted to come with her. So without any clothes, money given, or any preplanning whatsoever, she took her and kept her for a whole week. She did the same thing the following year up until my daughter started school and couldn't go with her. I love her so much and will miss her dearly. I will try to update my stats as I can.
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    Hello all...I'm finally settled at my in-laws in FL...

    The boys went out with the grandparents tonight, and Honey and I went out together...I have to admit, the food and drink (just two days into this trip) are more than I can deal with already! Actually, I seem to be having a much harder time with liquid calories - Long Island Iced Tea is simply divine...homemade Sangria, white zinfandel...and the coffees!!! OH DEAR!!!

    Anyway...I suppose the world *will* keep spinning if I only manage to maintain during this trip...these things have been SUCH A NICE TREAT!!! (I feel sooooo indulgent!)

    I have nothing to report for Monday and Tuesday; we were on the road. I will (no...**WILL**) get in my stuff Wed-Fri!

    And...bless your heart, kvon...once again, you and your family are in my prayers! :heart:
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    @ Kristie - So sorry to hear that news. Your Aunt Barbara sounds like she was a wonderful person and I can see how much you will miss her. I am praying for you and your family at this difficult time. :heart:

    @ Pam - Glad you arrived safely. Have fun with your family (but watch all those drinks :huh: :laugh: ) But, yes, the world will not stop spinning if you don't lose over these couple of weeks! In fact if we can all just maintain (and not gain :grumble: ) then it will be good :bigsmile:

    @ Melissa - I am loving all those tips you have been posting on the main page! Keep them coming! I did give in to 2 plain homemade biscuits yesterday afternoon - but limited myself to those two (and THAT in itself is a victory :bigsmile: )

    Here is my TUESDAY:

    WORKOUT: 40 minutes circuits and 20 minutes aerobics = total 60 minutes (40 minutes to go to minimum)
    Calories burned: 585 (291 calories to go)

    REPS: 25 sit-ups, 25 chest presses and 25 chest flies = total 75 (125 to go)

    STRETCHING: 8 minutes done (1 more set to do)


    I was up in the night being sick, so haven't worked out this morning. Will see how I feel later (doing better than I was at 3 am, but still not great), but today might just become a rest day for me :cry:
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    And my motivational quote for today (again speaking to myself in particular!) :

    "Rather than aiming for being perfect, just aim to be little bit better today than you were yesterday."

    Have a great day Shark pals!
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    Ali, I hope you're feeling better! :flowerforyou:

    And as far as your quote, it shouldn't be too hard for me to be better than I was yesterday...I was pretty bad! :noway:

    And I found this for today: "If you don't have what you want...WORK HARDER!"
    (I probably should read that once an hour while on this trip!)
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    No smack this week! Keep up the great work, Sharks! You have been an inspiration. :flowerforyou:
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    Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts, words, and prayers. And @Pam...mmmm coffee:drinker:

    @ Ali- Well wishes sent your way. Take some time and sleep as much as you can!:yawn:

    Week 10 points= 103

    Week 11

    Nothing Sunday

    2 miles done
    20 min, 84 cals walking (this was after 2 miles was done)

    31 min, 206 cals stepping
    8 mins stretching done
    105 reps- 25 ea squats, steam engines, scissor crunches and 30 flutter kicks

    I posted my tip on the main page and btw @Ali, what do you mean when you say biscuit?
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    smalk talk for today....
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    #1 Workout:
    a) 33 mins HIIT & circuit training/ 329 cals (47 mins still to go & 357 calls still to burn)
    b) zero miles (2 miles still to go)
    c) (Note IF you add in a 4th day and hit max. 210 minutes (NOT including the miles) you get 20 bonus points)
    #2 Stretching: 8 mins done (8 mins x1 days to do)
    #3 Reps: zero(all required done)

    #1 Workout:
    a) 15 mins (walking outside of miles requirement) / 119 cals (32 mins still to go & 238 calls still to burn)
    b) 2 miles (0 miles still to go)
    c) (Note IF you add in a 4th day and hit max. 210 minutes (NOT including the miles) you get 20 bonus points)
    #2 Stretching: 8 mins done (all required done)
    #3 Reps: zero(all required done)

    Kristie so sorry to hear of your grandaunts passing - will keep you and your family in my prayers.

    Ali - your poor thing, hope you are feeling better.

    Pam - I'm liking the sound o four liquid calories :laugh: ... and I love your quote for today


    Oops .. my stats above are actually Tuesday & Wednesday :blushing:
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    Well, today's not over yet, but so far, I've done a lot a lot of exercise and kept my eating in check...but it's early, and I may need *something* before I go to bed! (But, good heavens, restaurant food is soooo high in sodium; my weight is bound to be up this week!) :sad:


    workout: 120 min! (105 min walking (2 separate sessions,) 15 min running (ok, ok, it was a slow jog!)
    calories: 449
    stretch: 8 minutes
    reps: 100
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    "What you do today can improve all your tomorrows."

    Hope everybody has a GREAT day-before-the-weigh-in!!! :tongue: :noway:

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    #1 Workout:
    a) 60 minutes Zumba - 575 Cals Burned
    b) zero miles (2 miles still to go)
    #2 Stretching: 8 mins done
    #3 Reps: 150 (50 squats, 50 mtn climbers, 50 speed skates)

    #1 Workout:
    a) 45 mins Turbo Jam - 507 cals
    b)0 miles
    #2 Stretching: 8 mins done
    #3 Reps:100 (50 Jumping Jacks, 50 Squats)

    I don't know if I'll be able to get my miles in....too bad I can't count all the walking I'm doing in the shops for Christmas.

    Kristie, sorry to hear about your family's loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time
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    Thanks @Mary & @Samantha! ????

    120 min, 1007 cals Zumba & Leslie
    8 min stretching done
    150 reps

    Eta- my stats are in but not my week 10 points. I posted them earlier. 103 i think. Thanks!
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    Hey everyone!
    Kristie, I am so sorry for your loss. :brokenheart: I lost a favorite Great Aunt this year too, and it was very hard. I'll be thinking of you and your family.

    Ali, I'm glad that the situation in Mali is okay, and that you feel better about what's happening there after the election. I hope that things will continue to improve.:flowerforyou:

    Pam, I am so glad that you are enjoying your trip! I'll be sure to make a wine toast to you tomorrow night when I'm in North Carolina :drinker:

    Donna, congratulations on your new job!! :bigsmile:

    I hope that everyone else is doing well too!

    I have nothing to report for Wednesday. I was not feeling well, but I'm better today and had to cram in a ton of activity to catch up!

    Workout: 60 min. swimming, 20 min. calisthenics, 15 min. turbo chair = 95 minutes (completed 190 min. total over 3 days)
    Calories: 816 (burned 1529 calories total over 3 days)
    Stretch time: 8 minutes
    Reps: 150 (50 wall push ups. 50 oblique crunches, 50 abdominal crunches)

    I'll be back tomorrow morning to finish a 4th day workout and more reps!! I hope that the scale is friendly to us all tomorrow :laugh:
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    I have no idea where all my pre-trip resolve went! I have eaten like a stinkin' little pig...and I had planned for today to be better because I knew the weigh-in was coming, but, noooo... Oh well, it's too late now; I'll have to face the consequences on the scale in the morning...
    At least we've been walking and walking and's my Thursday:

    workout: 80 minutes (30 min circuit; 50 min walk)...358 calories
    miles: 2 (counted separate from the above minutes)
    reps: 100
    stretch: 8 minutes

    All that, but I can't exercise away a bad, I'm in trouble!

    Oh, and I've been putting stuff on the chart, but I've got Captain & Coke keeping me company, so y'all might wanna check behind me! :wink: :drinker: