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    Arrrgggghhhh. Freezer is no longer a freezer, more of a fridge. Not helpful. I now have lots of cooking to do!
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    1. 50 minutes running
    2. 0 but reps done for the week
    3 10 minutes stretching
    4. No drinking go met for the week
    5. Stretched after running

    Rest day, 10 minutes stretching


    1. 75 minutes running and 15 minutes walking to get 90 minutes
    2. 0
    3. 0
    4.. Goal met this week
    5. 15 minutes stretching after my run

    I did HIIT on Wed, Thurs, Friday this week.
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    Ok I get the EM bit of #4 but not sure of the bonus. Maybe cause I need coffee though I doubt it.
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    Wow, I'm really glad I decided to weigh-in yesterday. I thought for sure I'd be eliminated and didn't want to bring the team down with my gain so I thought about dropping. I'm still not feeling top notch but I will keep moving forward and try my best to make you all proud! Thank you so much Sheri for the second chance.
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    Thanks hypallage for carrying the ball! You did great!! I will try sooooo much harder this week since the cough is letting up!!!
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    Thank you...

    Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better!
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    This is ALL I had ENERGY for today!!!

    1. 90 min of jogging on TM for an awesome calorie burn of 967!
    2. Did not do a HIIT workout today.
    3. I did 5 min of stretching PLUS my back stretches.
    4. CORE REPS: 50 FULL BODY + 50 TUFF Core Reps (25 pulsing v-sits & 25 twisting knee to elbow in plank position)
    5. NO EM points today (cuz they don't count till Monday)
    Did my good habit.
    So far LOW sugar.
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    @April.....well I'm glad you weighed in too!! You hung in there with me...not too hot of a weigh in myself...made yours look great!!! How 'bout we both kick some serious *kitten* this week...(or try anyway) :smile: We Can Do It!!

    @Verda...glad you seem to be feeling a bit better too...just don't wear yourself out before you are ready!!

    @hypallage....but thing I've read in awhile!!! Thank you!!! As losses have been scarce (other than your awesome one!) Its been a tough couple weeks for many of us....Not giving up is a SUCCESS and we ALL have to remember that...especially at the toughest moments!!!!

    GO DOLPHINS!! I KNOW We Can Have a KILLER WEEK!!! Lets do This!!!

    And Push for those EM Pts!! I KNOW we can all find ways to get MOVING!! Good habits to get into no matter what!!! But Big Points to Earn this Week in the process!! :bigsmile:
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    Morning DOLPHINS!!!! It is "MUST" MOVE IT MONDAY or be TOSSED like dirty laundry!!!! Let's SERIOUSLY kick @SS this week!!! WE are the DIE HARD DOLPHINS from here on out!!!!

    @Sheri. How many EM points are we allowed per day? I will VOLUNTEER to shovel snow today & walk the dogs for the potty breaks even when the the wind chill is like -30 degrees!! I have SOOOOO much going on this week and now my husbands PANIC Disorder flares up!!! I am asking Lord, WHY now but I KNOW that there really is no GOOD time!! I'm STRONG & WILL pull through!!!
    Also you have posted that the EM points are used for the points only (not in your workout) but aren't the HIIT's all alone too? (like previously)
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    @verda...I didn't put a limit in for it...figuring between the HIIT's, the workouts and the reps that people wouldn't be able to put in toooo terribly much more time! I would think it would be a stretch to get in a ton of minutes with everything else...if I see people posting hours of EM's I may put a limit up. But if you had a day or 2 with a lot of minutes it would be great!

    And yes the HIIT's, Workouts, Reps AND EM's Are ALL in addition to each other! NO Overlapping. I only specified the EM's specifically cuz I gave an example of doing reps in front of the TV while you are watching it...I didn't want people thinking that could go towards your reps as well and EM's haven't been a constant in the challenge like most everything else.

    Also, want to make sure you ALL saw that EM's on Sunday and Friday do NOT count for the challenge. It is strictly Monday - Friday.

    And also...I think I have been mega lax on posting points...if you guys that are in this to the END!! :drinker: can look over the points chart and see if I'm missing you...if you KNOW what you points are then please just post them here...if you just know I'm missing #'s I'll go back through. I know not everyone is pushing for them but some of you are killing them and should have them on the chart! I Really Apologize!!!!!

    Alright Dolphins...we are getting down to the wire!!! Let's Have a Huge Week!!!
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    1. 60 minutes (30 min of T25's SPEED 3.0 AND 30 min on the TM) calories burned = 818 :drinker: (Got my long workouts done now, just a 30 & a 45 left!!
    2. I did my HIIT at 8:40 tonite (got 3 to go)
    3. Did 5 minutes of stretching
    4. 50 Full Body situps PLUS 50 TUFF core reps (25 side plank with top leg doing toe taps front & back:noway: 25 knee raises off the ab machine) I hit the required number!
    5. Walked the dogs for 6 minutes (below zero temps:noway: )= 5 pts
    Walked for more than 5 minutes at Dr appointment.= 5 pts
    Did 7 extra minutes of stretching since the wind was blowing to hard to go shovel.=5 pts
    6. Did good habit
    7. Had a LOW sugar day!
    We drove 90 miles to my husbands Dr appointment in WHITE OUT conditions! My day has been VERY stressed & I am off to bed.
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    posted above #'s plus mine...ohhhh I actually helped a little ;-) trying to help more this week....I predict a calmer week for myself ;-) Probably shouldn't have said it won't be :tongue:
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    Morning Dolphins!!! It is TUESDAY and TIME to TEAR IT UP!!!

    I will see later what ya ALL got done!!! Remember to do those EXTRA MOVING minutes!!! It's time to MOVE it, MOVE it, MOVE it!!!!
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    My Monday:

    1. 54 minute run, 10 minutes walking, 64 minutes. 529 calories
    2. 50 V-sit pulses, 50 full sit ups
    3. 20 minutes with my foam roller and stretching last night
    4. no alcohol
    5. stretching after my run

    Extra moving: walked the cart back to the grocery store instead of cart carosel, from far end of parking lot, brought groceries in several trips rather than all at once. total of 5 minutes. Although I must say, carrying 100 pounds of groceries in one go certainly does get the HR up. :laugh:
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    Posted tabby's and my numbers...
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    Hey Dolphins!
    Think you can catch the SHARKS this week?

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    My "Tuesday Time to Tear it Up was:

    1. 45 minutes on the TM for 535 cals
    2. 15 min HIIT on the bike (my legs were like jelly when I got on the TM!)
    3. Did my 5 min of stretching
    4. 0 reps today
    5. 33 min of shoveling snow & sweeping the steps in -7 degrees for EM points (6pts)! I was the first one home this afternoon so I thought why not? But when my fingers were numb I thought WHY did I?:laugh:
    6.LOW sugar
    7. Did my new good habit.

    I was soooo tired on the TM but this challenge kept me going!!!!! I have to say my husband is VERY tired of it!!!
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    Dolphins feel the fear :frown: .... SHARKS love the taste of DOMINATION :bigsmile: