Females only - lifting/weight training results?



  • stephaniek511
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    Thank you @Ara_the_halfelven - I will check it out!

    I've started with Strong Curves as recommended on the weight lifting thread. It's been going well but I need to make some adjustments to that and figure out how to expand my access to equipment.
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    Not sure I'm normal? I'm 5ft 2. 48kg and consume nearly 4000 calories a day. I cycle around min 10 miles a day and 20 minutes on my mat for abs training daily/plus small weights. Recently added in protein shakes too...I'm naturally slim but wouldn't mind gaining 5 or 6 pounds but getting bored of constantly eating! It's exhausting. I have really good muscle tone...I had my thyroid checked too. Any tips?
  • saramelie77
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    Yay for strong womens!!! I'm absolutely not there yet, but I've been there before, lifting weights and looking damn good! So I'm going back to it soon. Give me a year and I'll post MY pictures!

    ((I used to weight 119 pounds, no muscles, undereating, and wear a size 11. Then, after lots of lifting and eating enough, I got to 139, wearing a size 7!! So at some point, with lifting, the weight on the scale doesn't matter so much, it's all about composition! But you all know this already. ))

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    Ladies you are all on fire you're that hawt! Definitely inspiration to start lifting!!
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    So, I had some pretty serious residual gastric symptoms for months after having Covid last September and got dangerously thin because I couldn’t keep any food down. I’ve always been a competitive athlete, races, bodybuilding, powerlifting, LawFIt, O-Course style races, you name it. I’ve been training for something since I was 17. And suddenly I couldn’t. I didn’t even know how to plan my week! I didn’t know what to do. I began having a reduction in symptoms early April, and as soon as I could keep a whole meal down I started lifting again. I broke 120 pounds this week and I’m ecstatic. I hope to compete in my next powerlifting meet next Spring. Here’s a photo of me last Easter, thinner than I’ve ever been, and my most recent “progress” photo.



    Wow! That is absolutely amazing. A testament to not only your physical strength now but also the mental strength to get yourself back in the game.