• not nearly as hot as some of the other moms but after 133 lbs lost, I'm pretty hot lol...




    Grrrrrrrrrr Hot Mama!!!!!

    That's an amazing transformation, you should be so proud of your huge accomplishment!!!

    In for the hotness, 70lb down, still a work in progress, but feeling bloody pleased so far. Mums rock!
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    Oh darn. This isn't the low cal recipe thread? Guess I'm just have to stick around and see what's going on in here. :-D
  • Arne_becomesxXx
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    Ohhhhh wow!!!!

    I´ve to take a cold, cold, very cold shower right now.
    So many hot Mamas.....I´m melting......
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    bump cause it needs it
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    <<-- Checking in. Mom of a 6 yo and 5 yo.
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    "<<-- Checking in. Mom of a 6 yo and 5 yo."

    very HOTT!
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    In for hot mom

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    I :heart: this thread!
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    In for hot mom


    Actually I think you want the Hot Dads thread. Down the hall and to the left. Your welcome.
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    In for hot mom


    Aww! So cute!
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    In for hot mom

    Yeah, nothing like a lady with a stache... That's hot!
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    My baby is 19...nearly all grown up...still trying to be hot...sorta
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    Hubby says I am a Hot Grandma! But beauty is definitely in the eyes of the beholder. And he beholds me well!

    Working on getting my hot mama body back I had in my 30s. Well, a girl can dream can't she??

    Congrats to all the successful moms out there.
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    I'm still working on it...I'm determined to earn back my MILF status... :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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    <--- mom working on the "HOT"
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    looking great ladies. :love:
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    Yep. Your honorary plaque is on the way.
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    This makes me feel hot...

    but this makes me a hot mom!

    I LOVE your idea!!!! I'll have to remember that one!!! Although I am buff by no stretch so hats off to you for looking like you have worked hard and your work shows!!!! My fiance thinks I'm hot; that's all I care about....