strength training?



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    Why don't you want muscles?
    They give your body shape. A round butt is round because of muscle. Wider shoulders make your waist look smaller. Muscular calves look hot when you walk in heels.

    Additionally, more muscle means your body burns more calories even at rest, so you can eat more without gaining weight. It also protects your bones and increasing your strength protects your joints, ligaments, and is associated with a lower risk of many common diseases, especially osteoporeosis.

    Plus, it is incredibly hard to actually "look" muscular as a woman. You have to work very hard, have your hormones in balance, and eat to build muscle. You won't wake up looking like a bodybuilder if you put a barbell on your back. I've busted my hump lifting very hard and heavy for 2 years just to add about 15 lbs of muscle.

    Buy a book like New Rules of Lifting for Women or go to and find a program.

    And maybe my opinion, but you should consider looking at different women's bodies before deciding that you want to be flabby or waif-like with no muscle. You don't have to be huge or jacked, but lifting will def make you look better and it will likely involve adding some muscle.

    If you want to look like a runway skeleton, though, just stick to cardio, but use the treadmill instead of the elliptical. Running is way more efficient and way better for your heart.

    Yes!!! NROLFW here!!! ;) I LOVE this book!!! Just got done doing my routine, actually. :happy: I've been lifting for about 2 years, and about 4-5 weeks into the book. Didn't see a whole lot of results with the little bit of lifting I was doing the last 2 years, but since I started this book, I've gotten compliments about how much flatter my stomach is looking. I know that muscle doesn't target belly fat, but everything is just looking much tighter lately. My shoulders and arms are looking so sexy! They still look a little too big, but they're smaller than they were. Just have to get rid of the excess fat still, not to mention the loose skin, since I've lost so much weight.

    PS- I am proud to say that I can now do pushups!!! :happy:
  • WOW! Thats great i m sure i wiill be able to do it soon as well.:)
  • Thank u everyone for replying and helping out. :)