This cheered me up! 60 lbs Gone (pics)



  • BarbaraLee15
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    Congratulations! I look at that 100 pound mark as a milestone! I began my journey heavier than you but to me, big marks are when there is 100 or less to go.... and that aforementioned milestone. That is my next goal, the 200 mark. It seems forever from now but you are proof that slow and steady does it best. Seeing it took you 2 years to do it so far is heartening .. thank you. I go now by how I feel as well. You do NOT look the weight you now say you are according to that last selfie. So obviously you are doing it right, and the greatest thrill you can have is how good clothes feel and how light your children now feel when you pick them up for hugs. Now THAT is a reward!
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    You've done an amazing job, and that's worth celebrating for sure! You've come so far; I can't help but think you can definitely handle the rest. :)

    I love the picture of you and ribbon bow kitty because your facial expressions show the same level of amusement (NOT AMUSED).
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    So I was feeling a little down this week. It will be two years this coming November since I began taking control and working to get comfortable and happy with myself. But the past two month has been very slow in the losing department even though I have been doing everything right. I know sometimes that's just how it goes. But I did finally hit 60 lbs down this week. I was reading a post today. A guy posted a great before and after photo but was feeling down about his progress. I told him he needed to dig up all the awful before photos he could find and that it would help him remember how far he has come. After I thought....hmmm maybe I need to do here it is. I have 40 more to go to be within my healthy weight, but 60 is worth celebrating.

    Start weight : 263lb, Nov 2, 2011
    Current: 203lb
    Height 5' 6.5"


    You look great! I was 210 last month and I finally hit 190lbs by doing an hour of cardio 4x a week and eating no more than 1500cals a day, maybe that might help you get into the 190s as well :)
  • CactusF1ower
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    Way to go! And that baby is super cute!
  • You look amazing! Very nice to see hard work pay off!
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    Celebrate!!! 60 pounds is look younger!
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    Great Job!!! 60 lbs lost is awesome! You keep going girl!
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    Cheers! You are doing GREAT!!!
  • you look amazing well done x