Why is Potassium SO hard to find?



  • Coconut water, 11.2 oz = 690 mg of potassium + 60 calories only
    Drink 3 a day and that's 2070 mg of potassium, 180 cals, easy to do, but can be expensive. BTW, it's delicious and a great way to hydrate. Just be aware that, at this level, potassium acts as a diuretic and natriuretic, i.e. expect to go to the bathroom a lot, and your bloodpressure will drop a little bit since you will excrete more sodium. The good news is that a diet high in potassium, >3500 mg per day, will couter the effects of a higher sodium diet as well as the vasopressor response to stress... A great way to avoid or control hypertension.
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    Eat a large serving of any green vegetable with every meal and you will have tons of potassium.
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    Low sodium V8 juice. 50 calories and 900 units of potassium per serving. Bam! FIFY.
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    Medium potato = 1240
    Blackstrap Molasses = 450 (Put it in your protein shake, be sure to check the label, they're not all the same)
    V8 Juice 12oz = 650 & only 70 calories, yes it's high in sodium but I don't care
    Orange juice = 400ish
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    Uh because too much can kill you?
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    Switch to NoSalt salt substitute? Not sure if that's the same thing as what was asked.
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    Check out:


    Keep in mind also that potassium isn't required to be listed on nutrition labels. (Kinda dumb if you ask me) So a lot of foods in the MFP database and elsewhere will erroneously list a food as having no potassium when in fact the food is a good source of potassium. To address this, many potassium-minded MFPers add potassium to the name of the food in the database. My morning java is listed in MFP as "Homemade Black Coffee - Brewed (W/Potassium)" (Three cups of black coffee have as much potassium as a medium banana)

    I would not take potassium supplements however. Much better to get it from foods.

    I second this.

    When adding foods (like russett potato), scanning the barcode usually has the potassium amt included, if it does, I try 3-4 entries and one of the usually has it
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    You can find it in the spice aisle of the grocery store as salt substitute. Mortons makes one and french's makes one called No Salt.

    ETA: I just looked at the Morton's one in my kitchen. 610mg potassium per 1/4 teaspoon. Easy to make up gaps by adding some to your meals regularly.
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    Have you considered taking an enzyme supplement to help with the "bean" problem? I find that works great for me. I have no knowledge of potassium to add to this string.
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    Yup, I totally thought I was lacking potassium too, until I realized it's not on nutrition labels, so most things in the MFP database say 0. When I looked it up, I realized I get enough without trying.
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    tomato juice, pure coconut water, raisins
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    Wow. I eat most of the potassium-rich stuff that has been listed here all the time. I must have potassium coming out the wazoo!
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    All natural, no sugar added coconut WATER not coconut juice
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    Gotta agree with the coconut. :) Lowest cal with lots of potassium. Make sure it is Young coconut water/juice though. Oh and Young coconut meat too. If it's hard to chew or hard to scoop out of the coconut, it's mature coconut already- in that case just drink the water and discard the meat.

    the others I usually have are

    - Sweet Potato
    - Kiwi Fruit
    - Milk
    - Plain Low Fat Yoghurt
    - Plain Low fat Milk
    - All-Bran
    - Potato
    - Lay's Original
    - Banana
    - Dates
    - Raisin
    - Tuna
    - Pork
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    APO-K is a slow release potassium-chloride supplement with 600mg per pill
  • As someone with Kidney failure, I have to watch my potassium levels. MyFitnessPal has horrible tracking of Potassium because none of it is officially verified -- even the "user verified" stuff is completely wrong. This place is going to get me killed (high Potassium is very bad for dialysis patients).

    Sadly, I have to go elsewhere and track my own Potassium levels.

    Just a word of advice -- EVERYTHING has Potassium in it -- it is a mineral that is present in all foods. If MyFitnessPal lists Potassium as zero, it is 100% wrong.
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    Its in almost everything it just might not show up in the MFP nutrition data.

    This is a very big player. Potassium isn't required to be included on nutrition information labels (at least, not in the US), so it can be hard to tell what you're getting because the food companies aren't telling you.