Lettuce Wraps



  • Yes, heart of romaine is a natural 'taco shell' because it curls over on itself. Also, If you score or skin the spine of any lettuce leaf it will fold more easily.

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  • homesweeths
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    I use Romaine or red/green leaf lettuce leaves for wraps.

    Last week, I bought a loaf of Julian's coconut "paleo bread" to travel with -- it was mostly for the gf members of our family, so I could feed them sandwiches if there was nothing at the tournament they could eat. Thankfully the judges' buffet was organized by a celiac mom, who set it up as two separate lines (one regular and one gluten free) and made sure that the gf lunch meat, bread, condiments and sweets were actually gluten free.

    ...so our loaf of Julian Bakery bread stayed in our cooler. Out of curiosity I had a ham sandwich on that bread when we got home (too wiped out to cook after the all-day drive). It wasn't bad. Not something I'd do every day, but convenient and filling for not too many carbs.