January Whole30



  • climberchic
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    I agree 100%, the health benefits really are the winning aspect.
  • vicksterious
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    Agreed! I've actually never lost any weight doing it but I feel 150% better about 2 weeks in.
  • climberchic
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    Hey everyone!! Day 6!! How is it going? The eating is going well, but mentally I WANT sugar. Not sugar exactly but it would be nice to have a hot coffee with some amazing hazelnut creamer. That is my gateway food/drink into unhealthy eating. Once this whole30 is over I'm going to start making paleo creamer. I've tried it before and it was good.

    Any stories to share?

    Oh! I started dreaming again!!
  • FitToLead
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    Please add me too. I am in. Started on 31st December so am at day 11.. and hoping to finish one month, then go into another.
  • jenn26point2
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    I'm on Day 4. I plan to follow whole30 all the way through March to get me through my marathon. I may continue on after that. Feel free to add me!
  • I started January 6. It's my first Whole 30. I have been eating Atkins-/Keto-ish for the past 10 years, however have been diagnosed with a lactose intolerance and am finally ready to go dairy free. I am very excited and feeling good so far. Add me if you like.
  • Kaelitr0n
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    For those that started January 1, we're 2/3 done with this one!

    How is everyone doing?
  • ShannonKirton
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    For those that started January 1, we're 2/3 done with this one!

    How is everyone doing?

    Feeling good but wanting it to end! lol
  • PaleoPath4Lyfe
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    I'm doing ok. I have had a couple of oopsies, but I am still losing inches. Not sure of the pounds because I haven't stepped on the scale.

    I am wanting some potato soup with bacon and a sprinkling of cheddar cheese so I will not be joining in on the February Whole 30 just because there are foods that I would like to have that aren't considered part of the whole 30 challenge but are perfectly fine on the Paleo / Primal template as a whole.
  • FitToLead
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    Thanks for asking Kaelitr0n.
    I am now on day 23. My weight has not budged for 12 days-- somewhat frustrating.
    But - I am post appendectomy.. and maybe it has something to do with the antibiotics or infection or something.
    However, I am enjoying the food. So far I am not tempted.. but I saw at the movies recently the almost automatic habit to go buy something..
    Good luck everyone.
  • ahviendha
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    Hey all,

    Checking in!

    I wanted to ask about BPA and acne. My acne has become quite a bit worse since starting my whole30, especially in the "hormonal" areas around my mouth. For the most part I've only taken items OUT of my diet, but I have added coconut milk which I have everyday with my coffee, or with berries.

    Apparently BPA can cause acne? I have two tablespoons of coconut milk a day, which doesn't seem like a lot, but my body is very sensitive to hormones in general.

    Thoughts?? I'm going to stop having coconut milk to see if it helps.

    Hope everyone's doing well!
  • butterfli7o
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    I wish I had seen this thread earlier!! Day 23 here...and while I was starting to get discouraged ( clothes did not feel looser to me, no "Tiger Blood" ) I had to step on the scale at the gyno's office last night, and I am down five pounds! I know we are not supposed to weigh, but that was just what I needed to motivate me to keep going.
  • redredy9
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    @ahviendha: I've heard that cleanses sometimes make skin worse before it gets better. I don't know if thats whats going on in your case though.

    I am on day 21! So far so good. I haven't stepped on a scale yet but I feel thinner. I was pretty close to my highest weight when I started though so I am not obviously looking any slimmer but hopefully I am on the right track.

    No really cravings other than alcohol occasionally but it passes. I am feeling really great otherwise. I am going to stick to Paleo and work on lowering my carb in take after my 30 days are up. I am looking forward to paleo pancakes!
  • Kaelitr0n
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    Day 27, here, and I've entered the worst part of my Whole30. My brain is in full revolt; trying to convince me that 27 days is as good as 30, that I've already done a Whole30 and have nothing more to prove by completing it this time, tossing really random cravings at me (when have I *ever* actually craved pizza? gross), and whispering that a tiny bit of cream won't matter now since I'll be adding dairy back into my diet in a few short days.

    This quiet sabotage happened last time, too. And it only gets worse for me from here until the end. Whyyyy do I do this to myself?

    I am participating in The Biggest Loser at work, so I've still been weighing (this was the hardest for me to give up last time, so I was glad I didn't have to this time). I'm happy to report that I am down 12 pounds since my pre-Whole30-weigh-in! That's almost double what I lost last time, so I'm pretty pleased :D