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  • neandermagnon
    neandermagnon Posts: 7,443 Member
    sitting in a pub with a book sounds like a good compromise..... :smile: ........ if I had to choose just one then it'd really depends... if I'm in a sociable mood I'd choose pub but if I'm in a quiet mood then I'll choose staying at home with a book

    what's your favourite pen, or favourite kind of pen?
  • dontdreamit
    dontdreamit Posts: 223
    I have a pen i stole from an accountant that writes amazingly...don't know what type of pen it is but it makes my handwriting look awesome (and I have notoriously bad hand writing).

    what movie (if any) can you watch multiple times without getting sick of it?
  • FancyPantsFran
    FancyPantsFran Posts: 3,687 Member
    Star Wars

    Favorite type of music
  • My favorite music is hip hop or mild rap. Anything by Pitbull or Flo Rida will get me moving.

    What is your favorite vacation spot?
  • stefaniem76
    stefaniem76 Posts: 37 Member

    What's your favorite sports team?
  • sheepysaccount
    sheepysaccount Posts: 608 Member
    The Slytherin Quidditch team. :)

    What the "weirdest" food you love?
  • My3Sons1051
    My3Sons1051 Posts: 356 Member
    Hmmm... maybe saltine crackers crumbled into a glass of milk, eaten with a spoon.

    If you could do one thing illegal and could get away with it, no consequences, what would you do?
  • Lil_Northern_Light
    Lil_Northern_Light Posts: 3,529 Member
    wow, that is a loaded question....hmmmm....probably text while driving ;)

    if you win the lottery what would be the first thing you Buy?? & why? :)
  • collegegirl713
    collegegirl713 Posts: 189 Member
    I would buy I can build our dream house.

    Would you want to know your future?
  • Lil_Northern_Light
    Lil_Northern_Light Posts: 3,529 Member
    sometimes I do, so i can plan ahead or change the outcome

    Q: what are your top 10 things on your bucket list?
  • Gameofthrone
    Gameofthrone Posts: 1,522 Member
    1.Learn a 3rd language
    2.Travel all over the world (Italy, Japan & Australia top 3)
    3. Go skydiving in the nude
    4. Get my lip pierced
    5. Have a Mohawk at least once in my life
    6. Go to Shambhala
    7. Learn how to fish
    8. Swim w/ dolphins
    9.Get a degree
    10. Get some of my poetry published

    If giving the chance, what period/era of time would you most like to live in?
  • neandermagnon
    neandermagnon Posts: 7,443 Member
    middle palaeolithic (probably late middle palaeolithic around 100,000 years ago) - well for a short time anyway I'd probably want to return to civilisation after a while...

    which fantasy novel world would you most like to have an adventure in?
  • TattooedNici
    TattooedNici Posts: 2,141 Member
    The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Always loved the book since the 4th grade.

    What's your heritage?
  • Lil_Northern_Light
    Lil_Northern_Light Posts: 3,529 Member
    woodland Cree: learned to live off the land, hunting, trapping, gathering, making moccasins, mukluks, gloves out of hide and fur, square dancing, jigging (not metis but close), respect and love of the land for it provides. :)

    Q: Have you ever dreamt of a mystery man/woman - knowing that's who you are to be with??
  • Gameofthrone
    Gameofthrone Posts: 1,522 Member
    Yes and no, when I was younger I'd have a lot of dreams that he was in but his face was always blurred or covered =S

    What is your biggest pet peeve in a relationship?
  • bethphelpsfit
    bethphelpsfit Posts: 15 Member
    lack of support for the others goals

    why did you pick the profession you're in??
  • surfinbird_1981
    surfinbird_1981 Posts: 946 Member
    Because I'm a geek and I like money.

    What do you hate?
  • runforestrun35
    runforestrun35 Posts: 480 Member
    Traffic... And waiting in line (I am impatient!)

    Q: what is one thing that you have wanted to do and have been to scared to try?
  • msbunnie68
    msbunnie68 Posts: 1,894 Member
    Bungee jump - I've parasailed a few times but it's the whole leap of faith thing to fall off a perfectly good tower!

    What is the naughtiest thing you have ever gotten away with?
  • scribb
    scribb Posts: 3,659 Member