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    Julesoola wrote: »

    My highest recorded weight was 270lbs 10 years ago. Second pic is a few months ago on my 40th birthday at 148lbs. Been hanging out there since.

    Wow, absolutely fantastic achievement 👏👏👏
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    westyannor wrote: »

    I’ve lost 40 pounds in the past year by monitoring calories on MyFitnessPal, calisthenics, stretching, walking, a little running, and meditation.

    Great going, it certainly shows 👏👏
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    I’m at the beginning of this. About two and a half weeks in and I’m down 10 lbs. 💪🏼

    Keep up the good work, great results for that amount of time 👏👏
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    I'm not done yet! But this is what I look like after reaching my first goal. I still don't really see it in the mirror :). I've lost 20kg/44lbs, and I've got 4kg/8.8lbs left to go.

    Very visible, very positive results. I hear what you're saying about self-perception, as I had the same problem - couldn't fully see it in some photos, even, at the time. Same photos, I sure can now. :lol: Your self-perception will eventually adjust and let you fully appreciate this sleeker, fitter-looking woman in the mirror. :)

    An amazing transformation!
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    Well done everybody! You are doing a tremendous thing :)