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    Hit my goal today!!! From 182 to 124!!! For the first time in my life I’ve figured out what moderation is! 😁


    You look amazing. Outstanding job. Congratulations
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    Great success photos! I can't seem to get mine to post here and can't delete the comment for some reason.
    Anywho if any ladies want to add me as a friend on here, I do have a few before and after weight loss pictures posted. I liked looking at success stories when I began this journey so I'm happy to share with anyone who is in that same boat!
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    You go, @CoolT21 !!!
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    Metrini your transformation is mind boggling. Congratulations and keep up the good hard effort on your healthy lifestyle journey. Love your dress, stunning.
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    I am in total awe of your dedication and stamina to do this amazing transformation! You are beautiful in that dress. Keep the faith and you will reach any goal you want. Best wishes to you!
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    You got this! You look great and your hard work is paying off!