• crazyhorse8
    crazyhorse8 Posts: 422 Member
    Great Job CurtisHouse180!! Your progress is amazing!
  • Coupongrl79
    Coupongrl79 Posts: 193 Member
    Your waist looks more defined now. Sometimes you gain a little but remain same size, even lose a little bit of size. That looks like you. Don’t panic. Deep breaths and stay with it. You’ve come too far and done to well to be a “back again” poster in a year or two. 😘

    Thank you for your kind words. Appreciate it so much ❤️
  • Mangoperson88
    Mangoperson88 Posts: 339 Member

    Top one is recent. Bottom one about a year ago o:)

    You look beautiful and you've done an incredible job!

    Thank you so much love🥰🎈☺️
  • SparkleMK
    SparkleMK Posts: 7 Member
    Giving this thread a bump, because it's my all-time FAVORITE! I'm not all the way through, but everyone that has posted here is SO inspirational!
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