Megs Miles



  • MinimalistShoeAddict
    MinimalistShoeAddict Posts: 1,946 Member
    Thanks for making everyone aware of this!

    16 for me today!
  • ibleedunionblue
    ibleedunionblue Posts: 324 Member
    15 miles on TM for her & her family today.
  • mlogantra76
    mlogantra76 Posts: 334 Member
    I ran 5 miles yesterday and 11 miles today. Thought of her a lot on my runs.
  • KeithAngilly
    KeithAngilly Posts: 575 Member
    Ran 3 for her and her family on Saturday. Also ran 13 today and almost got hit by a car..sheesh. Also thought a little about the drunk driver...his life is changed forever by a stupid mistake.
  • UrbanRunner81
    UrbanRunner81 Posts: 1,207 Member
    I did 6 miles yesterday for her.
  • beeblebrox82
    beeblebrox82 Posts: 578 Member
    you know, I was thinking about that last night as I was driving home.

    I ran 6 for Meg yesterday.
  • Raasy
    Raasy Posts: 972 Member
    I ran 6 miles for Meg today.. This is a sad terrible loss.
  • dorianaldyn
    dorianaldyn Posts: 611 Member
    Late to this post but not to the cause... I logged 11 megsmiles on Saturday. Drunk driving destroys lives - that so easily could have been me. For the vast majority of my runs, at least 3 miles of every run are on city streets.
  • saldelmar
    saldelmar Posts: 40 Member
    I dedicated my 5k run to Meg this weekend. Such a tragedy for her family and friends. And it's amazing to see the running community from all over the world coming together.